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Necessary Windows

Author: R. Nikolas Macioci
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789388125239
Pub. Date: 2018
Price: $14

NECESSARY WINDOWS by Nikolas Macioci is one of the most remarkable contemporary poetry collections. We experience magical feeling after reading such attractive and immortal lines in the poem STORM: "Desire surfaces like a stranger who knows your heart's vacancy." A SINGLE POEM reveals such wonderful and sincere emotion: "The wind is my lost wife coming back home." In one of his greatest poems WRITING THROUGH WINTER,  Macioci is most convincing and most alive when he asserts that the rejection letter will not stop him from writing poems. In the following lines lies the hope of the permanence of R.Nikolas Macioci's fame as a great poet:

My pen is a way

of life, a way of plummeting the parts

of my heart and mind that would

otherwise be buried in stone.

Santosh Kumar

Editor, Cyberwit

Author BIO
R. Nikolas Macioci

R. Nikolas Macioci earned a PhD from The Ohio State University, and for thirty years taught for the Columbus City Schools. In addition to English, he taught Drama and developed a Writers Seminar for select students. OCTELA, the Ohio Council of Teachers of English, named Nik Macioci the best secondary English teacher in the state of Ohio. Nik is the author of two chapbooks: Cafes of Childhood and Greatest Hits, as well as two books: Why Dance, and Cafes of Childhood (the original chapbook with additional poems). Critics and judges called Cafes of Childhood a "beautifully harrowing account of child abuse," but not "sentimental" or "self-pitying," an "amazing book," and "a single unified whole." Cafes of Childhood was submitted for the Pulitzer Prize in 1992. In addition, more than two hundred of his poems have been published here and abroad in magazines and journals, including The SOCIETY OF CLASSICAL POETS Journal, Chiron, Clark Street Review, and Blue Unicorn.

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Necessary Windows

Necessary Windows
R. Nikolas Macioci
ISBN: 9789388125239


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