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Inakali Assumi

Soyimla Akum is the eldest among five siblings. She started writing at a very young age but kept her writings to herself. It was only in later part of her post graduation days that she gave interest in publishing in magazines and journals. Her writings draw inspirations from people and society around her. Her poems are personal as well as social critique. She belongs to Yimchunger tribe under Tuensang, Nagaland. Inakali Assumi, the second of five siblings also started writing since her early days. She finds inspiration from life around her. She feels she is more of an observer and it is this energy that drives her to pen down her thoughts. Poetry for her is a medium to express that which cannot be said and she finds greatest comfort in writing. She belongs to Sumi tribe and lives in Dimapur, Nagaland. The writers came into contact during their post graduation studies and later became close friends which resulted in collaboration of their first book Potpourri Poesy. They are both Research scholars under different universities in Nagaland.

Books By Inakali Assumi

Potpourri Poesy

Potpourri Poesy
Inakali Assumi and Soyimla Akum
ISBN: 9788193769171