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Patt Skinner

Patt Skinner is a lively creative versatile artist and writer. She has travelled the globe since her mother´s womb. This experience has broadened her mind and her love and respect for life. She has been a teacher for more than thirty years, a mother of three, a voice actress, a sportswoman, costume designer and a dancer. All these factors and many more add up to her natural creative curiosity and the need to express it in every possible way. She wishes to share her new collection of original water-colour illustrated books with the world. Her little books are full of life and some include interesting facts to learn and pursue further if desired or just enjoy. They are all different but the same, however, all have been carefully created with love, saying a lot with very little! As her first grade teacher wrote on her report card when Patt was only 8 years old: "Patricia has a good command of English and generally writes imaginative and humorous stories."

Books By Patt Skinner