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Bindu Rekha Babu

An Instructional Designer in her previous avatar as a professional, Bindu Rekha Babu is an out of work Poet, Writer, Dreamer and a voracious reader (thankfully supported by her long-suffering husband). Bindu believes she has been influenced mainly by the women in her family and those she has met along the way, and her poems are simply a record of stories of people around her and their varied reactions to life. An alumnus of BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, she says, her outlook has been shaped by the unique multi-cultural character of the city. She swears she is a saposexual and in her spare time (of which she has a lot), she is also an armchair activist, a 'reluctant' yoga enthusiast and a happy cook.

Books By Bindu Rekha Babu

Our Own Cages

Our Own Cages
Pradeep Bhatt & Bindu Rekha Babu
ISBN: 9789385945823