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Kanwar Dinesh Singh

Poet, storyteller and critic, Kanwar Dinesh Singh is a prominent signature in contemporary Indian writing in English. Winner of the "Himachal Pradesh Sahitya Akademi Award" (2002), he has several volumes of poetry in English and Hindi, besides books in literary criticism, to his credit. His poems, reviews, interviews and essays have appeared in many reputed journals, newspapers and magazines in India and abroad. He lives at Shimla, where he teaches English language and literature at a college and edits "Hyphen"- a journal of literature, art and culture.

"Kanwar Dinesh Singh, a Shimla poet/editor, whose work is known and appraised by a widening circle of readers, clearly shows (in his verse) how religion, love, time and circumstance has each brought strong influence to bear in the overall development of the poet he has now become... The very nature of existence, within its ever-changing time-scale, has continued to fascinate poets over the centuries, and in similar vein, Kanwar devotes several of his poems to an exploration of ‘Self’, his essential human make-up... Here, then, is a writer whose work is underpinned by a spiritual tradition and a fervent desire to create memorable poetry within the harsher reality of its true romantic setting."
―Bernard M. Jackson
Poet-Critic, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
"Singh can express with his skill at handling a more serious, formal style...Irony and a self-deprecating humour are Singh’s strong points, along with an ability to translate both mythic and mundane experiences into a language we can all be entertained and moved by."
―Patricia Prime
Noted Poet and Critic, New Zealand
“Many loves claim him, not just of people but also of the nature around. So the range of poems is equally wide...”
―Professor Graham Chapman, 
Lancaster University, UK
“An afflatus of passion is the overriding sweep of is numbers.”
―Manohar Bandopadhyay
Books By Kanwar Dinesh Singh

The Frosted Glass

The Frosted Glass
Kanwar Dinesh Singh
ISBN: 9789386653291