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Thomas Vaughan Jones

Thomas Vaughan Jones has been a salesman, a professional soldier and a fire officer. He decided to study and write poetry when he retired. When he was a boy, Thomas loved poetry. His favourites were Tennyson, Walter de la Mare, Robert Louis Stevenson, and men of that ilk. Men who could make a poem come alive in rhyme and rhythmic verse. There is very little of such poetry around anymore. Free verse appears to be the norm, and few find inspiration in attempting to read, mark, and inwardly digest streams of somebody else's self ex-pression. 

That being the case, Thomas decided that he didn't like to suffer the personal angst of some well meaning but long suffering modernist poet, nor did he wish to solve their enigmatic scribbling.  

He much preferred to find his own muse, which he is very happy to present to any who wish to enjoy old fashioned, sentimental, image evoking poetry. Perhaps others may be persuaded to join the crusade to bring the genre back to life in the hearts of the people.

Thomas Vaughan Jones has been published in The Big Round Up; Open Forum. Senior Voices; Poetry Now; The Shadow Quill; Romantic Quarterly; sundry other British magazines that you probably never heard of, and very recently, Cyberwit. He has produced some work for BBC Radio North, including a short play, poems and articles. 

He has also been very active on the world wide web, acting as a moderator for The Critical Poet, and Mosaic Musings, and achieved a proud Lariat Laureate second at the The BarD cowboy poetry ranch. No mean achievement for a lad from Liverpool.

Books By Thomas Vaughan Jones

A Reflection of Mood Swings

A Reflection of Mood Swings
Thomas Vaughan Jones
ISBN: 81-8253-022-9