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Shanu Goyal

I'm an Indian and was born on 28th Sep, 1974 in Moradabad, a small town of Uttar Pradesh. As a child I had high expectations from myself. Though my ambition was to become a doctor but I ended up doing my post graduation in Business Administration. I worked with several organizations but never felt satisfied working under someone. After my marriage I joined my husband in his export Business. Here began my touch with the outer world through internet.


Since the age of 12, I've been writing poems & articles. I was first inspired by my mother who herself has a great inclination towards poetry. All my poems are based on my experiences, observations, emotions and miseries of life. Though I dreamt of publishing my work but never gave it a serious thought. It all happened accidentally when I first submitted my poems online at and received many positive comments from the viewers which made me seriously re-think over publishing my work.


Books of great authors like Dale Carnegie, Robert Schuller, Norman V. Peale, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, John Gray, Stephen Covey, Anthony Robbins, Ken Blanchard, Jose Silva and Osho, have helped me polish myself and boosted my confidence level. They have not only influenced my thoughts but also transformed me as an individual.


Many of my poems were published in several anthologies and journals like Voicesnet, Taj Mahal Review, and websites -,,,


Poetry is my passion, it gives me an inner satisfaction. When people read and comment on my poems, it's a blissful feeling that cannot be described in words.

Books By Shanu Goyal

Silence Speaks

Silence Speaks
Shanu Goyal
ISBN: 81-8253-031-8