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Allen Itz

Allen Itz is a native South Texas, moving slowly over the years from a small town just a few miles from the Rio Grande to San Antonio and the hill country. He began as a writer in the late 1960 s, published a few poems, than quit writing for nearly 30 years. He began to write again several years ago after he retired from a career in state government and has since published more than 200 poems in various on-line and print journals. This is his first book, a collection of both previously published and unpublished work. Vincent Martinez was born in San Antonio in 1982 and later moved to Victoria, Texas, where he graduated from high school in 2000. He is presently a senior at Texas State University in San Marcos where he studies painting. He has successfully shown his work in galleries in San Marcos, Austin and San Antonio. In addition to his own work, he also works collaboratively with other artists at Red 10 Studios. Several of those collaborative works are included in seven beats a second.

Books By Allen Itz

Seven Beats A Second

Seven Beats A Second
Poems by Allen Itz & Art by Vincent Martinez
ISBN: 81-8253-043-1
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