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Doug Hodges

Perhaps, it is easiest merely to say that I am a traveler; whys and wheres aren’t as important as the experience, itself. I am the author of nine books, collections of short stories and poetry, which were the culmination of a Quest I went on in 1998. At that time Spirit Raven told me to quit my job, sell what I owned, and go on the road; that the Spirits would guide me, and fill my life with wonder. From this journey came songs, poems, stories, and images. These gifts, in time, grew beyond my understanding, and began to incorporate events from the past (my past and the historical past), the present, and, maybe, the future; covering a multitude of spiritual and physical plains. Like the heavily pregnant mother, I knew I had to exorcise them, to pass them on. 

Curious enough, there seems to be something for everyone within the writings. I am told by readers that this tale or that, this poem or that, profoundly touched them, made them think or laugh or cry or remember; often, a single writing in a collection. I take that, as proof, that these gifts have been given to me to share with others. I want to thank D Everett Newell for the opportunity to share our vision of Gettysburg with you. He is a true friend, a good human being, and a man of the Gettysburg soil.

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Books By Doug Hodges

Bob's Gettysburg Saga & Poetry

Bob's Gettysburg Saga & Poetry
D Everett Newell & Doug Hodges
ISBN: 9788182535350