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Sumana Iyer

A teacher by profession since the last twenty years, Sumana Iyer spends her free time pondering about life and various experiences and the lessons that it brings. Her flair for writing and her passion to express through words soon allowed her to channelize her energies and put across her innermost feelings through poetry. She believes poetry is a dying art in the present times, but remains a strong source to convey life's biggest and deepest messages. Over the years, she has refined her poetry writing skills, by covering various universal topics of common interest such as motivation, emotion, family, sensitivity and awareness. Her ambition is to lead by example and bolster the belief that poetry is not a dying trend, but if moulded correctly and shaped to accommodate the modern times, poems can still be a powerful source of inspiration. 

A sensitive human being who loves small children immensely and chose to take up the profession of a primary teacher with the intention of being close to innocent little hearts and remain young at heart forever. This is the main reason for the simplicity of the language used to express all her emotions and experiences. She also hopes to revive a liking for poetry in the hearts of all readers through simplicity of her language.

Books By Sumana Iyer

Enriching Expressions

Enriching Expressions
Sumana lyer and Tanay
ISBN: 978-8182534537