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Shekhar Tiwari

Born in a small village, Kairia under  Bhagalpur district of Bihar, Shekhar Tiwari is  a veteran poet, political thinker and entrepreneur of high repute. Highly inspired by  renowned poet, Suryakant Tripathy "Nirala", he, in his poetry, advocates freedom from internal bondage, social taboos, duality of social customs. His poems are resonant with inner voice for love and philosophy of life with eternal quest for liberation of soul from the bondage of the mundanes. He is a pragmatic poet whose poetic thoughts take shape while in transit between India and Washington D.C. America.

Books By Shekhar Tiwari

Flares of Love

Flares of Love
Arti Rai & Shekhar Tiwari
ISBN: 9789385945311