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Arti Rai

Arti Rai, born in Allahabad, is a modern poet. Her poems veer around love, romance, nature, and human relationships with realistic subtlety of the treatment of the subject. Her poems are the whispers of hearts that are entangled in shackles of cast, religion and age... She fabricates the verses so boldly that they shoot like an arrow to wake up the sleeping chords of people devoid of love. Love... the ultimate way to happiness and bliss. Her poems are the sagas of love woven on the universal canvas of ever youthful time. Her poetic expressions are fresh, exotic and powerful to touche the core of human heart!

Books By Arti Rai

Flares of Love

Flares of Love
Arti Rai & Shekhar Tiwari
ISBN: 9789385945311