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Isabel Guevara

ISABEL GUEVARA is a Venezuelan by birth and a foreigner by choice. She studied Psychopedagogy and Law. At ICREA, Venezuela, 2000/2001, she concluded the Master Program in Creative Writing and was one of the selected participants in the New Voices 2003/2004, of the XVth Literary Expression Workshop at CELARG, Poetry section. As a poet or a writer, she does not see herself as a limited individual, and she understands that it is the letter what seduces, and not the name of whoever is offering it...and if poetry and prose have something in common it is seduction. She enjoys contrasting the abstract and the concrete, the verb and the flesh, the idea and the feeling. Her parallel enquiries of the coexisting worlds of the beings, of the planes visible and invisible to perception, lead to a poetry of multiple readings. Her writing has no references to rules or principles. It is a sizing and a checking of her vital world, the poetic one. Her discourse probes some imprecise and determined, quiet and sullen moments of the spirit; on ecstasies and vacuums; obstacles that she subdued or that subdued her. Some of her writings have been included in a wide range of magazines, periodicals and anthologies, also on literary websites in Argentina, India, Spain, Venezuela -sometimes under the pseudonyms Abril or Kentia. She lives in England.

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Isabel Guevara
ISBN: 978-81-8253-156-7