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Harshada Pathare

“This ideas poetry companion book brings your favorite poems from Harshada Pathare right to your lips and fingertips with her best loved poems. Carry this companion poetry book with you, read at your leisure and recite them with friends while learning something new about life each day.” --Trilogy Poetic Review

One day soon to be widely held as an influential poet and writer from India, Harshada Pathare classifies this collection, A Piece of Paradise, as her favorite.  With her home in the quiet suburbs of Mumbai, she divides her time between daily job schedules and her eternal passion-poetic literature! She explores the inner feelings and vivid sentiments of human conditions, and thereafter, exploits her creative talent to captivate the minds of her readers, thus, inspiring and uplifting the spirit of poetic booklovers.

Harshada, a poet of the human innermost feelings, intently wields the pen of her craft to expand the mind like an artist wields a brush. She dwells in her cherished inner sphere, where she is in touch with the world. This enables her to glean information about populations, their personal value systems, and interestingly employs such sensuality in her writings.
“Warriors are not those equipped with swords or armaments to fight wars.” She states. “They are the common, yet mighty people who use their energy, vigor and strength to build a better world,” She adds.  Harshada identifies herself with the people building a better world with her passion for poetic literature.

Harshada Pathare employs immense creativity, flexibility, and ingenuity to organize her poetic ideas; thus, ensuring this anthology stands out to be yet, one of her most influential and credential poetry composition.
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Books By Harshada Pathare

A Piece of Paradise

A Piece of Paradise
Harshada Pathare
ISBN: 978-81-8253-237-3