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Saksham Singhal

Saksham Singhal is a VI standard student of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. Saksham is an avid reader with diverse interests including Science Fiction, Mysteries & Adventure and Scientific Literature. He has keen interests in Science and Mathematics and has achieved special recognition in state as well as national level competitions.  Writing short stories and poems started as his way of expressing his learnings and emotions, and he has written many short stories and poems.  The current book is his latest exploit in this area.  Though in his early stages, he has deep insights in diverse areas of science and scientific discoveries. He has developed a special interest in studying about space and origin of universe through reading Stephen Hawkins works. Saksham is a fun loving child who he loves solving mathematical puzzles, playing cricket, traveling and watching Discovery and History channels.

Books By Saksham Singhal

The Great Journey of Discoveries

The Great Journey of Discoveries
Eknoor Singh & Saksham Singhal
ISBN: 9788182534667