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Kevin W. Smith

Kevin "Punky Weirdo" was born Dec 31 1969, in Mississauga, Ontario Canada, where he still resides. Kevin knew he was a misfit at an early age. He was loud, energetic and seemed to cause trouble everywhere he went. At the age of 9, while going through a friends older sisters record collection, he discovered punk rock. Kevin and his friend were just looking for lyrics with profanity and humour and they found lots. Kevin first picked up a guitar at age 12, wrote his first song at 13 and was playing original music in downtown Toronto clubs at 14. That was 1984, the year a strange musical hybrid known as crossover first became popular. It was hardcore punk rock fused with extreme or thrash metal. Kevin played in two of Canada's first crossover bands, HOLOCAUST and then DARK LEGION . neither band were ever signed to a recording contract but both bands have been well documented. Over the years He began realizing a lot of the lyrics he was writing would never be used with music, and the poetry began to pile up. In 1999 after years of hard living he quit drinking alcohol and gave up doing most hard drugs {but not all}. In 2004 Kevin formed his current band THE BENDECOS, who have just finished writing a new album and hope to have recorded by the end of 2018. To date Kevin has written roughly 3000 songs which he keeps documented in a giant pile of writing books he calls "The Heap". He writes almost daily and is currently awaiting the release of his first poetry book titled "PUNKY WEIRDO". 

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PUNKY WEIRDO Canada's new punk poet

PUNKY  WEIRDO  Canada's new  punk poet
Kevin W. Smith
ISBN: 9789388125017