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Maryam 'Gazala'

Maryam 'Gazala', a poet and writer was born on 22nd March 1939 in a small town in Gujarat called Radhanpur and brought up in Mumbai and passed away on 27th Sep 2011 in Mumbai. She had done her Masters in Psychology and English and was also an M.Ed, D.P.Ed., and a Sahitya Ratna degree holder. She retired as an English and Psychology lecturer in 1998. Her deepest passion had been poetry and she wrote in Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati and English. She transcended the formal rules of language and brought the best of all the languages she wrote in. Landmarks of her literary journey have been: Her ghazal being taught in the Std XIth Hindi curriculum all over Maharashtra (2008-2012) Awarded the “Best poetry collection” by the Hindi Sahitya Academy, Gujarat for the anthology “Kshitij ki Dahliz Par” Poems being published in Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati publications like Shair, Kitab, Mumbai Samachar etc. Elizabeth was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. She studied in Rosary Convent School and Nizam College. She worked with the Reserve Bank of India at Hyderabad and Mumbai. She has taken early retirement as Manager from the Bank and now lives in Hyderabad. Apart from English, she writes poetry in Hindi and Urdu. Her takhallus or pen name is “Mona” for the ghazal genre. She also translates poetry from Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Marathi and Telugu into English/Hindi. Her poems / translations have been published in many magazines and anthologies and also appear on the internet. Her books include Beyond images an anthology of English poems with sketches by Sushil Thapa and Kahkashaan a collection of Urdu ghazals.

Books By Maryam 'Gazala'

Mirrors of My Soul

Mirrors of My Soul
Maryam Gazala
ISBN: 9788182534445