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Abha Maryada Banerjee
  • Abha Maryada Banerjee is India's first internationally acclaimed Woman motivational speaker rated as one of the prominent Leadership, Performance and Success Coaches/Speakers in Asia Pacific. A die hard expressionist, she is prolific in her conduct and words to convey LIFE, SUCCESS and INSPIRATION. In her words, Poetry is not my forte but Life definitely is, I never let a moment go by without living it.

Abhay Chokshi
  • अभय चोकसी व्यवसाय से एक तकनिकी लेखक है और कर्म से एक कवि है. बचपन से ही भाषाओँ के प्रति उनकी रूचि अधिक रही है. जीवन में घटे प्रसंगों से प्रेरणा लेकर, उन्हें वो कविता में ढालना पसंद करते हैं. उनके लिए कविता सिर्क शौक नहीं, प्रेम और जूनून की आत्मा-खोजी यात्रा है. इस ही खोज ने आज एक काव्यग्रंथ का रूप लिया है. वो कविता के प्रति उत्साह और चाहत वो अपनी बेटी काव्या को भेंट करते हैं. 

Abhijith Jayanthi
  • Abhijith's method in the madness (read: world) so far in life has been that whenever conventional wisdom has tried to show him the path, he has always followed his heart taken the diametrically opposite one. That explains his passion for letters and his interest in writing.

Abhinav Baruah
  • Poet Abhinav Baruah's original name is Arindam Baruah who hails from Assam, North Eastern States of India with back ground in Civil Engg. and Management. He works for Central Govt. of India. He is very fond of Japanese style of poetry and writes Tanka, Haiku and Senryu. 

Abhishek Dudeja
  • Born in the rich culture of Punjab (India), Abhishek Dudeja is an avid blogger and an art lover. Currently pursuing his Bachelors in Engineering, Abhishek has directed and composed music for state level plays. Apart from Poetry he also writes short stories and articles and is a musician. He can play more than 20 types of musical instruments.

Adam D. Powell
  • ADAM DONALDSON POWELL (Norway) is a multilingual author, literary critic, and art photography critic; and a professional visual artist. He has published several literary books (including collections of poetry, short stories, and novellas, two science fiction novels, and essays) in the USA, Norway and India; as well as numerous works in international literary publications on several continents. He writes in English, Spanish, French and Norwegian. 

Aditi Upmanyu
  • Reading and writing prose and poetry has always been a passion. Though I hold no degrees of literature, I’ve achieved enough in terms of knowledge, vocabulary and writing skills. Literature, of any language, is a part through which I’ve developed my personality. I’m in class tenth and I’d seen the dream of getting my book out five years back. But perhaps I saw it with open eyes, now. I still dream of being a distinguished writer and I would try my best to give the most succulent pieces of literature in the upcoming times.

Aditya Gupta
  • Aditya was born in a small town in North India and moved to the capital (Delhi) very early in his life. He is a philosopher trapped in the mind of a poet, trapped in the body of an ex-IITian. He drives faster than you. In the daytime, he lives in a parallel universe where he devours omelette paos and demand models; come nightfall, the pen is his weapon of choice and whiskey is his poison. He is suspicious of happy endings. He currently lives in Mumbai (India) but mostly he lives inside his head.

Aiswarya T Anish
  • My name is Aiswarya T Anish. I'm 13 . I am from Kerala, India. I went to Sree Narayana Trusts Central School, Nangiarkulangara, Harippad, Alappuzha till 8th standard. Currently, I'm doing 9th grade at Trivandrum International School, Trivandrum. My father is Mr. Anish Raj and my mother is Mrs. Thara Anish.

Akanksha Chaudhary
  • Akanksha Chaudhary was born in Rohtak (Haryana) and is a well known writer and  poetess. A graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and an MBA in Human resources from FORE, she continued nevertheless to follow her passion of writing.

Akhila Rajesh
  • Ms. Akhila Rajesh works as an IT professional in a reputed Indian company. Behind this IT professional is a passionate poet. She has been writing poems since her school days. She was also the editor of her school and college magazines.

Akshat Sharma
  • Akshat “The Reflection” Sharma is an aspiring poet, growing off from shades of different psyche of human life. A musician at heart, a thinker via soul, and a vocalist by choice – Akshat, writes about anything and everything that can trigger his thoughts to wander aimlessly to a destination of words that would flow out to portray the inbound emotions of a human essence.

Alan Morgan
  • Alan  Morgan  was  born  in  Cheltenham,  England  and  educated  at  The  Kings  School  in  the  cathedral  city  of  Gloucester.  He  had  many  professions  including  banker,  teacher,  advisor. These  poems  speak  of  the  emotional  currents  which  shape  our  lives :  happiness and  sadness,  hopes  and  desires.  But  most  of  all,  of  love. He  now  lives  in  the  South  of  France.

Alan D. Busch
  • Alan D. Busch is an independent author in Skokie, Illinois, married to Heather and the father of Benjamin, Kimberly and Zac.Between !0 and 5 With Dad/Keeping The Fifth Commandment is the author's second book. His first Snapshots In Memory of Ben, was published in 2007. His prose and poetry appear in a variety of print and on-line media.

Albert Russo
  • Albert Russo who has published worldwide over 85 books of poetry, fiction and photography, in both English and French, his two mother tongues (Italian being his 'paternal' tongue; he also speaks Spanish and German and still has notions of Swahili), is the recipient of many awards, such as The New York Poetry Forum and Amelia (CA) Awards, The American Society of Writers Fiction Award, The British Diversity Short Story Award, The AZsacra international Poetry Award (Taj Mahal Review - US$ 500), the Books & Authors Award, several Writer’s Digest poetry and fiction Awards (winner and finalist), aquillrelle Awards,  the Prix Colette and the Prix de la Liberté, among others. His work has been translated into a dozen languages in 25 countries, on the five continents. He has co-published 'Gaytude' with Adam Donaldson Powell, which won Best Gay Book in the USA. Albert Russo was also a member of the 1996 jury for the  Neustadt International Prize for Literature which often leads to the Nobel Prize of Literature. Latest Prize: Best 2013 Unicef Short Story award in defense of childhood worldwide, entitled: 'Revenge by proxy / Vengeance par procuration'.

Alexandra Sunday
  • I was born in Slovakia, but have lived in Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic. Being in so many places has changed my perception on life. Therefore, I do not believe in borders, nor boundaries, that separate us as a people. That is why I have decided to write in a language that is more widely spoken, so as to reach more readers and share my vision.

Ali Mohamed El-Sayed
  • Dr. Ali M. El-Sayed holds an MD and MPH degree from the Alexandria University, Egypt. For several years he worked on the project Ecology of Trachoma in Rural Egypt before joining the Ministry of Health as a Medical Biostatistician & Specialist in Disease Coding, a job that he currently holds. Apart from coding and analyzing morbidity and mortality data for the State of Kuwait he has held periodic workshops and orientation programmes in Disease Coding at Kuwait and other Gulf countries. He has 30 publications to his credit, including an Arabic translation of ICD-9 (3-Digit Categories) and a Manual in Arabic on determinig the underlying cause of death, as per WHO norms.

Alice Parris
  • I am Alice Parris. I am a poet/blogger/Spoken Word Artist/songwriter/jazz singer. The purpose of this site is to consolidate the poems, articles, blogs & music that I have been blessed to be able to create. I know the source of creation. I am grateful.

Alisha K. Khan
  • Being born in Las Lomas, Trinidad, West Indies I started writing at the age of 8, it has always been my secret passion. I have completed my Secondary College Education at Lakshmi Girls Hindu College Trinidad, West Indies. Additionally I secured my Associate Degree in Applied Science in Agriculture at The Eastern Caribbean Institute for Agriculture and Forestry, Trinidad, West Indies. Additionally as an Indian Council for Cultural Relations Scholar pursued my Bachelor of Arts in Hindi Literature, English Literature and Travel and Tourism at Lucknow University.

Alka Goel
  • Alka Goel, co-author, is a Senior Engineering Manager with a leading multinational company that provides Electronic Design Automation software solutions. Coupled with a Masters in Computers, she has 21 years of rich industry experience. Alka strongly believes that everything and everyone has a purpose in life, hence it would not be inappropriate to call her a die-hard optimist who believes in life and its bounty.

Alka Narula
  • Alka Narula, a student of business studies, who probably should have pursued her career in fine arts was born with artistic instincts and a strong colour and aesthetic sense. In mid years of her life she chose interior designing as her career, to satisfy her a creative instincts. She loves to pour her emotions in the form of poetry. 

Allen Itz
  • Allen Itz is a native South Texas, moving slowly over the years from a small town just a few miles from the Rio Grande to San Antonio and the hill country. He began as a writer in the late 1960 s, published a few poems, than quit writing for nearly 30 years. He began to write again several years ago after he retired from a career in state government and has since published more than 200 poems in various on-line and print journals. 

Alok Gaur
  • Alok is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute ofTechnology (IIT) Roorkee. He did his schooling from Cambrian Hall, Dehradun and Colvin Taluqdars' College, Lucknow. During his student days, he was fond of swimming, music and dramatics. Even while working in Mumbai and Kolkatta, he found time to act in a couple of plays.

Aman Agarwal
  • I'm currently working at Accenture, Mumbai. I love to sing and play basketball. This poetry book is divided into three shades: Dawn, Dusk and Midnight. Although the last poem in each shade may seem less of a poem but read it: it fits into the shade just fine. Hope you enjoy reading them as much I've had writing them. Take each poem one at a time and think over it. By the end of this journey you'll become a better and true version of you.

Amarendra Bharathi
  • The Author, K . Anandappan (pen name: Amarendra Bharathi) started his career as a school teacher and retired as a professor of English after having served in a couple of private colleges. He has got a number of his poems and short stories in Tamil published in various periodicals and magazines since the sixties of the last century. He has also published two collections of short stories and one collection of poems in Tamil. This is his first collection of English poems.

Ami Blackwelder
  • Ami Blackwelder is a forbidden romance writer in the paranormal and historical romance genre. Growing up in Florida, she went to UCf and in 1997 received her BA in English and teaching credentials. She travelled overseas to teach in Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, China and Korea. Thailand is considered her second home now.

Ami Rem
  • A pink poet, Ami Rem writes for the sake of dreams. poetry, as he sees is an expression of ancient hymns, filtered in dreams and seen through the mind's eyes. Poetry is every day in every moment of dreams. Inspired by Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan,  welcome to the Pink Dylan show. 

  • Amit in this superb poetry collection "My elementary life" blends together the romantic spontaneity and lucidity of style. The subtle power and intense imagination in these poems will certainly appeal to all readers. No doubt, the wealth of imagination and deeply inspired poetic fancy in these poems are quite remarkable.

Amit Agarwal
  • A poet who has a vintage touch to his writing and touches reader s heart with his powerful Haiku and short poems. Amit is a Self-employed who has found his true calling in writing, is exploring the new vistas through his blog. Amit is also an avid photographer and a painter. He has taught literature and business management at UG and PG level and has worked for several years at senior positions in the Corporate world.

Amit Kalantri
  • Amit Kalantri has authored two books including this one. His other work is “I Love You Too” a book with romantic insights. Amit Kalantri is a 2009 batch Electronics and Telecomm engineer from VIIT, Pune. He is currently working with an IT firm in Pune.

Amitabh Mitra
  • Amitabh Mitra is one of the most widely published poets globally. A medical doctor, poet and a visual artist living in South Africa, he has edited, Trainstorm. Cover and Back Art are his acrylic work on canvas. The book is a coffee table hard cover edition which has abstract photographs by Amitabh of trains in motion. 

Amruta Nerurkar
  • Dr. Amruta Nerurkar is a physiotherapist working in the area of Neuro-rehabilitation and an exponent of the Indian classical dance form Kathak. Neurological rehabilitation allows her the privilege of being privy to the very personal and rich processes of psycho-physical evolution that humans experience or/and essentially need to experience right from their intrauterine lives into the expanse of their respective life spans. 

Andrew Kevin Alpin
  • Living in Kolkata, Andrew Kevin Alpin is a freelance writer writing for several blogs online. From a young age his passion for writing developed into expressing his innermost thoughts through poetry. His first book a collection of poems which he commenced writing from the age of 25 is a raw unleashing of emotions that takes the reader on a biographical and emotional journey through the evolutionary maturity of a poet. Most of Andrew's poems express an affinity with the drama of nature, his conflict with redemption and the supreme.

Angad Singh Saluja
  • An MBA in Finance from Icfai Business School and with handful of experience in the banking industry, Mr. Angad Singh Saluja has come a long way in the last few years with his entrepreneurial skills after being associated with Reliance Mutual Fund and ING Bank. He now heads his own business of auto security components and also has a firm which caters to E-Commerce supply. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) Degree from Delhi University in 2008 and always was seen taking a keen interest in seminars, symposiums, group discussions and debates throughout his student days.

Angie Hulme
  • Angie Hulme is 21 and lives in Nottingham. In her spare time, besides writing, she enjoys doing good deeds for strangers, drinking, reading, being a computer geek and generally making a nuisance of herself. According to friends, she is a full-of-life Superperson, has x-ray vision, and when pushed can even fly (I guess that’s way she has a Peter Pan type attitude). Probably. She also thinks her friends are insane, but would never tell them such because she loves them to bits, and instead prefers to believe them in their drunken mutterings.

Anil C S Rao
  • Anil CS Rao is an artist and writer presently based in Andhra Pradesh in South India. He has lived in the West from the age of 4 prior to obtaining “dual citizenship” and relocating to his Mother Land in 2010. His mixed media / photoshop artwork has been exhibited in galleries in the States, Europe and in India.

    His wife, Padmaja is a painter and together they explore synergies with respect to their combined talents - a.k.a. “Padnil Arts” in the creation of publications and computer animated films.

Anil Prasad
  • Anil Prasad, PhD, professor of English, has a distinguished career as a teacher who has taught in India, Yemen and Libya. He has been invited to present papers at international conferences in universities in India, Turkey, China, Portugal, Austria, Canada, the Middle East and the US.

Anjali Anirudhan
  • This is first poem collection of mine. It portrays the pain and longing of a person, the wish for a ray of hope and the strength to overcome the darkness. These poems are close to my heart and I am elated to share with others.

Anjali Paul
  • ANJALI PAUL always wanted to be a writer, so she spent many years developing her talent. In addition to this collection of poetry, she has written a collection of short stories called "Some of the Places I Visited in Hell." Her novel called "The Virgin Goddess" has also been published.

Anju Thaliath
  • A gypsy at heart, whose moods are as flippant as her wardrobe, she never has one ambition. If one day it is a painter, other days she dreamt of being on celluloid. But all of it had one thing writ large on it. She wanted to follow her heart, no matter what. 

Ankit Malhotra
  • Ankit Malhotra, is pursuing a degree in Law out of New Delhi and working on Poetry along side. After achieving his academic goals, he wishes to dedicate himself entirely to Poetry and thus come out to people as an artist, entertaining them in the mechanic world. He wishes to portray his emotions and thoughts in the form of words and resonate with people on the same lines. He wishes to prove the simple fact that poetry is a way of finding one s self through words. Thus, in such hopes, he wishes to spread smiles and joy.

Ankit Tyagi
  • ANKIT TYAGI, PhD Scholar, NET-JRF - After completing his Bachelors in English (hons.) from Delhi University. He did his masters in English from Hindu College, Sonepat (MDU). UGC-NET/JRF is considered as one of the toughest exams in India. Mr. Ankit Tyagi had qualified both NET and JRF in first attempt with 80% marks. He is currently working towards the PhD degree in English at SRM University, Sonepat, Haryana under the supervision of Dr. Sushil Kumar Mishra. He is also getting a handsome amount of fellowship from UGC for qualifying JRF (Junior Research Fellowship). He has attended various National and International Conferences and Seminars. He has also published a dozens of International Journals. He is very fond of composing poetry by using rich and strong Vocabulary.

Ankita Rathour
  • Ankita Rathour lives in Delhi and is currently working with Hindustan Times Learning Centers. She was a Fulbright Scholar at University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu in the academic year 2013-2014. She is a Masters in English and is a passionate reader of Crime Fiction. She has been a dancer, actor and loves stage. She has always been an ardent writer but poetry just happened to her and now she is working on her first fiction. She loves travelling and feels that the more we document ourselves, the more it helps the society at large. She expects her readers to join her in her very first venture of being a published writer and is humbly hopeful that they find it worth a read.

Ann Cassin
  • Ann Pinson Cassin worked as an anthropologist and English teacher in Iceland for five years. She also was a science writer for The American Museum of Natural History, Science Service, and Scholastic Magazines. A short story, "Hibernal Onding" appeared in The Taj Mahal Review, December 2008. A short story, "Mavis Lamb Needs Geologist for Oregon Gold Mine," was in the June through September 2011 monthly online journal issues of Long Story Short. She has a doctorate in anthropology from Stony Brook University and a master's degree in public health from the University of California, Berkeley.

Anna Cates
  • Anna Cates resides in Wilmington, Ohio with her two cats, Freddie and Christine. She earned her M.A. in English and Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction/English from Indiana State University and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from National University. She teaches English and education online for several universities and regularly contributes to literary publications.

Anthony Gurling
  • Anthony was born and educated in the East End of London, just a few kilometres from the financial centre known as the City of London. After leaving school, Anthony worked in the city for three years before moving to Finland where he got married. As well as travelling all over England, mostly by motorcycle, Anthony has also travelled throughout most of Europe and Scandinavia. Having experienced work in many different fields, ranging from financial services to butchery, building to teaching, Anthony has used all his memories and experiences to develop this style of book. It is predominantly aimed at people throughout the world who are learning English as a second language.

Anuj Kumar
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management from one of the Premier College in India – NSHM Knowledge Campus Durgapur, Human Resources Supervision in Hospitality – AH&LA,USA, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management specialised in Human Resources – Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Pune, Diploma in Training & Development – Indian Society for Training & Development New Delhi, and with handful of experience in the Hotel industry.

Anumay Raychaudhuri
  • Born in the year 1966, 5th of January in Howrah district of West Bengal. Studied in the school named Swamy Vivekananda Institution. Later on studied Wireless telegraphy and telephony to join Merchant Shipping as Radio Officer. With the advent of modern technology the old technology of wireless telegraphy was phased out which compelled me to study electrical and electronics to join as electrical officer onboard ship.

Anupama V. Kadwad
  • Anupama V Kadwad is fond of reading, writing and music. Since childhood she developed a habit of expressing her feelings and thoughts into words, which has helped in writing poems. She believes poems give wing to thoughts and the words which flow come deep from the heart. 'My World' poem book is about nature, the surrounding environment, day to day life and the relationships with people we come across in everyday life. It consists of simple poems for all age groups which every individual can relate to.

Apoorva Garg
  • A person who believes that Dard mein kahi har baat kavita ban jaati hai . The author Apoorva Garg, is currently pursuing her B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from NIIT University, Neemrana. She writes about contemporary realities and binds them into beautiful garlands of words.

Apurv Kumar
  • At a first glance, one may not find me any sort of a magnate but still I consider myself a good author. Since this is the beginning, I have merely composed a handful of poems for that matter. I am also interested in painting, research and composition of music but first I want to try my hand at writing.

Archana Voleti
  • Ardra Manasi is a final year Masters student of Development Studies at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. She has published her first collection of poems in Malayalam titled ‘Jalatharpanam’ in 2007. She has actively contributed articles and poems to newspapers and magazines including The Hindu, Reading Hour, Mathrubhumi, Bodhi Commons etc.

Arindam Mallick
  • Arindam responds to Andy, Mimoh and a variety of other names and swears by Shantaram and The Storyteller’s Tale. Born in Calcutta in the January of 1988, he is an Economics graduate (Presidency College, Batch of 2009) and a B-School post-graduate (Master of International Business, University of Delhi, Batch of 2012) who firmly believes he really shouldn’t have pursued either. Currently located in Mumbai, he works for a Sports Marketing, Consulting and Intellectual Properties firm.

Arkajyoti Samanta
  • Mr. Arkajyoti Samanta is Director, Human Resources in Karnataka Health Promotion Trust, Bangalore, India. He has extensive experience in Human Resource Management, with a back ground of working in Public Sector Undertaking and NGOs. He is s passionate art lover and active member in writer-network, a free creative writing community and Facebook. Writing poems has been a passion for him. He has accepted this as journey; one of conviction and contentment. His poems have been featured in Taj Mahal Review and anthologies published by Brian Wrixon, Canada , Barry Mowles, UK (Destiny to write publication) , Dwina Taylor , USA. Shortly PDMI, Freelance publishing agency, USA will publish a few poems.

Arlene Corwin
  • With some 3,000 poems behind her, Arlene Corwin has extended the thematically based book Birth, Death & In Between to Birth, Death & In Between II, the theme repeating it seems, lifelong - repeated, but never repetitive; a book speaking to the variegated worlds of thought and event which start in birth, have a life and end in death. Corwin has gone from the time when there was nothing to say to having poetic opinions, universal, far-reaching and wall-to-wall; matured and maturing in breadth and style as well as years. A musically gifted child, she studied harp, piano and voice, making music her profession, jazz her genre.

Arti Rai
  • Arti Rai, born in Allahabad, is a modern poet. Her poems veer around love, romance, nature, and human relationships with realistic subtlety of the treatment of the subject. Her poems are the whispers of hearts that are entangled in shackles of cast, religion and age... She fabricates the verses so boldly that they shoot like an arrow to wake up the sleeping chords of people devoid of love. Love... the ultimate way to happiness and bliss. Her poems are the sagas of love woven on the universal canvas of ever youthful time. Her poetic expressions are fresh, exotic and powerful to touche the core of human heart!

Arun Budhathoki (Daniel Song)
  • I’ve been writing poems since many years. Many of my early poems were published in The Kathmandu Post and in The Weather Report and Journeys (anthologies by Sampad, UK I’m also featured in MadSwirl ( and several poems have been published in various online journals. I come from Kathmandu, Nepal and I've done MA in International Relations at the University of Northampton, UK. I’m the editor for The Applicant ( Vision Nepal ( and Loesje Nepal. 

Asha Viswas
  • Asha Viswas is a former professor of English, Benares Hindu University, Varanasi, India. She has also taught at Aligarh and at the University of Calabar, Nigeria. Three collections of her English poems have been published and the fourth one is in the press.

Ashfaq Saraf
  • Ashfaq Saraf started writing at the age of 16 while in school. Born in the Baramulla town of Kashmir Valley, he pursued graduation from National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. He gave up writing, which had primarily begun as Verse in Urdu, and did not write until after completing college.

  • Ashok Sawhny has in his ten earlier books covered a wide spectrum of subjects, emotions and life itself. This volume is no different. "Think Poetry, Think Haikus", also deals with variety. There is pathos, inwardness, a look at the past, optimism, the beauty of Nature and the reality of life, as in the poem, "Hibiscus".

Asish Mohapatra
  • Asish Mohapatra describes himself as a commoner at best with varied interests. He grew up in Tier II India, Cuttack, and has had the opportunity to work across most major towns in India over his decade and a half of professional and academic exposure.

Ayangti Longkumer
  • Ayangti Longkumer is a freelancer, blogger, novelist and has written numerous articles for newspapers. Apart from these, she loves to write essays and short stories. 'Magic Quill' is her first anthology of poems. She has previously written a book titled The Winning Story. She is a resident of Dimapur, Nagaland and currently, she is residing in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Ayin Adams
  • Ayin M. Adams, native New Yorker began writing poetry at age five and selling them on her street corner in Brooklyn for twenty-five cents. With much success, she quickly increased her sales to fifty cents as passerbys' enjoyed her work. Winner of the Pat Parker memorial poetry-prize and the Audre Lorde memorial prose-prize. Ayin has been published in numerous anthologies and magazines in the U.S. and U.K. Ayin released two poetry CD's: The Color Of Her Tears and The Woods Deep Inside Me also available in paperback. Ayin holds a Ph.D. in Metaphysics and believes that everyone has the wherewithal to surpass oneself in life by suiting up, showing up, and following through. She makes her home in Maui, Hawaii.

  • Azsacra Zarathustra is a well known Indo-Aryan philosopher and poet-mystic. He is Editorial Advisor for the international journal of poetry and art "Harvests of New Millennium" (India). He is published in India, Tibet, Japan, Germany, Norway, England, USA.

Badal Chandra Ray
  • Badal Chandra Ray is very interested to write something by which our society will get some good things and can change to create a lovey environment to live with eternal happiness. From age of 13, He started collecting good articles from daily newspaper and magazines and from age 17, He started writing some small poems stories etc. but He gave more attention to make a career by which He can earn money to give financial support to his family. Till He continued writing in late nights.
Balram Cheruparambil
  • A voracious reader from childhood, for Balram writing happened naturally and late. Gradually it has gathered force and developed into a natural outpouring of emotions, concepts and images in the form of poetry. He tries to emphasize on the 3 R’s in his poetry namely Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason believing poetry to be first and foremost an aural art form. An engineering graduate plus a post graduate in management heading recruitment for one of the leading companies in the Middle East, this is his maiden venture into publishing his work. 

Ban'ya Natsuishi
  • Ban’ya Natsuishi, master of contemporary haiku and trailblazer at home on the overflowing haiku mountain of life, offers the world - Hybrid Paradise, a collection of his recent, liberating work. In 2009, I wrote a review in a book for him, The Poetical Achievements of Ban’ya Natsuishi, understanding the honour of casting my views on such outstanding haiku. Again, I am thrilled to be involved in the process of expounding works of this incredible author, who has been a great influence in forging ahead with my own style of muki-haiku (seasonless poem technique)!

Barbara E. Mercer
  • Barbara Mercer never asserts, doesn’t give ready answers (sign: !), but as ancient Pythia, insinuating and using deep interrogation (sign: ?). Her poetic work of departure – “little red book of poetry” – under different covers, always thinks: “Secrets”, “Mystic Wills”. Always: “Ready to reveal/Deeply held secrets”. And it is not simply “a Victorian throwback”, but the evidence of triumph, laughter and the pursuit of Eternally Young Blood:

Basanta Kumara Behera
  • Prof. Basanta Kumara Behera is an educationist and consultant for bio-technology industry development. He involves in transferring conical flasks level research to industries. He is, also an accomplished writer having the credit of publishing English poems in top international repute magazines like Harvest of New Millennium , Taj Mahal Review and in digital magazines like Fanstory.Com,

  • Beji was born in the Indian state of Rajasthan into an ordinary middle class family hailing from Kerala, another state from southern India. Her perceptions and sensitivities retain the effect of her upbringing and also reveal impressions of varying cultures, religions, languages and experiences while growing up. Always on the move, she never really settled in any place. 

Beth Vieira
  • Beth Vieira is a student of Zen, haiku, and Japanese. She received her PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Comparative Literature and Intellectual History. She was a professor at the University of California at Berkeley before resigning to pursue a career as a psychotherapist. She has published in Simply Haiku, Contemporary Haibun, and The Heron’s Nest. She has an essay on haiku in the journalfort da and a book length collection of poetry in the anthology Burning Gorgeous.  She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA, where she spends much of her time with her first love, the sea.

Bhabani Shankar Nayak
  • Dr Bhabani Shankar Nayak is a political economist by profession and poet by imaginary accident. He is the author of the Anubhuti (experience); collection of poems in Oriya. His anthology of poems; Nomad and the Road was published by the Writers Workshop, Kolkata. He writes on different areas of political economy of development and capitalism.

Bhadauria Manish Singh
  • Bhadauria Manish Singh is a teacher and Ph.D Research Scholar pursuing his doctorate on Indian English Poetry. For him poetry is an internal talk and communion of few feelings. It begins with feel, either pain or joy.

Bhanumati Mishra
  • Bhanumati Mishra teaches English Literature at Banaras Hindu University. She is a writer, translator and poet. Her articles, book reviews, poems and translations have appeared in TBR, Critical Flame, Ashvamegh, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Muse India and Nether. She is a regular contributor to The Hindu and Hindustan Times. She has authored two books titled Amitav Ghosh and his Oeuvre (2011) and Echoes of Silence - a collection of short stories (2017). She presently lives in Varanasi amidst its madness, mayhem and mysticism.

Bharat Menon
  • Bharat Menon was born in the small coastal town of Kozhikode (Calicut) in Kerala. He completed his Bachelor's degree from Loyola College, Chennai in 2010. He currently works as a Financial Analyst in a Wall Street firm. 

Bhavani Devi

    I was born and brought up at ONGOLE in PRAKASAM DISTRICT, ANDHRA PRADESH. I am doing Ph.D. from Nagarjuna University. Since my graduation it’s my habit to write articles and poems. My poem DIABOLIC DEATH was published by Forward Press-LONDON.


Bhoopendra Singh
  • Bhoopendra Singh was born on august 1993 in a farmers family. He did his schooling from Rojhauli; went to NIT Srinagar for pursuing his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. In his new book he has written about crush, love and broken hearts of engineering students.

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar
  • Sri Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar is retired from Indian Air Force. After completing his schooling from the Bengali High School in Nowgong (Assom), while studying in Nowgong College, he joined the Indian Air Force early in 1961. He was in the forward areas during the Chinese aggression near Sonitpur and later he was posted to various Air Force bases in India.

Bhuwan Thapaliya
  • Born in Nepal in the 1970’s, Bhuwan Thapaliya was raised and educated in Kathmandu. He studied economics and finance before turning to poetry in his mid twenties. His writing is imbued with the art and culture of Nepal that he grew up with but he is eminently qualified as an Oriental and as an Occidental poet, for his poetry truly represents a marriage between the traditions of East and West, and in a way that is immediately appealing and cohesive. Bhuwan is not just a poet; he is a man with a mission, seeking world peace. He is a prolific poet and is writing his own Everest, but his writing is not only about statistics. It is about spreading the message of global peace, universal solidarity and love. "Behold the spirit of poetry ... it never dies, nor does it ever grow old. A real poem is the heartbeat of humanity."

Bijender Singh
  • Bijender Singh is an Indian Poet, Short-story Writer, Lyricist, Essayist, Novelist and Independent Researcher. He has published many papers in National and International Journals. His areas of interest are Afro-American Literature, Literature of Marginality, Gender Studies and Indian Writings in English. His upcoming books are 'Confusing Poetry', 'Poetry of Infirmities' and ‘Life:  A Struggle'.     

Bindu Rekha Babu
  • An Instructional Designer in her previous avatar as a professional, Bindu Rekha Babu is an out of work Poet, Writer, Dreamer and a voracious reader (thankfully supported by her long-suffering husband). Bindu believes she has been influenced mainly by the women in her family and those she has met along the way, and her poems are simply a record of stories of people around her and their varied reactions to life. An alumnus of BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, she says, her outlook has been shaped by the unique multi-cultural character of the city. She swears she is a saposexual and in her spare time (of which she has a lot), she is also an armchair activist, a 'reluctant' yoga enthusiast and a happy cook.

Bishnupriya Hota
  • Dr.Bishnupriya Hota teaches English in the Postgraduate Department of English at G.M.College, Sambalpur, Odisha. She obtained her Ph.D degree from Sambalpur University .Apart from her research in the areas like Indian writing in English and New Literatures in English she is engaged in translating poetry and short stories from Odia into English and from English into Odia. Associated with many non-profit literary and cultural organizations she has been active as a feminist. A regular contributor to several journals she has published many papers on poetry and translation.

Bittu Kumar
  • Bittu Kumar studies in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tenga Valley, West Kameng (Arunachal Pradesh). 120 days around the universe is the first science fiction from the Author. Basically, ambition of the Author is to become a scientist and has a firm determination that he will achieve something impossible some day. Author believes in innovative ideas; this fiction is also based on the innovative scientific technologies that he wants to discover.

brian chan
  • brian chan was conceived in south america (georgetown, guyana) 

Brian Grohowski
  • Brian Grohowski, in his debut book, writes with the sincerity and honesty of love for his beloved son Jarad Grohowski. Brian’s book expresses understanding and love. Born, March 24, 1956, Brian grew up in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, an all star athlete of track & field and football. He attended Mansfield State College majoring in Arts Education. He makes his home in Wilkes-Barre, PA with his wife Maureen. For more information, please visit

Bushra Naqi
  • I hail from the city of Lahore, which has been described by many as the “city of poets, love, longing, sin and splendor.” Having been born four years after the birth of my country, I have witnessed this historic city undergo myriad changes as my country has juggled between pseudo-democracy and dictatorship. It is from this constant state of metamorphosis that I seek my inspiration. My critics describe me as an unconventional poet and a non-conformist who prefers to break down myths rather than adhere to traditions. Living in a traditionally conservative society, I have become a reactionary, challenging a stagnant and static way of life.

Carol Phelan Aebby
  • Carol Phelan Aebby, natural of Cork City, Ireland. Aebby writes mainly on social awareness and the rights of mankind to think, act, love and live freely in harmony with the natural rhythm of life; collecting gifts of bliss to diffuse scent of love.

Chaitanya Vyas
  • Chaitanya Vyas is PhD and holds over eight years teaching, research and training experience. He has published two books five research papers. He is a Founding Member of The Asia Pacific Writers & Translators Association. Besides writing, he is fond of reading, writing, and of visual arts. He lives in Ahmedabad with his wife and two little twin daughters.

Challa Naga Sai Vijayshri
  • Challa Nagasai Vijayshri is the treasurer of Linguistics Research Society. She is pursuing M.A. Applied Psychology in GITAM University. She completed B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from GITAM University. She presented numerous papers at various National and International Seminars and published his articles, poetry, short stories and book reviews in reputed Journals, Edited Volumes and newspapers

Challa Sushmita
  • Ms Challa Sushmita is the joint secretary of Linguistics Research Society. She completed Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Dr. L.B. college of Engineering for Women, Visakhapatnam, India. She also pursued Diploma in Music from the School of Distance Education, Andhra University. She is pursuing M.Tech in Radar and Microwave Engineering from A.U. She received the upcoming artist award in playing veena. She authored the poetry collection, The Hidden Colours of Rainbow. She is an active member of the, The World’s Poetry Archive. She put forth many paper presentations and participated in many elocution and debate competitions. 

Chandan Maheshkar
  • Chandan Maheshkar

Chandi V. S. Bulusu
  • Chandi V.S. Bulusu is a young and emerging poet. She is an ardent lover of Fine Arts and takes interest in Music, Painting and Writing. She has an Honors Degree in Mathematics and Masters Degree in Finance. A multi-faceted person, she also has Chitra Bhushan qualification in Fine Art. She is essentially interested in creative writing and writes poetry and short stories. She loves reading Spiritual books.

Cherri Randall
  • Cherri Randall teaches creative writing at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. She has an MFA in poetry and a PhD in English literature from the University of Arkansas. She has published in Blue Earth Review, Mudfish, The Potomac Review, So to Speak and several other journals as well as the anthology Impact (Telling Our Stories Press). Her favorite writers include Toni Morrison, Anne McCaffrey, and Lee Child.

Chirag Tulsiani
  • Thoughts unless expressed are only known to you; the individual. One must realize that when nothing goes your way, when nothing is by your side, your thoughts still are. And when these thoughts take the shape of words, a book is born. Each story of this book has a different fragrance in its atmosphere. It is on account of the variety and the overall hue that I have named this book ‘Air’. And I sincerely hope that after reading the last line of the twenty third story the readers, close this book with a rainbow of thoughts and consider to be benefited than being left claustrophobic and seen gasping for some fresh ‘air’.

Chital Mehta
  • Chital Mehta is currently residing in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. "I Luv My Lyf" is her debut novel. She believes that life is gift which has to be treasured and cherished each day and every minute. She is working as an associate software engineer.

Chithra Hari
  • Miss. Chithra Hari, daughter of Mr. Hari and Bindu Hari, born in 1999, in Dombivli, Maharashtra State, completed her matriculation in Model English School, Dombivli, presently doing her HSC in SIA Jr. College, Dombivli. Classical dance is her passion. She has completed her seven years basic course in Bharatnatyam under guidance of Guru Smt. Radhika Premanandan of Bharata Kalalayam, Dombivli. She has also done basics of Classical music under guidance of Guru Mrs. V.S.Saraswati. Apart from her love for classical dance, she loves to write poems in English which she started writing around a year ago.

Chris C. Stevens
  • I was born January 6, 1961 a third child to Robert & Amy. Soon to be joined by three more siblings. The family moved from North Bay, Ontario to Hamilton then eventually settled in Brampton where I attended school at Sir Winston Churchill P.S. as well I was a member of the Brampton Senators Drum & Bugle Corp. Around the time I turned 16 we moved up to Orangeville, Ontario where I attended high school at Orangeville District S.S. It was here that I started writing poetry, not just for English classes, but also for my friends to give to their girlfriends, hopefully it helped them out. In my final years of high school I met a woman I would marry. I was married when I was 20, soon after my first child was born. Crystal was born in 1982, followed by Zachary in 1983 and finally Candice in 1985.

Chuck Tripi
  • Chuck Tripi, a retired airline pilot, has been published widely in journals across the USA, including Boston Review, Poetry East, Louisiana Literature, The Midwest Quarterly, and California Quarterly.

Claire Anna Watson
  • Claire Anna Watson’s recent installations and video works explore ephemeral matter as a site of scientific manipulation and experimentation. She propels the everyday object into a state of dreamlike wonder. Her installations also reveal an abiding interest in spatial and socio – cultural  analysis and a passion for the absurd. She has devised public art projects for the shores of the Black Sea in Turkey, a forest in Finland, the rural plains of Portugal and the snowfields of Australia. Claire is experienced as a curator, writer and arts administrator and is a Master of Fine Art Candidate at Monash University. She lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Conor Wrigley
  • Conor Wrigley is a writer, musician, and philosopher from the United States of America. He graduated from Millikin University where he studied political science and philosophy. His studies began at an early age with a deep interest in the philosophy of Nietzsche and a heavy interest in metaphysics, politics, mythology and esoteric and occult topics which he continues to study today. In his free time he likes to read various works of poetry and literature as well as spending time in nature and working on various music projects. He resides in his home town of Decatur, Illinois in the Midwest of the United States.

Cosmos III
  • Cosmos III's Poetry has been published in Piedmont Literary Review, Poetry Express Club Quarterly Poetry Contest Leaflet, Negative Capability, International Poetry Review, Pegasus : Special Prize Poems Issues, The Independent Review, Ariel V, Thematic Poetry Quarterly, Poetry South, Orphic Lute, Passages VII-VIII, Word and Image: The Illustrated Journal, Shakespeare Inc. Quarterly, Shooting Star Review, Dawn Magazine, Quartz Hill Journal of Theology...

D Everett Newell
  • My name is Dennis Everett Newell; I am called in no certain order, Denny, Den, Big D, D Everett, and Dennis. It’s funny, but I can usually tell by how someone calls my name, what time in my life we shared. I guess there are many layers to a life that has now spanned 61 years. My middle name, Everett, has been passed down in our family since the Civil War. My great-great-grandfather’s name was Darius Newell, who named his son Silas Everett Newell, my great-grandfather. He in turn named his son John Everett Newell, my grandfather, who then in turn named my dad, John Everett Newell Jr. My dad named me Dennis Everett Newell, and my son is Corey Everett Newell.

D Samarender Reddy
  • D Samarender Reddy did his undergraduation in medicine (MBBS) from Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad, and MA (Economics) from the Johns Hopkins University, USA. He has earlier worked as a copywriter and programmer and is currently working as an editor with a medical publisher in Hyderabad. His earlier publications include two books of poetry and History of Medicine. His poems have also featured in several magazines and in an anthology Mosaic. His passion is philosophy, both Eastern and Western.

Daniel Chauvin
  • Daniel Chauvin: Artist and Writer currently living in NYC with wife Ewa and their two children. He has read and performed poetry and spoken words with music at The Knitting Factory, the St. Marks Poetry Project, and the Kerouac Festival in Lowell Mass.; and contributed to the Jack Kerouac CD "Kicks Joy Darkness" (released by Rykodisc).

David Gillespie
  • I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland a place which has known a lot of heart ache due to its history but has risen from the ashes to a bright future where everyone can live in peace. My big passion in life is writing poetry and its that which keeps me focused in life. Poetry to me lets me describe my deepest feelings and memories I can recall. For me and this is quite personal is the fact that writing is an outlet to which I can describe many situations in life everyone comes across and how in life we all face diversity.

Deepa. T.G.
  • Ms Deepa spent her early years in Karnataka, India. She was educated in a convent school and went to P.C. Jabins, Science College, Karnatak University, she is a graduate of science and law. She has a diploma in creative writing in English. She has been living in Thrissur, Kerala, India for the past 14 years. She is a copywriter in an advertising firm.

Deepak Kumar
  • The author looks at life through his eyes and experience, developed the art of writing poems in his stages of life and thinks that it was a gift given to his by the Almighty. This book of poems is through his feelings, and thinks that all human beings go through life in a similar manner.

Deepika Muthusamy
  • A blogger and an avid trekker. Deepika Muthusamy enthralls us with her debut novel, "Touch of Mist" as she captivates her readers by delineating human emotions at its depth. Charming and versatile, she is set out to elucidate her theory of life through her novel. To know more about her, Visit her blog

Denise-A. Langner-Urso
  • Born 1960 in Berlin, In our family English, Spanish, Italian and French are spoken. I have learned old-Greek and Latin as well as English and Spanish at school. Studied medicine and law both for four and two years. Worked as a nurse during this time. Owner of a car-store for 10 years Worked for a limited company for some time Worked as an insurance agent for a big company. Worked as a trainer, team-leader and manager for call-centres for several years.

dev ganguly
  • dev ganguly (Debabrata Ganguly, b. 1938) has been writing consistently though infrequently, poems and prose pieces, both in English and Bengali, throughout his life, and they lie scattered in magazines and journals extinct as well as existent.

Dhruv Williams
  • Dhruv Williams, is Pseudonym of Dhruv Upadhyay, A Digital Marketing Enthusiast, international Analyst and Economist. At the very young age, He has tried his hand on copywriting with two books in a local bookstore. Currently, he is working in Top most Digital marketing Agency in Mumbai. He holds his MBA from ICFAI University & currently pursuing its Ph.D. In addition to he has a deep interest in Brand Writing, Painting, and Philosophy. Along wth that he is one of the Founding Principal consultant at Williamsbm dot com (A Global Strategic Branding Agency) With an interest in Music and Movies, He desires to write the scripts and plays in various Bollywood and Hollywood films.

Diane Oatley
  • Diane Oatley is originally from the United States, of Norwegian-American descent and a resident of Norway since 1982, at which time she attended the University of Oslo as part of her junior year abroad. She transferred from the University of Maine to the University of Oslo in 1983, and subsequently went on to complete a Masters Program in Comparative Literature (women writers within the Anglo-American and Scandinavian traditions), also at the University of Oslo.

Dilip Gude
  • Dr. Dilip Gude is a medical doctor practicing in Internal medicine at Medwin Hospital, Hyderabad, India. He has published over 70 articles in various national and international medical journals. Apart from his clinical practice he is an art aficionado and has unencumbered passion to poetry, screen-writing, photography, painting, dance and art in literally every form.

Dinesh Kumar Acharya
  • "LOVE HAPPINESS AND ALL" is my first poetry book which includes 41 English & 40 Hindi language poems. The combo is for the readers who love poems because of its unique style.

Dipanita Gargava
  • Dr Dipanita Gargava was born (b Aug 63) and brought up at Baidyabati, a small town in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. She graduated from Shrirampore College and completed post graduation from Shri Hari Sing Gaur Vishwa Vidhyalaya, Sagar.There after she completed her M.Phil and Doctors in Philosophy in English from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidhyalaya, Indore. 

Dipankar Sadhukhan
  • "Dipankar Sadhukhan's Poetry is a reflection of the world we live in, depicting various glorious topics of varying degrees of emotions as expressed in the dancing rhythm of his words. His poetry will surely move you capturing the essence of human drama, the beauteous nature and God's love over His creations.

Divya Hirani
  • I am immensely pleased to come up with a collection of poems for you, dear reader. In this day and age when the world is caught up in a smoky grey landscape with the people in it neck deep in toil and drudgery, rescued only by the occasional respite presented to them in the form of intimacy of their inner circles.

Divye Duheta Mahajan
  • I’m born and brought up in a small, yet most beautiful city of temples, Jammu. Its aesthetic beauty and tranquility in the ambiance is one of the prominent reasons of me being into writing poems. Moreover, the exotic spiritual experience from being part of Art of living has given me an edge to write my feeling and emotions in a much effective articulation. Going through the different feelings and experience, every emotion actuated in me a sense of realization that self knowledge is extremely important to live our lives without miseries. Being an Engineer, I've certainly learned the logical meaning to various things around us.

Diwakar Pokhriyal
  • I am a dim ray in the world of enthralling darkness of misjudgment and iterations. I am a note of melodious tune of peace in the world of cruelty; I am a mischievous thought of freedom in a cage of fear and a syrupy calmness against the rage in tears. I am a smile in the lips of a dying soul; I am a mysterious mist of win over the loss of desires. I am creed, I am love, I am friend , I am smile, I am ...yet I am .........just ...

Doc Drumheller
  • Doc Drumheller lives in New Zealand where he teaches creative writing at the School for Young Writers and edits the literary journal Catalyst. He has worked in award winning groups for theatre and music and has published seven collections of poetry.

Donald Edward Kidd
  • Donald Edward Kidd is a pharmacist and writer in Jupiter, Florida, born in St. Louis, Missouri. He writes short stories, novels, possibly poems; composes music; creates digital artwork; and rarely cleans the house. He is haunted by ghosts, especially during the night, and is hopelessly addicted to chocolate.

Doug Hodges
  • This is my second collaborated book with D Everett Newell and it has been a great pleasure and an honor. We have collaborated on a number of poems, stories and songs as well. This will be my 14th book, including our two together, and I can only say that I have been blessed with each and every opportunity to share the words, rhythms, and images God has granted me. My latest book was a poetical autobiography, as much about the decades I was passing through as it was about myself. For a more detailed view of each of my books, visit my website at


Dr. Amit Singh
  • The poet, a native of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, whose poems are included in the present volume was sent to earth on 11 May 1982. He, after completing his post graduation in English Literature from M. J. P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, successfully awarded the Ph. D. degree in 2006 from the same university. Since then, he worked at different places, he joined Department of Applied English at M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, worked there for one year and Government Girls P. G. College, Deoria for two years. Since 2010 he is working in the capacity of Assistant Professor and Head, Department of English, S. P. P. G. College, Shohratgarh, Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Anuj
  • Dr. Anuj is a renowned hand surgeon and micro surgeon.  He is Director of the Microsurgery Centre of Agra.  A high profile professional, he has been a visiting hand surgeon to various hospitals including the USA, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand. He has a passion for music and poetry.  Being an emotional person and a lover of nature and beauty, Dr. Anuj has penned his thoughts through poetry in our 2015 publication of his collection of Hindi poetry entitled Bhavranjini and also through fiction in our 2016 publication of his novel entitled That Erotic Silence.  

Dr. Devendra Sharma
  • Dr. Devendra Sharma was born on the 25th March 1933 at a small town Tanda in the district Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. After completing his primary school education from different schools of Uttar Pradesh, he passed his Matriculation examination from the D.A.V college Lucknow. He joined the Government Agriculture College at Kanpur and passed his BSc (Ag) and MSc (Ag) from there.

Dr. Dhirendra Verma
  • Dr. Dhirendra Verma hails from Uttar Pradesh, India. He received his early education at Bareilly and Nainital and took his bachelor's and master's degree in Health Sciences from Agra University. He worked as a Rockefeller Foundation Research Fellow at India s National Institute of Virology in Pune before leaving for Canada in 1962 on a student scholarship to pursue studies at the doctoral level.

Dr. Kalpana Dave (M.A , B.Ed, Ph.D, Journalisam)
  • Dr.Kalpana Dave is a well-known writer in Gujarati Literature & a freelance journalist. Associated  with  field of education, after about  four decades of experience in teaching in higher education in a college at graduate level,  she retired as a Head of Gujarati Dept. from Shri. M.D.Shah Mahila  College.(Malad-Mumbai). She is a recipient of  Dr.Panna Modi Best TeacherAward  (January-2011)  awarded by  Janseva Samiti—N.G.O.  Malad, Mumbai.

Dr. Krishna P. Chakravorty
  • Dr. Krishna P. Chakravorty, a Fulbright Scholar, did his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, M.S. in Physical Chemistry, M.S. in Polymer Science and M.Tech in Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology (the Syracuse University, the State University of New York, the Temple University and the Calcutta University.

Dr. Padmore Agbemabiese
  • Dr. Padmore Agbemabiese is a Professor of English and Literature at the Cuyahoga Community College. He is an Africanist, a prolific and versatile poet, a dramatist, and a scholar who has earned a place among the coterie of important African authors. Professor Agbemabiese's academic research interests have focused mainly on aural literature of the Ewes of Ghana, Togo and Benin, and in particular, the applications of names and naming systems to the understanding of the sociocultural and political experiences of the people. 

Dr. Parneet Jaggi
  • Parneet Jaggi is a lecturer in English, teaching in Government College in Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan). Born in 1975 in Haryana, she did her masters in English, then her Ph.D on “Matthew Arnold and the East: A Study of his Poetry” from Kurukshetra University. She is an ardent lover of music and religion. Her poems and research papers have been published in several journals. For her, poetry is a very personal, mystical and a natural flow of ideas and emotions, trying to bridle these leads to affectation. Therefore, she waits for the afflatus to pen down poetry.

Dr. Pradeep Pandya
  • Dr. Pradeep Pandya is a well known Gujarati writer. He is one of the first authors to write Medical thriller. He is the author of four other medical novels which includes, 'The Hospital', 'Barud', 'Tandav' and 'Vish Amrut'. By profession, he is a Nephrologist and the Superintendent of Premdas Jalaram hospital, at Vadodara, Gujarat. He has written more than 40 books, which include 18 novels, short stories and translations by National Book Trust, New Delhi. This Novel is about unholy relations between the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Prof.G.S.Kushwaha
  • Govindprasad Shyam Lal Kushwaha was born in a small village Korari, District Fatepur, U.P. in 1944. He did his elementary education locally and High School and Intermediate education at various places in his district. He passed B. A. in English, Education, and Economics from University of Allahabad in 1966, then moved to Gujarat in 1967 and completed his M. A. in English from Gujarat University, Ahmadabad and Ph.D. degree from Agra University in 1995.

Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
  • Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee, the bilingual writer and academician who is at present the Chairperson of the Post Graduate Dept. of English and has been associated with teaching English literature in various phases for over the last three decades in the Rabindra Bharati Univesity both in regular and distance stream,earlier in Vidyasagar University and Gangadharpur College and Bangabasi Evening College, is the distinguished member of the International Advisory Board of International Theodore Dreiser Society, USA ( He did his M.Phil under Prof. Ashok Sengupta and Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Bhabatosh Chatterjee and Professor Laxmi Parasuram. Francis Scott Fitgerald : The Quest for Meaning and Form is his perceptive analysis of American fiction of the earlier 20th century.

Dr. Sandip Saha
  • Born and brought up in Kolkata, Sandip acquired his B.Tech degree in chemical engineering from the Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Calcutta. He went to Mumbai getting a job in the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, in 1978.

Dr. Shalini Yadav
  • Dr. Shalini Yadav holds a Ph. D in Postcolonial Literature and is presently working as Assistant Professor in Al-Jouf University, Saudi Arabia. She writes scholarly articles on Language and Literature for refereed journals and anthologies. She has always been passionate about reading fiction and poetry from her childhood. Her cherished has come true in the form of this poetry book.

Dr. T. Sharon Raju
  • Dr. T. Sharon Raju is currently working as Assistant Professor at Institute of Advanced Studies in Education in Andhra University. He is also Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Andhra University. He has good number of research publications to his credit in both National & International Journals of repute. He pursued Master of Education and also has the prestigious Doctorate in Education.

Dr. Victor V. Shudin
  • Victor V. Shudin is an author of books "How to win over allergy" (issued in 2002 year), "Two basic diabetes causes are found!" (2007y.), "Sea Anecdotes, Adventures and Robinzonada" (2008 y.), “Yalta in Philately” (2011), “Global mine with huge ruinous force” (2011, of trans fats).

Dr.Rex Roger
  • There is chaos in the modern world. There is anarchy. People are confused about the role of men and women. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. There is conflict of religion, rise of terrorism and fanaticism. Yet the world has become a smaller place with quick and fast exchange of ideas. With internet and fax, messages are sent across the world. With tele conferencing people are meeting across continents. With out sourcing people of various countries talk on a daily basis

Dustin Alexander
  • Spending his childhood in New York and Los Angeles Dustin Alexander found stories and poetry to be a gateway to something even bigger than two major cities. Since then he has had several poems published in Taj Mahal Review. This is his first published poetry collection. Currently he is working on his first full length novel. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife.

E. Vishnupriya
  • E. Vishnupriya works as a lecturer. She has to her credit three published articles in literature and English language teaching in Academic peer-reviewed Journals. Her poems are featured in Muse India, e-journal, Nov-Dec 2012 Issue. She lives in Bangalore.

Edward Heine
  • “(…) Edward Heine est l'un des hétéronymes de Fernando Messias. Edward Heine est né à Porto en 1963. Marchant de père en fils de descendance allemande, sa mère était maîtresse d’école primaire de descendance anglaise. Ils s’étaient rencontrés à Lisbonne et la vie les avait conduits à Porto. Depuis toujours, Heine excellait dans l'écriture. A l’âge de trois ans, il gribouillait déjà  sur des morceaux de papier. A dix-huit ans, il était déjà en court d’écriture de son troisième livre de fiction.

Eknoor Singh
  • Eknoor Singh, a student of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon is having diverse interests. He has many accolades and awards including medals, trophies from Science, Maths and English Olympiads as well as extracurricular activities like interschool quiz, Just a Minute, Debates. He's born to mother and father both university gold medallists in the fields of Computer Science and Bio-technology respectively. 

Elizabeth Kurian Mona
  • Elizabeth was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. She studied in Rosary Convent School and Nizam College.  She worked with the Reserve Bank of India at Hyderabad and Mumbai. She has taken early retirement as Manager from the Bank and now lives in Hyderabad. Apart from English, she writes poetry in Hindi and Urdu. Her 'takhallus' or pen name is “Mona” for the 'ghazal' genre. She also translates poetry from Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Marathi and Telugu into English. Her poems / translations have been published in many magazines and anthologies and also appear on the internet. The poems in this collection span more than three decades.

Elvira Lobo
  • Elvira is a Fun-loving person, Avid Bollywood fan, Blog-Writer and dedicated towards cause for Thalessemia. Born in Mumbai, having an MBA finance degree, she is currently working in a corporate bank.

Eric Obame
  • I received my Master at Towson University in Maryland, where I majored in film. I have written three scripts, and I am now writing my first novel. Although I love movies, I am also fond of poetry. My poems have appeared in various journals, and it is one of my goals as a writer to have them published as books.

Fernando Messias
  • Fernando Messias was born in 1970 in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a lawyer, independent arbitrator and mediator, consultant and researcher in tourism, hotel management & real estate, investment law, intellectual property law & business law. As a lawyer, he has exercised professional activity since 1998. As an arbitrator, he has intervened in proceedings, in both domestic and international arbitrations. As a Legal Adviser, he has intervened mainly in property law, tourism & real estate, intellectual property & business law. As a researcher in tourism, he has focused his attention on five-star hospitality, leadership, and organizational well-being. Messias is the author of numerous books and articles on various topics of Knowledge. He has several post graduate specialty degrees and is a facilitator in creative resolution of organizational problems.

Fez McLeod
  • Fez McLeod is a writer/producer/filmmaker from Canada. He has created 2 children's book series called Sassy the Amazing Fire Fighting Rescue Dog and Brave Jack the Flying Squirrel. For adult novels he has written with the help of writer - David Harris - two crime novels entitled Payback and Skavoovee. In his free time he also enjoys writing feature length screenplays. This graphic novel - Samurai Warrior is his first attempt at producing and publishing an illustrated graphic novel.

Floriana Hall
  • Floriana (Berdyck) Hall, poet and author of nine inspirational books, five nonfiction and four poetry, was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. 10/02/27. After many moves, her family settled in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on 12/7/41. Floriana graduated June 1945 from Cuyahoga Falls High (Distinguished Alumna), eleventh in a class of 167. Her English and literature teachers taught her all she needed to know about writing. She attended Akron University business school.

Fotis Begetis
  • Fotis Begetis was born at Iraklion, Crete in 1974. He now lives in Athens, Greece. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts from where he graduated in 2002. He has been working as an educator for the past 12 years in secondary public education. His own artistic pursuits focus on all things digital and he takes a huge interest into areas like mathematics, graphics , video games, L-systems, Artificial Life and A.I. For most of his interaction with the outside world he uses Facebook and you can easily find him there. He will be pleased if you say hi.

francis-krish osho
  • francis-krish osho is a poet artist musician and physician who lives in the moment absolutely. this is his sixth book of "sketchetry" and the first one he chose to publish. sketchetry is a new kind of art where the creator mixes poetry and abstract sketching. his previous books waiting for publications are structure of virtues for advanced souls 2005 present testament for focused golfers 2oo9 30 days 30 pounds 2006 eternal bliss 2010 and lie by the side of the sea 2014

Frieda Groffy
  • Frieda Groffy studied Drama & Theater Arts at the Conservatory of Antwerp-Belgium. That explains the everlasting love to walk onto a stage and ‘perform’. So far she published six books of poetry in Dutch, her mother tongue. She is a restless traveler who can come home into a different culture and feel like a stranger in her own backyard. She published poetry global wise on literary sites as a.o Creative Women- TimBookTu- Quiet Mountain Essays- and was translated in French-Spanish-Arab-Kurdish- Rumanian and Serbian.

Gaurav Karkhanis
  • Gaurav Karkhanis is a poet, short story author, freelance writer, and an aspiring novelist, living in Mumbai, India. He is a member of a global writers forum called The Writers Lounge, and the vastly popular IndiBlogger network.

Geert Verbeke
  • Born in Kortrijk, Flanders (Europe) on 31 May 1948. Father of four and husband of one! Children: Hans (°1969), Saskia (°1972), Merlijn (°1984) & Jonas (°1986). His soulmate: Jenny Ovaere, ex-teacher, today a companion for Joker adventurous travelling. Author (poetry, novels, meditations, fairy tales), writes haiku since 1968. Recorded 14 cd's with relaxation music on singing bowls.

Geeta Chhabra
  • Geeta Chhabra writes her poems in English and her verse has been translated into Arabic and appears in reputed Arabic journals. Following the success of her first two books: An Indian Ode To The Emirates & No Journey Ends, Smash My Glass showcases some of her latest poems along with prose pieces. The volume is a captivating account of her observations some that are joyful, and some which are laden with grief. As a mentor, critic and guide, Indian poet Nissim Ezekiel encouraged Geeta Chhabra to write and that greatly propelled her poetic expressions. In 2012, Geeta Chhabra received the Poets Printery International Best Poetry Website Award for Creativity and New Age Poetry for her website, where she regularly encapsulates her point of reasoning. In the year 2012, 2014 and 2015 Geeta Chhabra received awards from the Japanese Soka Gakkai International for promoting peace through poetry. Geeta Chhabra is an Indian who divides her time between Mumbai and Dubai.

George Bradford Patterson II
  • George Bradford Patterson II has deserved several times First Prize in Poetry in the monthly Poetry Contest by my institution, since he is a distinguished member of Bilingual MCA, in merit of his unique ability to write outstanding poems in both English and Spanish Languages. I learned to appreciate and even admire his particular style entangled by his non reverential mood to see reality. George is that kind of writer who does not know how to disguise ugliness.

George Drandakis
  • Eloise is collection of poems by George Drandakis, born in Peristeri, Athens, 27-1-1945. "After graduation I took exams for a position in a Greek Bank in which twelve thousand of candidates took part, of whom only seventy were to be appointed. I succeeded to be the eighth in the success row. I have also published essays, pieces of criticism and poems in a lot of good literary magazines and newspapers, national and local, for instance "Eleftherotypia" (newspaper), "Planodion", "Alevevan", "Schedia", "Ellitrohos", "Periplous" and so on (magazines). I am member of the Pan Hellenic Poetry Society."

Girish Kute
  • I like writing humour and impersonations. Poetry keeps my mind at work therefore I am never idle. I am looking forward to make valuable contributions to the field of literature in future. I idolize Mr. Sachin Tendulkar for his sheer professionalism and the way he carries himself on and off the field. I hold a dream of dining with this great son of India at least once in my lifetime. I feel indebted to my teachers and my school for their invaluable contributions to my life and I hope that I will be able to return at least something back.

Glory Sasikala
  • Glory Sasikala (Born: January 6th, 1964) is a poet and writer residing currently in Chennai, Tamilnadu. She was born in Kolkota and did her schooling there. Her husband, who was a bank manager with Canara Bank, died tragically in a road accident in 2008. She has two children, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson.

Gopa Nayak
  • Born and brought up in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, Gopa set up a home and raised her two sons in Hong Kong and Singapore. She then moved to Oxford to pursue her Masters leading to a DPhil from Oxford University. It was during her stay in Oxford that her words found meaning in poetry.

Gopal Lahiri
  • Gopal Lahiri was born in 6th December, 1957 in Calcutta, India. He has been writing poetry for more than twenty five years. He writes both in English and Bengali (mother tongue).He also occasionally writes fiction, short story, essay, articles on current affairs and scientific interest and does translation work. He is an earth scientist and currently lives in the coastal state of Gujarat, India.

Gouri Banerji
  • "Most of Gouri Banerji's school days were spent in a convent in Mussoorie- the then UP as a boarder.She spent her holidays reading books or writing short stories. After her Graduation from Kamala Nehru College in Elective English, she did her M A in English Literature and also another M.A. in Political Science from D U. She worked with Indo-German Chamber of Commerce for three years, after which she worked at an European Embassy, for 18 years. She left for Dehradun when her son was four, for his better education. Here she joined as English Teacher in a prestigeous CBSE School and was able to give more time to her writing. She has written "Ramayana" in a prose form in English, which was enacted by the students of the school bringing much appreciation to her ability as writer. After retirement from teaching she is able to devote all her time into writing short stories and novels".

Gouri Srivastava
  • Dr. Gouri Srivastava, is a Professor in Women's Education, National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi. She has done her M.A., M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Ph.D. from Delhi University. As a student and as a professional she has received several scholarships at the National and International level. Scholarship awarded are from JNU, Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) for pursuing M.Phil (1984) and Ph.D. work (1985-86). Scholarships was granted from the George Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Braunschweig, Germany to carry out research on analysis of social science textbooks of South Asia from the view point of Gender and Peace (2006). She is an Asia fellow having received scholarship from the Asian Scholarship Foundation Bangkok to undertake research work on Gender and Peace in textual materials and contextual situations in the Republic of Maldives (2006-07). She has presented papers in several National and International seminars/conferences on themes related to Girls' Education and Women s Empowerment.

Gregg Dotoli
  • Gregg Dotoli lives in New York City area and has studied English at Seton Hall University. He works as a white hat hacker, but his first love is the arts. His poems have been published in, Quail Bell Magazine, The Four Quarters Magazine, Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Halcyon Magazine, Allegro Magazine, the Mad Swirl, Voices Project, Writing Raw and Down in the Dirt.

Guntaj Arora
  • Guntaj Arora is a young poet and works to promote other young writers around the world. She is the editor-in-chief and founder of Miracle, a literary and arts magazine. She is also an editor at Nostrovio! Poetry and has been constantly working to promote modern poetry. She has been published widely in various anthologies and has won many poetry competitions around the world.

Hameed Suhail
  • Born and brought up in Cochin the queen of Arabian Sea, Hameed Suhail is an active lover of art and literature. Currently pursuing his B. Tech in Information Technology, Hameed has written many fiction genre novels in his local language ‘Malayalam’. In all of his works he has managed to incorporate scenes from the true lives of people around him to give natural shades to the themes he tries to describe. Apart from novels he also writes poems and articles and has also worked as host for various events in national level technical fests. 

Harmik Vaishnav
  • Dr. Harmik Vaishnav is an ardent and passionate reader and writer. He writes on language, short stories, poetry and non-fiction. He contributes to literary journals and anthologies. Harmik Vaishnav is a Limca Book of Record holder for preparing a giant English Crossword Puzzle.

Harry Owen
  • Since 2008, English-born poet Harry Owen has lived in South Africa. Author of seven full collections and editor of two acclaimed anthologies, including the internationally admired For Rhino in a Shrinking World in support of the fight against rhino poaching, his work is widely published and acclaimed in countries around the world.

Harshada Pathare
  • One day soon to be widely held as an influential poet and writer from India, Harshada Pathare classifies this collection, A Piece of Paradise, as her favorite.  With her home in the quiet suburbs of Mumbai, she divides her time between daily job schedules and her eternal passion-poetic literature! She explores the inner feelings and vivid sentiments of human conditions, and thereafter, exploits her creative talent to captivate the minds of her readers, thus, inspiring and uplifting the spirit of poetic booklovers.

Hem Raj Bastola
  • Hem Raj Bastola, permanent inhabitant of Pumdi Bhumdi, has worked as a cave guide and office assistant at Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. He is currently working as a freelancer tourist guide. He started writing poetry from his teen age. His love of words inspires him in the field of poetry. He is father of two children.

Hemalatha Chivukula
Hemant Soni
Henry Victor
  • Henry Victor – priest, professor, and poet - born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, now lives in Edmonton, continuing to write and enjoy watching his grandson Isaac Justin Victor grow. His earlier collections include the following: Stinging of the Scorpion & Other Poems (2006) and Three Faces & Other Poems (2007) are his most recent collections.

Himanshi Shah
  • Himanshi Shah, holds an engineering degree in Computer Science. She did her MBA from Nirma University in 2012. She is currently working as an HR professional in a leading Pharmaceutical company. She is an avid blogger and an aspiring writer. You can follow her blog on or follow her on Facebook.

Hira Chettri
  • हीरा छेत्री: हिमाचल प्रदेश के सोलन शहर में जन्मे लेखक की रूचि हिंदी और इंग्लिश साहित्य में रही है! हिमाचल प्रदेश विश्वविद्यालय से इंग्लिश में स्नातकोतर की डिग्री प्राप्त की है. अपनी इसी रूचि के साथ हस्ते खेलते लेखक ने अपने मनस पटल को शब्दों में जीवंत किया है. प्रकृति के सानिध्य में प्रेम के आयामों को लेखक ने छुते हुए, प्रस्तुत कविता संग्रह में कभी विरह तो कभी मिलन को जीने की कोशिश की है!

Howard Scott
  • Howard Scott has been a full-time writer for 25 years. He has published 1,300 magazine articles, 100 op-ed essays, three non-fiction books, and four short stories. Credits include the New York Times, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Providence Sunday Journal Magazine, Boston Magazine, Yankee, Family Circle, The Writer, and Working Woman. His book, Bee Lessons, has sold 20,000 copies and is in its third printing. Scott lives in Pembroke, Massachusetts with his wife and college-age daughter.

Hugh Gracey
  • Hugh Gracey was educated at Charterhouse School in Godalming. He had extra tuition in Politics A level from Paul Whiteside and achieved an A grade from the London Board in 1986. He passed two degrees at the University of Sussex. He learnt to sail in Chichester harbour, at the Bosham sailing school. He worked as an intern at Dow Jones in 2000, and stood for the borough of Camden in 2006. Hugh Gracey is a playwright and saxophone musician and teacher of English.

Indira Babbellapati
  • Indira Babbellapati, a faculty in the department of Humanities and Social Sciences is a widely published poet and translator. Her original poetry anthologies include affaire de coeur, Vignettes of the Sea, echo, From the Biography of an Unknown Woman, and Nomadic Nights. She translated all genres of literature except drama. Night of Nectar for the Sahitya Akademi, Asampoorna, the Incomplete, Into a Crowded Aloneness, in Telugu by Raamaa Chandramouli are some of the translated poetry anthologies. Her Own Way, a book of Akademi award winning short stories translated into English is under publication with the Sahitya Akademi. Gender Game and Other Stories, The Dusk, a novel in translation besides a few short stories have been published by the Translation Bureau of Dravidian University, Kuppam. Indira also co-authored English text books for Engineering undergraduates. Indira's poems are also anthologized in Roots and Wings, Suvarnarekha, Persona, Heaven-2014 and I'm a poet. Prof Indira Babbellapati's English poetry has been translated into Hindi, Bangla, Spanish, and French. She made her presence felt at many national and international poetry meets like Asia-Pacific Writers and Translators, SAARC Literature Festival to name a few.

Isabel Guevara
  • ISABEL GUEVARA is a Venezuelan by birth and a foreigner by choice. She studied Psychopedagogy and Law. At ICREA, Venezuela, 2000/2001, she concluded the Master Program in Creative Writing and was one of the selected participants in the New Voices 2003/2004, of the XVth Literary Expression Workshop at CELARG, Poetry section. As a poet or a writer, she does not see herself as a limited individual, and she understands that it is the letter what seduces, and not the name of whoever is offering it...and if poetry and prose have something in common it is seduction.

Iti Kesarwani
  • Iti Kesarwani, a poet and a blogger, holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication with specialization in Advertising & PR. Currently pursuing her Masters in English Literature. She loves writing poetry and quotes. She resides in Lucknow. Visit to catch a glimpse of her writing, where through her words she connects to the world.

Ivan Greenberg
  • Ivan Greenberg was born in Ithaca, NY, and grew up in Manhattan in the shadow of Soho -- then a thriving art district. He paints faces and heads in a bold and colorful expressionistic style. The sixty-three works featured in Facing the Future were created over a four-year period from 2007 to 2010. These paintings do not whisper in your ear. They are engaged in struggle in a thick, painterly environment.

J. B. Nandlal
  • Mr. J.B.Nandlal, a senior citizen  based in Mumbai  had graduated in hotel management in India and further in U.K. During his active working life, he held senior management positions in hospitality industry for more than three decades, subsequently he operated as hospitality management consultant for two decades , coordinating projects for  hotels, airline on board services, food & beverage chains  etc. in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and other places.

Jack Galmitz
  • Jack Galmitz began writing haiku in 1999. Awards and Other Honors: Intermittently, some of my poems have been chosen to appear in the annual anthologies published by Red Moon Press, and I was selected as one of the featured poets for A New Resonance 4: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku (Red Moon Press, 2005).

Jack R. Hodge
  • I am first and foremost a child of God. My job is to get out to the world messages from God in several different ways. Let me explain, I'm a poet, gospel singer gospel song writer, author, CEO, Founder and DJ of "The Jack Hodge Gospel Show". I work with Operation Military Parents as the Events Director here in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I was a Chef before I retired, I was in the food business fore 40 years. At the present I'm writing a cook book.

Jacque Turner
  • Jacque Turner has served on active duty in both the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy. A graduate of Howard University and Capella University, where she received a BA in English and an MS in education, respectively, she is currently an adjunct online English instructor at Saint Leo University. She resides in Norfolk, VA.

Jahnavi Dodai
  • Jahnavi Dodai is a teenage poetess, reminiscent of a small bird, who sings and flies against the changing winds. In a tender age of 15 she has her own poetry collection, presented in her first book "Autumn of paper hearts". Her other hobbies are reading books, dancing and painting. She is presently studying in Delhi Public School, Raipur and planning to pursue law as her career.

Jaideep Khodaskar
  • Jaideep Khodaskar is a 47 years old man with a youthful disposition towards life. He believes that love is the only force that prevails and loving is the only way to be living life. Without love in the heart and a soulmate to share that love with, life becomes a meaningless existence. When there is a soulmate in your life, you experience all the emotions like happiness, sadness, pain and pleasure to the hilt and that is what makes life a beautiful journey to cherish. Love gives you all the energy that is needed to sail through challenges that life is throwing at you from time to time. This poetry book reflects the different shades of love that a heart feels for another.

James G. Skinner
  • James G. Skinner is a retired world wide telecommunications executive and ex-Honorary British Consul in Spain. For the past twenty years he has lived in Vigo and has observed through the press the constant flow of drugs from Latin America into Europe via the coast of Galicia. Living in Spain has also given him an insight into the fight on terrorism, especially the Basque Separatist movement ETA.

Jan Oskar Hansen
  • Jan Oskar Hansen is a poet, story teller and seafarer, born in Stavanger, Norway. He joined the merchant navy at 15 and spent most of his life at sea until settling in the early 90's in Portugal. His poetry has been widely published in hard copy and online, worldwide. Reviewers have generally commented that a love and honoring of living things stands out in Hansen's work, and deep humility; that it reveals with unflinching honesty man's shortcomings in his efforts to love, telling what there is to tell in a first person, deeply resident universal voice.

Janet K. Brennan
  • Janet K. Brennan, aka jb Stillwater, poet and author lives in the foot hills of the Sandia Mountains in the high desert of New Mexico with her husband, Arthur, and a great gray cat named Amos... Although a native New Englander, she has traveled the world, having spent time living in Pirmesanes Germany, as well as Montecchia di Crossara, Italy Home for her is the desert. Each time she has left to live in another part of the world, she has longed for her return to what she has determined is her "muse"

Jayanti M. Dalal
  • Mr. Jayanti M. Dalal, B.Sc. (Hons.), a businessman and writer, was born in Kapadwanj (Gujarat), India on December 28, 1935. Since his days in school in Umreth, of Gujarat State, he took keen interest in reading a large number of fiction and short stories available in the village library. To date, 22 books, including 14 novels, 3 collections of short stories, and 5 compilations, have been published. He was the first Gujarati writer whose Gujarati Novel ‘Ankhane Sagpan Ansoona’ translated into English named ‘Ordeal of Innocence’ first time published in U.S.A. in 2005 by Ivy House Publishing Group.

Jaydeep Sarangi
  • Jaydeep Sarangi is a bilingual writer, academic, editor and translator with several seminal books to his colourful cap. He has delivered keynote addresses in several national and international seminars and conferences and read his poems in different continents. He has been anthologised widely in several shores. One of the reviewers has made an honest observation by calling him Bard on the Banks of Dulong . Sarangi is the Vice President, GIEWEC (head office at Kerala) and one of the founder members and the Vice President of SPELL (Society for Poetry, Education, Literature and Language), Kolkata. Anchored in Kolkata, his poetry defies boundaries and resonates with glocal experiences.

Jean LeBlanc
  • Jean LeBlanc is a teacher and writer living in New Jersey, U.S.A. Her poetry has appeared in numerous journals. She does editorial work for the Paulinskill Poetry Project of Andover, New Jersey, as well as for More of her work can be seen at

Jean-Philippe Guéant
  • Jean-Philippe Guéant from Nord, France; 35 years painting experience; theoretician of abstraction. "What I am interested in painting is not the painting itself, but what is beyond the painting, besides the plastic aspect. The painter's part is to make visible what is not. I intend to draw the way, to trace the path, from the real world to the invisible, from the divided-state to the unity; this, by a global perception of both the world and the work; suddenly the light appears within the color, the original light."

Jeni Leena John
  • Jeni Leena John Graduate (Hons), B.ed. Diploma in Computer Software Principal Eden Garden Public school, Jammu

Jennifer DiCamillo
  • Is a mother of five, and a grandmother of six, Who ran a Pre-K Co-Op for numerous years Where she prepared and taught lesson plans for community Pre-schoolers. She loves children and reading.

Jess C Scott
  • Jess is an author, artist, non-conformist who is dedicated to writing original stories that are both meaningful and entertaining. Most of her work is fuelled by an intense desire to inspire others to favour social and spiritual values over shallow values. Her website is

  • More of a dreamer, learner, leader, reader, traveler, explorer and changemaker than just being an IT professional.



Johanne Gallagher
  • Hello there! Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me. I was raised in Ireland to an Irish father and Australian mother. I am the eldest of five girls. I have an education from the Dublin Institute of Technology in Applied Chemistry. I am a trainer and coach in law of attraction and a master practitioner in neuro linguistic programming (NLP). My passion is dancing Argentine tango, writing songs and poems and I also like to sing and paint. I love to work with people and help them to manifest their visions and dreams! I am very interested in quantum physics and positive psychology and use my poetry to express my thoughts about spirituality, nature and the Oneness of everything.

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
  • Penguins / Pingviner is a bilingual series of haiku centered around ... penguins. Here penguins can be seen as metaphors or real beings either mingling with society as a whole and its mechanics or as World saviors and upholders of the spiritual welfare of the World. Beacuse of their seemingly un-individial appearance they can also play the role of the uknown forces of this World.

John Alexander Rawson
  • John Rawson has 25 years’ experience in various roles in New Zealand Social Services and aligned industries. He has an Honours Degree in Psychology and Education + 2 years postgraduate training in Child Psychotherapy. He has run his own counseling practice for 4 years and currently works with youth, some children, and adults. He is married with two sons and a large cat.

John Charles Ryan
  • John Charles Ryan was born in Neptune City, New Jersey in the United States but has been living in Western Australia since 2008. He is presently writing poetry about the flora of the Southwest corner of Western Australia and some of those poems appear in this collection.

John J. Han
  • John J. Han (Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is a scholar, poet, editor, and translator. He was born in South Jeolla Province, South Korea, in 1956 and came to America for graduate studies in English in 1988. He currently serves as Professor of English and Creative Writing and Chair of the Humanities Division at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis.

John McDonald
  • John McDonald is a retired stone-mason living in Edinburgh Scotland.He came to haiku in the mid - nineties and fell in love with the genre. He writes in Scots - one of the two languages native to Scotland (the other being the celtic rooted Gaelic) He has a web-page of Scots haiku which he tries to update daily, and from which most of the enclosed have been taken.

John R. Fyfe
  • John R. Fyfe was born in Verdun, Quebec, Canada in 1955. He has worked as a jewelry importer, writer and esoteric speaker, and currently enjoys a career in Vedic astrology, having trained in India. John has spent extended periods in Ireland, England, India and Thailand, and presently divides his time between Quebec and Colorado.

John Sandbach
  • Though grounded with great love and affection for both the haiku traditions of Japan and the West, John Sandbach's haiku represent a clear break and, hopefully, a new, influential, and open beginning in English-language haiku composition that welcomes and values all methodologies, aesthetics and topics, seeing infinite possibilities and equality in every path. Breaking away from what has become the traditional standards in English haiku,

Joseph Aprile
  • Joseph Aprile was born in the Bronx, New York, and is a resident of Seattle, Washington. He has traveled extensively and has incorporated many of his life experiences into his work as all writers inevitably must. Writing has always been an integral part of his existence. He has written and published works in different genres including: poetry, fiction and non-fiction. He has a special fondness for poetry since it is, by nature, evocative of the emotions and succinct in style.

Joseph S. Spence, Sr.
  • Joseph S. Spence, Sr. is the co-author of two poetry books, A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose and Thoughts for the Mind, Body and Soul (2005), and Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body and Soul (2006), Winner of The 2009 Best Christian Poetry Book Award from

Julia Linden
  • I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Born in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, Russia, I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. I have a B.S. from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, M.A. in English Literature from King's College, London and a J.D. from Loyola School of Law, Chicago, Illinois and a CELTA for Teaching English as a Second Language. I worked as a lawyer and teacher in Europe before returning to the U.S. I now live in New York City.

June Nandy
  • June Nandy is a published poet, ghazal singer and a translator from Calcutta, India. She has received her MA in English Literature & Hindi, Bachelors in Education, post graduate diploma in Translation Science (Gold Medalist) and a diploma in Public Relations. Her poetry has been published world wide in reputed international and national journals like Taj Mahal Review, Asian Cha, Qarrtsiluni, Up the Staircase Quarterly, Hudson View, Kritya, Muse India, Femina and elsewhere. 

Jyothirllata Girija
  • Born in 1935, Jyothirllata Girija started writing in Tamil for children first in 1950 and then was introduced as an adults writer by ANANDA VIKATAN in 1968. She has more than 500 short stories, 25 novels, 50 novellas, 3 full-length plays, several articles on social issues, translation of major part in Tamil of Kiran Bedi s As I see it etc. to her credit. She has won 20 awards so far for her Tamil creations.

K H Prabhu
  • K H Prabhu has taught English for more than three decades in degree colleges. Though teacher by profession he is a writer by vocation. Even as a student he has to his credit publication of many articles in leading English papers.

K. V. Raghupathi
  • Born in 1957, K.V.Raghupathi has been writing for nearly three decades.  His main forte is poetry.  A leading voice in Indian English Poetry, he is currently teaching at Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur.   He has published nine collections in addition to four critical works and two books on Yoga.  His poetry is rooted in the abundance of philosophy, nature, transcendentalism, imagery and social perspectives.  Besides being a poet, his other passions include classical Karnatic music, bird watching and ancient and contemporary Indian philosophy.

Kanwar Taroo Raaje
  • Kanwar Taroo Raaje has a great passion for writing. The poet has full command on poetic words. She has shown her real creative genius in this book.
Kapil Raj
  • Kapil Raj  is a poet, an artist, a music-lover, a revivalist, and a successful professional in Operations Profile. Has an immense interest in going on tours, meeting different cultures & understanding the complexity of different life of people. He usually takes time out to pen down emotions in form of poetry & short essays on life. 

Karla MarKay
  • Karla MarKay is a performing artist, educator, and writer who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She spent several years in Atlanta, Georgia and currently resides in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. As a teen, Karla began writing for personal fulfillment and continued to write occasionally until a few years ago, when she began to experience a renewed sense of motivation, focus, and discipline. Since then, Ms. MarKay has shared her literary work at readings, as part of stage presentations, on the Internet, and as contributions to magazines, newsletters, journals, and anthologies. The Whispers of A Timeless Groove is her first published book of poetry.

Kathryn Waddell Takara
  • Kathryn Waddell Takara, born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama, has recently retired as an Associate Professor from the University of Hawai`i at Manoa, Interdisciplinary Studies Program. She also taught in the Ethnic Studies Department, where she developed courses in African American and African politics, history, literature, and culture beginning in 1971. Her poetry has been published in a variety of publications including Interdisciplinary Studies Humanities Journal, Writing Macao (China), Kudzu, Honolulu Stories, Words Upon the Waters,

Katya Ganeshi
  • Katya Ganeshi (Blond Beast) is well known Russian poetess. She is founder of a new literary style "Overaggressive Masterpiecism". The edition of her book "Blond Beast" has brought to her popularity in all societies of vanguard and literary associations in Moscow. In poetry Katya Ganeshi continues to develop philosophical ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche and Azsacra Zarathustra, also aesthetic ideas of Arno Breker. Beauty of a human body and spirit in Absolute Break, and Spiritual War - the basic themes of her poetic books.

Kenneth Francis Pearson
  • I grew up in a small suburban town, just north of New York City. I had a great childhood, as my parents did everything they could to provide for my siblings and I. I have come to love my siblings, as the rivalry we had when we were younger was quite intense. This book of poetry represents seven consecutive years of my life (1997-2004) and the numerous phases and mind- sets I experienced. I have been through a number of different struggles, from death to my own personal battle with alcoholism, but have ultimately cleared my mind and finally accepted who I am and what life has dealt me, good or bad.

Keval Jadwani
  • Keval Jadwani belongs to a small city of Jamnagar from Gujarat. Books, words and rhymes has always fascinated him. It wasn't too late that he himself started composing the poetries. Since his childhood he has been writing and this is his first book by which is his recent collection of poems. Happy reading dear readers.


Kishan Ballurkar
  • I, Kishan Ballurkar, 20, am a third year mechanical engineering student currently studying in VIT Pune. I have done my schooling and junior college from Loyola high school and junior college Pune. 

Kishi Saifi
  • Kishi Saifi, a small town girl of Meerut native of U.P., India. A single young woman and an aspiring writer with dreams of creativity and imagination of this beautiful world. She has been born and brought up in a business family where she is the third child of Saeed Ahmed Saifi and Kamar Jahan. She has been raised up in a small joint family of twenty two members. She has her schooling done from Meerut Public School for Girls, later she has joined R.G.(P.G.) College,Meerut from where she completed her Masters in English Literature, Phonetics, Linguistics and Stylistics and now persuing her double Masters in Education. Kishi Saifi possess interest in poetry, short stories, diary entry, music, cooking. She loves making videos for youtube as her hobby and has a personalised YouTube chanel with 1/3rd million views for the channel at present. She has a great taste for food and loves to cook spices for the dear ones.

  • An engineer by training, the play of words has always fascinated me from a very young age; spoken rather than the written. The cadence in Martin Luther King Jr. speech 'I Have a Dream' had me riveted then and now. I was the debating team captain and editor of the college magazine. As a bachelor, I was a rolling stone shifting to journalism and part-time politics. I got my feet grounded when I completed a Master of International Management course at Baylor University, Texas. The degree took me to teaching and they were the most wonderful years of my career. I was rated as 'Best Faculty' by my students for seven consecutive years. During the period, I can claim to have authored the first of its kind book 'WTO: Text and Cases'. I was invited as visiting faculty by premier business schools in India including IITM, which sent me to teach for a semester at the University of Applied Sciences, Deggendorf, Germany.

Krishna Mukesh Dasani
  • She writes in 3 different languages viz. Hindi, Gujarati & English. She has written over 2000 poems. “Ehsaas” was her first publication which was a collection of Hindi poems on life. Her poem “Always Remember” is featured in Anne Geddes' “Friends Forever” gift book, who is an internationally acclaimed photographer. “Winter of Hope” is her second publication.

Krishnaveer Abhishek Challa
  • Mr. Krishnaveer Abhishek Challa (b. 1991) is currently working as Soft Skills Trainer cum Faculty at Department of Foreign Languages, Andhra University. He is pursuing PhD from Department of Linguistics, Andhra University. He is also the Secretary of Linguistics Research Society and Honorary CEO of Tao Educare. 

Kruti Mehta
  • Kruti  Mehta is a Science graduate. She has done her Masters in Mass Communication from MIT in 2010. She is an aspiring author and social worker. She is a journalist turned content-writer working for some big names. You can follow her blog on or follow her on Facebook.

  • Kumar Kaustubh, a 15-year-old boy, started writing at the age of 10. He has written 35 poems and 70 songs. Currently he is the lyricist for the band Musafir. Many poems written by him have been published in some local newspapers. THE LAST IDIOT is his first novel.

Kumari Vandana Singh
  • Kumari Vandana Singh is a Business educator by profession and an art lover. Born in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Creative writing came as a hobby in her early life and now gives an escape from her busy schedule.
L.C. Atencio
  • Hi, everyone! I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida and my poems, Believing in words, not in whoever, and Staring through the cracks of reality, were published in Nota Bene, an anthology by The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I have edited college journals such as Phoenix Magazine, The Cypress Dome, and The Florida Review. My poetry and short stories have been published internationally in Westview, Perspectives, Taj Mahal Review, The Penwood Review, The Storyteller, Space and Time Magazine, Grey Sparrow Press and others. My illustrations have been featured in college magazines such as Aries: A Journal of Art and Literature, and most of my art covers have been published by The Mythic Circle. I want to personally thank God, my family, my friends, my peers, my readers, my publishers, and all of my former professors for helping me achieve so many of my dreams in life. I couldn t have done it without you! I love you all! Since I was 11 years old, I wanted to be a published author. Statistics and reality showed me how nearly impossible it truly was for me to become a published author through the mainstream. I need you to know that your dreams can also come true! I m sending you all of my best wishes, and a really big hug from my heart to yours! All the best, L.C. Atencio.

Laila Holand
  • Laila Holand is from Oslo, Norway.

Lakshmi Menon
  • Lakshmi Menon is the author of the novel “The Second Choice.” She is also the Founder and Editor of the popular eMagazine, showcasing the work of both the amateur and published writers, from all over the world.  

Lakshmi Tripathi
  • Dr. Lakshmi Tripathi belongs to Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India. In the year 2009 she went to Beijing, China, to pursue her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from one of the world’s renowned institute Tsinghua University. She is currently working as a post doctoral scientist at the same institute. Her interest in poetry started when she went to China.

Lasya Shashimohan
  • Lasya Shashimohan is a Bangalore based multi-genre writer whose work has been widely published in India's leading dailies like The New Indian Express, The Deccan Herald, The Hindu et al and a few e-journals. A tryst with entrepreneurship apart, she has aspirations to grow further in the literary arena. Poetry is one such attempt- helping her explore issues that touch and sear her heart and which, she believes, should ideally stir collective conscience. Life would be incomplete sans other facets, thus her work has ample elements of humor, surrealism, fantasy and lyricism also.

Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • July 6th 1993, Lawrence was cited by The United States Senate through Joseph I. Lieberman, "I am pleased to offer my most heartfelt congratulations to you upon your designation as one of America's Most Distinguished Poets and your impending induction into the International society of Poets. Once again, please accept my sincere congratulations on your most laudable achievement." The Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York City in conjunction with The Frank Silvera's Writers' Workshop, has several of Lawrence's plays documented.

Lawson E. Vallery
  • My name is Lawson E. Vallery Jr. and I was born in Alexandria, Louisiana; USA in 1943. Before I turned a year old I was moved to Texas. I grew up in the sand hills and oil fields of west Texas around Midland, Odessa and Abilene; "serious" cowboy country.

Lere Shakunle
  • LERE OYEBISI SHAKUNLE is a journalist, mathematician and writer. Lere wrote and directed the play, Tinuke, Beauty Queen of Oyo Empire, which was performed in Berlin in September 2007. Lere Shakunle travelled to the Federal Republic of Germany to do Mathematics, Physics and Social Science at the University of Goettingen in Germany during which time he founded a new mathematics called Transfigural Mathematics (TfM).

Levi James Baldwin III
  • A native of Springfield, Massachusetts, Levi James Baldwin III has been living in Amsterdam, Holland, for several years. Although he was trained in biochemistry (Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts) and biotechnology (Laney College, Oakland, California), he is a writer and performing artist, not a technician.

Liba (Moshé )
  • Moshé Liba, 1931

    As lecturer, writer and poet, member of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel, of the Haagse Kunstkring-The Netherlands, and of various other national and international associations, he has lectured and published and is included in anthologies. He contributes regularly to literary, historical and international publications, reviews, periodicals, yearbooks, anthologies, and On-line publications in the Internet. Writing in several languages, he has published 66 books, history books, short stories, essays, literary criticism, children's books, theater-plays, albums, brochures, between them 37 books of poetry-including bilinguals.

Linda A. Peters
  • Linda Peters lives in northern Illinois, U.S.A. with her husband, a greyhound, and three snakes. A high school math teacher, she also enjoys music, art, traveling, the outdoors, photography, and being on the water.

Louie Levy
  • Louie Levy is preeminently a poet of peace. We find in his poems the beauty of vital and natural affirmations of human nature. Much of Levy's greatness rests on the verbal beauties and immortal lines ' Should all of human dogmatic brain, mind their own faith and not of another, most wars will stop and not start' ("Ponder For Peace", Taj Mahal Review, June 2006), 'reach out with arms outstretched with Love' ("Human Frailty: UN Reposed").

Lynn Strongin
  • Born in New York City in 1939, Lynn Strongin's name comes up regularly in college classes as one of the most unique voices in American poetry. Strongin has lived in British Columbia for more than a quarter century, but considers herself a profoundly American writer. During the 1960s, she worked with Denise Levertov amidst the lively political environment of Berkeley, California.

Madhavi Godavarthy
  • Madhavi Godavarthy, Ph. D is an assistant professor at the Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences for Women, Al-Jouf University, KSA where she teaches English Literature, Language and Linguistics. She worked on a comparative study of saints in the plays of George Bernard Shaw and T. S. Eliot for her doctoral dissertation. She is interested in exploring the spiritual and environmental aspects in literature. Besides, she is a bilingual poet writing in Telugu and English. The book is a celebration of the intricate nuances of life and an attempt to kindle the inner lamp of hope.

Madhur Kerni
  • Madhur Kerni, 20, B. Tech student. Mostly driven by William Blake s poetry and a huge fan of Jim Morrison s psychedelic music and poems. Poetry is not the priority but traveling is, and the void between reaching from one place to other is filled by writing poems. The writings range from a child s heart to a devil s mind and everything in between.

Madison Lily Vogel
  • Madison Lily Vogel was born into this very complex world on December 22, 2004 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. From the moment she arrived life has been turned right side up. Her ability to understand and analyze every aspect of life is simply amazing. When you have a conversation with her its hard to envision that your talking to a three and a half year old. Her knowledge and wisdom started at an early age and her parents can not wait to see what great things will come from her as the years go by.

  • Malini started her career as a Radio Jockey with All India Radio and went on to become a journalist. She worked with Zee News and CNN ( and e-biz Asia Program) before moving to the corporate world where she launched several new brands in the Indian market.. Today after two decades of dabbling in various fields and doing a Masters in Business Management Malini has found her calling as an Artist. She is an Author, Painter and Photographer other than being an active Feminist.

Manavi Baaniya
  • Manavi Baaniya is an eighth grader of St. Joseph s Academy, Dehradun. Writing poems is a hobby and her passion from an early age. Poems published in school magazines and news papers. Got honoured from the Department of Science and Technology (UCOST), Dehradun, Uttarakhand for the poem entitled "Ignited minds". Got 1st prize at Swachh Bharat Abhiyan competition 2015 in poetry and slogon category at State level.

Manish Kumar Mudgal
  • Manish Mudgal; born on 13th May 1989 in a Brahmin family of a small village in Agra called Khera Bhagor, has been brought and caressed in discipline and defined limits. Being a son of an Army Officer & grandson of an eminent Brahmin was always a matter of honor because his acts would reflect his family's report.

Manish Ranjan
  • Manish Ranjan, is a Software Developer during the day, and a romance writer in the night. Hailing from a small city of Bokaro in Jharkhand, he did his schooling from the reputed institution of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia and graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Silchar. 

  • I belong to Lucknow city Uttar Pradesh currently settled in The Netherlands, a degree in management and passion towards writing and travelling. Avid fan of Robert Frost, Walt Whitman & Edgar Allan Poe.

Manju Jaidka
  • Manju Jaidka is a writer, critic and teacher, currently a Professor at the Department of English & Cultural Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh, and also the Chairperson of the Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi. A recipient of several international fellowships including a Fulbright Research Grant and two Rockefeller Fellowships, she has travelled extensively and lectured at prestigious institutions in India and abroad. Apart from her academic writing, Professor Jaidka has authored a play and two novels. Her recent novel, Scandal Point, has been very well-received by readers at home and abroad. 

Manoj Kumar Baitha
  • By profession, I am a manager working for a reputed Software M.N.C. I am a Master in Computer Application and PMP certified. As a hobby, I author the articles, books and perform discourses on sundry topics, especially on motivational, Inspirational, Religion and Spirituality.

Mansi Tejpal
  • Uh, me? I'd say a lot of things about myself, both good and bad, but 'poet' is my favorite. It sums up my need to explore and appreciate life, to philosophize. To intensify. To create. To emphasize the joy in laughter and the pain in tears. To add color to the world around me, or even better; to build my own. A world where each breath counts and no smile fades, and the only way to live is to love.

María Cristina Azcona
  • María Cristina Azcona is an Educational Psychologist, poetess, novelist and peace researcher. Her articles, reviews, poems and short stories are continuously published in many newspapers, magazines and anthologies around Argentina, UK, India, US, and other countries.Since 1980, she works as a psychotherapist specialized in Forensic Psycho diagnosis, listed by the American Biographical Institute (ABI) in their international directory “Experts & Expertise”. US -She was born in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, where she lives joined to her family.

Marc Carver
  • Marc Carver was born in 1966 in Erith, England. He has worked in a variety of jobs and lived in Germany for three and a half years while he was serving in the Army. When he came out of the army he spent a long time drifting from one job to another. He has been writing for about fifteen years but only seriously for about the last year. Before, he wrote mostly fiction and has written a couple of books as yet unpublished.

Margaret Ann Waddicor
  • British, born in Somerset, at school in Derbyshire, Art college in Leicester, six years in adult education, painting and pottery, left for Norway and have lived here ever since, publishing two books with my friend, one on Norway in English, and one on Andalusia in Norwegian, also many articles in magazines on travel and art, specially prehistoric art. Fabric Printing and National Diploma of Design, NDD. Ran a Pottery, painting, mostly water colours, paper sculpture, painting on silk, writing and recently poetry, photography and creative photography. Played the violin and piano. Fenced for my county. On writing, I found hidden treasure chests deep in my subconscious mind that I could plunder, and that sent me into ecstasies of excitement, and this elation poured out in the form of prose or poetry. For me it isn't a calling, it is like breathing, a part of my existence expressing itself.

Margaret C. Mullings
  • Margaret Mullings is a unique woman, with a passion for the presence of God. She is an encourager to the body of Christ, a prayer warrior, song writer and playwright. Margaret just recently discovered a deep passion for poetry and a new found love and appreciation for the performing arts. She is a Pastor's wife, and the mother of six grown children.

Marie Mappley
  • My name is Marie Mappley and I was born on 8TH December 1945 at Hayes, Middlesex, England, which comes under Greater London. I am divorced with one son Scott and one grandson Kai. I have worked for various firms, like Rank Xerox, Nestles and EMI as a computer operator. One of the nicest jobs I had was working for the EMI Company on the music side in the Code Centre.

Mariet van Knippenberg
  • Mariet van Knippenberg who was born on December 5th 1953 in a little town called Kessel in the south of the Netherlands. "Coming from a very musical family, I found out at early age that I love music and words put to it. At school, languages were among my favourites classes and I speak besides Dutch and Limburgs, the language spoken in my area also German and English and some French.

    Mijn naam is Mariet van Knippenberg en ik werd geboren op 5 december 1953 in Kessel, Limburg, een gezellig dorp aan de Maas. Ik groeide op in een gezin met 5 kinderen waar muziek heel belangrijk was. Ik kwam er op jonge leeftijd al achter dat muziek en het geschreven woord, hetzij in de vorm van boeken of teksten van liedjes een heel goed medium is om je gevoelens uit drukken. Alleen kon ik er zelf niet veel mee door een druk leven met werken en na mijn huwelijk de zorg en opvoeding van mijn twee zonen Rob, geboren in 1978 en Frank geboren in 1981.

Mario Susko
  • A native of Sarajevo, Mario Susko is a witness and survivor of the war in Bosnia. He left the city in 1993 and, in a sense, came back to the US, where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. from SUNY at Stony Brook in the 1970s. He taught at the University of Sarajevo and Nassau Com. College where he is currently an Associate Professor in the English Department.

Marko Hesky
  • Marko Hesky was born February 19, 1988, Zagreb. During 1995 to 2003, he attended the elementary school Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Zagreb, and Elementary School Marija Martinolica in Mali Losinj. During primary education, he shoots three amateur film works displayed on the first amateur film festival in Veli Lo inju. After completion of primary education, he was enrolled in the Hotel and Tourism School in Zagreb, where he graduated high school in 2007.

Marta Knobloch
  • She has written five collections of poetry, four of them award winning: The Song of What Was Lost, The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, 1988 (Artscape Literary Arts Award of Baltimore); Sky Pond, Washington, D.C.: S.C.O.P. Publications, 1993 (Co-winner of the Columbia Book Award); and The Room of Months / La stanza dei mesi, Bologna, Italy: Book Editore, 1995 (Lions Ferrara Castello's Premio Donna); Cloud Compass: New and Selected Poems, Honorable Mention for Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published e-Book Awards in the Poetry category, 2015. 

Mary Barnet
  • Mary Barnet, American poet, published 86 Sonnets for the 21st Century in 2015 & is being nominated for a second time for a Pushcart Prize. Her first book, The New American: Selected Poems (Gilford Press 2006) was nominated for a Nobel Prize. It has been reviewed by Adam Donaldson Powell who calls the poems "carefully tailored pearls." Janet Brennan, in her review of The New American, calls it "intelligent and stunning poetry." Grace Cavalieri says Mary is "a light to many Poets and to the World." 

Mary Hicks
  • I have known Mary Hicks my entire life. She is my maternal aunt. Mary has always been a very spiritual woman. Her door and heart is always open for others to come if they have a problem. She is a very devoted wife and mother. God has always been first in her life and she lives this everyday. I am proud of my aunt Mary and pray God continues to use her for His service. I am truly honored to be a small part in assisting with the publishing of this book. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have enjoyed reading it. 3:1 Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb. 3:2

Maryam 'Gazala'
  • Maryam 'Gazala', a poet and writer was born on 22nd March 1939 in a small town in Gujarat called Radhanpur and brought up in Mumbai and passed away on 27th Sep 2011 in Mumbai. She had done her Masters in Psychology and English and was also an M.Ed, D.P.Ed., and a Sahitya Ratna degree holder. 

Maryse Schouella
  • Maryse Schouella was born in the Middle-East in Alexandria/Egypt and had an English Education since she was a child of 5 years old. I lived in Alexandria for twenty years and then I emigrated to France in Paris where I started my professional career as a bilingual secretary. I tayed in Paris for about four years. Thence I got married and came to Brazil in 1961 where I have been living and will be celebrating 50 years that I live in Brazil in June 2011.

Math Osseforth
  • Math Osseforth was born in 1963 in Sittard. At the age of 7 he wrote his first story, a ghost story. He was educated at the Bisschoppelijk College St. Jozef and at the University of Utrecht where he got his Masters degree in Classical Languages in 1987.

Max Verhart
  • Max Verhart (1944, the Netherlands) writes and publishes haiku since about 1980. From 1999 till 2003 he was president of the Haiku Circle Netherlands. He visited international haiku meetings in Great Britain (1999), Slovenia (1999), the Netherlands (2003) and Germany (2005). During one year (2001-2002) he was European director of the World Haiku Association. Member of the editorial staff of the Red Moon Anthology (USA) since 2002. Since 2003 editor of the Dutch/Flemish quarterly Vuursteen (Flint), the oldest haiku journal in Europe. Associate editor for Modern Haiku (USA) since 2007.

Maya Nair

    Maya Nair is a writer of poetry. Armed with a post graduate degree in commerce and a diploma in business management she always had an urge to write poetry. She went on to take a Home study creative writing course from The writers Bureau U.K. Exploring the world and travelling is her passion as she is enthralled by Gods creation and the mystery of his ways, which can be seen in most of her poems. As a college student her poems has been published in The Indian Express., and college magazines. Married with 2 wonderful boys lives in Vadodara Gujarat, and being a single child Maya assists her father in their manufacturing business, with the help of her spouse.
Mayank Kashyap
  • I am Mayank Kashyap currently working with Centre of Good Governance Andhra Pradesh Government. I am a mechanical engineer and did my MBA from Institute of Rural Management Anand. I am from Ranchi. This is my first book of poetry although my poems have been published in different journals and websites. I like travelling, swimming and believe in enjoying my life. This book is mostly a collection of romantic poems although not limited to them .Through these poems I have tried to convey the emotions in various stages of life. Each poem is a story in itself and anyone who has ever been in love with anyone be it family, friends, country in a relationship or wants to love someone will identify with the words.

Mbizo Chirasha
  • Mbizo Chirasha is an internationally acclaimed performance poet, writer, and creative projects consultant. He is widely published in more than thirty-five journals, magazines, and anthologies around the world. He was the poet-in-residence: from 2001-2004 for the Iranian embassy/UN...

Meenakshi Pandey
  • Meenakshi, a fashion designer by profession has always been passionate about writing. Her poem 'The Heavenly Nature', made her one of the 33 finalists in an international poetry competition held in US. Her poem is included in the international album 'The Sound of Poetry'. Her poems express her thoughts. Her each poem has a message to give.

Meenu Mehrotra
  • Meenu Mehrotra is a lifelong learner and writer whose works have appeared in national publications. She was awarded special mention in the Gentleman Public Service Advertising Award in 1993 for her AIDS awareness campaign.

Mehernosh Kapadia
  • Mehernosh Kapadia was born on 20th October, 1957 in Mumbai ( Bombay) India. He is M Com, LLB(G), ACS by qualifications and has worked for the best corporate houses of India as Head of Legal and Company Secretary with the Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Bayer, Mahindra & Mahindra, Sajan Jindal Group, Great Eastern Shipping Group and ICICI Bank. His father was a government servant and his mother a teacher. He is blessed with two sons. Currently Mehernosh is CEO of Meher Consultants and writes poetry and novels for pleasure. He spent his childhood in Bharuch in the State of Gujarat, India. Novel wirtten by Mehernosh Kapadia are SOCIETY, CRIME A ONE WAY STREET and I WANT YO TO WATCH MY WIFE.

Michael D. Sollars
  • Michael D. Sollars is an associate professor of English and assistant dean of research in the College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. His many poems, short stories, and essays have been widely published and received many excellent reviews.

Mir Imran Hussain
  • Hi! I am Mir Imran Hussain (Mir), a Banker by profession living in Dubai, U.A.E.  Born & raised in Bangalore. Having stayed in Mumbai & later in Dubai I have had the privilege of learning important aspects of life at a faster rate. Although a Banker by profession, yet I always had creative approach in doing my tasks since childhood & soon realised that media is my interest. My areas of interest in media include writing, acting and direction (Film making). 

Mohammad Zahid
  • Born to Mr. Bashir Ahmad Makhdoomi and Mrs Badshah Gowher in 1977 Mohammad Zahid comes from a small but beautiful town, Anantnag in Kashmir. His father was a teacher and educationist, who had a keen interest in English Language and always urged his students to improve their communication skills and explore the beauty of the English Language and in various capacities throughout his life, had a significant contribution towards education. His mother studied Persian Language in the University of Kashmir.

Mohan Prasad Baranwal
Monalisa Joshi
  • A writer from the heart I call myself a Soul Writer because all my work is straight from the heart and comes touching my soul from inside. I write poems, short stories and publish them in Word Press, Triond, eblogger and Face book. I am blessed for having many followers who appreciate my work online and it is their continuous word of appreciation and encouragement that inspired me to dive into the world of publishing. I have been fortunate that many of my poems have been published in an E- book namely the Poetry and Prose Magazine. 

Monami Ghosh
  • Monami has graduated in English Literature from Presidency College in 2010 and post-graduated thereafter from Jadavpur University in 2012. Having worked as a journalist & a publishing professional, she is currently a part-time lecturer in Calcutta and is studying Human Rights simultaneously.She is a one-time avid blogger who wrote under the name Pongy Papaya.

Mongshai Khiamniungan
  • Mongshai Khiamniungan, aged 22, hails from Tuensang, Nagaland and belongs to Khiamniungan tribe. She started writing at the age of 14 and has two printed booklets called 'Book of Emotions' and 'Book of Emotions:Expressions' . She graduated from St. Joseph's College, Jakhama, and is currently doing her Masters in English Literature. She first began writing after the loss of her father and has since continued writing with the motive of inspiring young people to never give up and to nourish their talents no matter what it takes.

Mousumi Roy
  • Born in Kolkata, Mousumi Roy, lived mostly in Kolkata. She is presently living in Muscat, Middle East. She is an ardent lover of poetry and literature. Her Poems already published in Brown Critic, South African Journal and other international Journals including in Middle East. Her Articles had been also published in Journals in India and in Gulf Region.

Muniraja Bhaktipada
  • Muniraja Bhaktipada: Born NYC 1950; Bar Mitzvah 1963; married 1982, 2 children; School # 9 Clifton NJ, Columbus Jr High, Maine Endwell Senior High, 2 years Columbia College 1968-70, was there at Woodstock, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Suny Binghamton, ISKCON 1970-75 (aka Muniraja), Software Engineer by profession

  • N.M.Leepsa, an avid reader and enthusiastic budding writer is currently doing her doctoral studies from Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur. She specialises in Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance and Management Accounting.

Nantha Kishore
  • G.K. Nantha Kishore is 17 year old, born in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari. Writing poetry, short stories and sometime verses are his passions. 'Bright Day Pasture' is his first sincere effort in mainstream poetry. He studies in Sainik School Amaravathinagar, one of the premier institutes that trains boys to join the armed forces. Besides holding various appointments in school, he is also a good football and basketball player. He loves dogs and is addicted to good music. He currently resides in Coimbatore.

Naoya Shibasawa
  • Born in 1940 (Japan); first collection of poems published in 1965 by Shicho-sha (Tokyo); widely published and anthologized in Japan and abroad, also writes short stories in Japanese; recipient of the "Poet of the Millennium Award" from the International Poets Academy in 2000, and Cosmos Fairy-tale Prize in 1989.

Nasnin Nasser
  • The author, the thinker, the poet has in her praise a humble jest of a good mind's mentor and steadfast to all art she loves, the grip of trade holds her life in it. A prayer for peace and love to all is her delicate care for the world around. The precious ruminations ensconced in the whirls of her mind graze over the careless wonders and insipid scenes of life. The restraints of the preserved demureness in the glassy world of thrust and caution blaze her unattended candour. The little blisters of the garnered repression have braved to heal through a soulful surmise of thoughts and scribbles. The words rake the color of wisdom. The mind's plea is cast out in strokes of rueful pallor to encircle our spirits in a relentless impasto of her impressions, reveries, perceptions and amusing musings. Here it flows in verse and words the turmoil of passion's relief, the cathartic convulsions of art's pride, the restitution of a wandering mind, a closure to a chase…

Neeshant Srivastava
  • I started writing poetry at the age of twelve. My poetry has evolved over the decades and reached a point when I was forced to preserve and publish them. I was born in Darbhanga, Bihar and my father served the Indian Air Force. We travelled to many cities across the country especially in my early years. My father was an accomplished poet and writer and encouraged me to write from an early age. Melancholy has played a major role in my poems, some in the form of couplets. Perhaps this has erupted from tough times that I went through in my own backyard.

Neha R. Krishna
  • Neha R. Krishna is a young talent from Mumbai.  She has done her schooling from The Bishop's School and graduation in commerce from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics and currently pursuing Diploma in Business Management from Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research. She is encouraged by the art of writing and has penned short stories and many poems. She is a Deputy Managing Editor with Poets Corner and has contributed her poetic work with many national and international anthologies. 

  • From a baby’s first words in the poem “Beauty Praises Thee” to ones dying breath in “My Life,” the passionate poetess Niharika takes us on a divine journey with her cleverly crafted words and powerful imagery in her first collection of poetry, Words Never End.

Nik Marvin
  • I landed planet earth in 1968, being born in Cheltenham UK. Most of my early youth I spent playing on heathland and in the forest, until I got sent to a boarding school for 6 years for not being a sheep. After leaving school I spent some time in Bournemouth, then London, Swanage, Bristol and finally back in Bournemouth. Mother Nature is my greatest love and's Her that heals my hurts and keeps me going.

Nikhil Uprety
  • A 34 year old MBA working as Asst. Professor with Shoolini University in Solan, a town also known as the Mushroom city of India. Having a corporate experience of around 8 years with top Multinationals like Canon India, Standard Chartered and Citi Bank in Mumbai, mainly in to Sales helped him understand the human psychology better and more closely which is often depicted in his stories. He also writes Hindi poetry and is a big fan of mystery/ thriller genre. On the Verge his debut attempt to make a mark in the field of mystery/thriller fiction.

Nikita Dudani
  • Nikita Dudani did her M.A in English Literature. She works as an independent freelancer content and copywriter. Some of her articles have been published in leading dailies such as Ahmedabad Mirror, DNA, Femina Gujarat Special, Ahmedabad Blog, and Times Food Guide 2015. She has been writing stories and poems since her childhood. For her, weaving stories is all that she knows. She believes that her life is a story, whose bits and pieces she is putting together every day. With this, she is an avid blogger who blogs about everything under the sun. She is also a Tarot Reader, Reiki Therapist, Foodie, and a luxurious traveler.

Niraj Kumar
  • Niraj Kumar (b.22nd April 1973-) is the author of classic work on Pan Asianism, Arise Asia- Respond to White Peril (2002) (ISBN: 81-87412-089). His work on Indian civilization, Geophilosophy of India and Sriyantra (2013) is forthcoming. He is married and lives in New Delhi. This is his second book of poetry.

Nisarg Dhuvad
  • 19 year old from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Second year student of B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering from Symbiosis Institute of Technology. I started writing poems since the 11th standard and have been writing for more than three years now.

Nitesh Jain
  • Nitesh Kumar Jain (26 years) spent his childhood days in the beautiful state of Assam in India and pursued his schooling at Carmel School, Jorhat. Later he went to BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus and graduated as a Chemical Engineer in the year 2010 and worked as a trainee at Aditya Birla Chemicals, Thailand for six months.  He did his post graduation in Chemical and Bioengineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland and later worked as an intern at BASF AG, Basel. During his two years stay in Switzerland, he conceptualized The Seventh Cup.  

Nyal Thomas Sr.
  • Nyal Thomas Sr. lives in the United States, in the north western part, in the State of Oregon. "I write a little and have two books published plus what I have sent to you, I know I am not the best writer, but I still like to write. I have had two books published,  I also make necklaces that are for health and other things to go with them I have a website for that and it is  I also do art work pictures that move by solar energy, well many things to keep me busy, and I am 88 years old so have been around for awhile, I also served in world war two as a Marine."

Oliver Rice
  • Oliver Rice grew up in small towns near Mark Twain's Hannibal, Missouri. Became an active amateur musician and a U. S. Navy pilot. Took a doctorate in modern American literature and taught in several universities. Was subsequently employed as a book editor, a developer of learning programs, and a team leader on linguistic projects in Africa and Southeast Asia , under contract with the Ford Foundation, the Peace Corps, and the U. S. Army.

Oshin Gulsia
  • Oshin Gulsia is endowed with queer acumen for weaving her fancies in Shakespearean style verses. According to her, the raptures hence filtered through her eyes are amalgamated with panoramic symphony, which coerces the readers to carve out a semblance between nature and poetry.

P C K Prem
  • A trilingual author of more than forty books in English and Hindi, P C K Prem (p c katoch of Malkher Garh-Palampur, Himachal) post-graduated in English literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh in 1970, taught English in various colleges of Punjab and Himachal before shifting to civil services and after retiring from IAS, served as Member HP Public Service Commission.

P K Padhy
  • Pravat Kumar Padhy, professionally a Petroleum Geologist, ONGC, India. Holds Masters in Science and Ph.D in Applied Geology from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. Published literary articles and poems in leading English news papers, journals, anthologies and e-zines. Literary work referred in ‘Interviews with Indian Writing in English’, Indian Literature, Anger in Action: Exploration in Indian Writing in English, Spectrum History of Indian Literature in English, Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Poetry, A Survey of Indian English Poetry etc. Awarded “Certificate of Honour” from Writer’s Life Line, Canada.

P. Gopichand
  • Mr P.Gopichand & Ms P.NagaSuseela are in teaching for 18 years, Guided 22 M.Phils ,together presented more than 40 research papers in International Conferences & Seminars and Symposia; delivered 15 guest lectures on Communication Skills & Phonetics, acted as Resource Persons

P. Nagasuseela
  • Mr P.Gopichand & Ms P.NagaSuseela are in teaching for 18 years, Guided 22 M.Phils ,together presented more than 40 research papers in International Conferences & Seminars and Symposia; delivered 15 guest lectures on Communication Skills & Phonetics, acted as Resource Persons, Oranized work shops, Seminars etc for teachers, lecturers and students.

Padmaja Iyengar - Paddy
  • Having explored the worlds of banking and urban governance, Padmaja Iyengar Paddy is now totally into writing. She writes for pleasure finds humor in everything... Besides poetry, she dabbles in articles, short stories, book reviews and movie reviews (in poetry form).

Parray Shahid
  • Born on 27 September 1991, the author hails from District Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir state, India. Studied Electronics & Communication Engineering at Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra (KUK), Haryana (2009-13).

  • Parry is a graduate engineer from India where he worked in maintenance in cement industry. He now lives in United States with his children. He is interested in Indian Philosophy and also likes to spend time writing poetry. This is his third book.

  • Dr. Parsis Husein has done bachelor of physiotherapy from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Excellent throughout her academic career, she is also a good orator, and quite impressive in her college elocution competitions. Writing is her passion, and she is a staunch believer of Hard work definitely brings result, if you have faith in yourself. No one can stop you from achieving your goals, if you want it.

Patrycja Austin
  • Patrycja Austin is an Assistant Professor at the University of Rzeszów. She received both her MA and PhD degrees from Warsaw University. Her main research interest has been postcolonial studies, with special focus on Indian Literature in English.

Patt Skinner
  • Patt Skinner is a lively creative versatile artist and writer. She has travelled the globe since her mother´s womb. This experience has broadened her mind and her love and respect for life. She has been a teacher for more than thirty years, a mother of three, a voice actress, a sportswoman, costume designer and a dancer. All these factors and many more add up to her natural creative curiosity and the need to express it in every possible way. 

Paul Juszcyk
  • Paul Juszcyk was born in Paterson, New Jersey. He has been writing poetry for many years. His previous collections of poetry are Not the Point Exactly, A View From the Porch and Other Poems, For All Intense and Porpoises, and Greatest Hits, 1980 - 2000. He has also been published in many anthologies and collections and is a frequent featured reader at various venues.

Pawan Kumar Mishra
  • Born in the Pratapgarh of Uttar Pradesh and brought up in the beautiful city of Chandigarh, Pawan Kumar Mishra has always been in love with Hindi literature since his childhood days. The beauty and eloquence of Hindi language is engraved in the subconscious mind in such a way that it gives the pride feeling of touching all the dimensions and RASA s of Hindi. 

Payal Pasha
  • A graduate in English Literature and Psychology from Sophia College, Rajasthan, Payal has a passion for reading, mostly fiction, and writing poetry apart from playing lawn tennis. An ardent animal lover, she does volunteer work with an NGO for cruelty against animals. She lives in Delhi with her husband and children.

Pervez M Quadir
  • A Dreamer, Thinker, Musician, Writer, Highly Lateral Fantasizer, Cosmic Revolutionary. In the Media & Entertainment business and stretching the boundaries of the creative experience. Born and brought up in Kolkata he currently lives in Mumbai and dreams of a better world with brighter tomorrows in it......

Pinaki Roy
  • Born in 1989 in a Bengali family and brought up in non-Bengali surroundings, the author has experienced varied cultures and learnt non-native languages (besides his native language Bengali). Along with cultures and languages, he has also absorbed manifold philosophies which he has come across, which reflect in his range of writings. 

Piro d'Artabria
  • Piro d'Artabria is the pen name of an international professional from Spain. He has held several positions as jurist, consultant, business executive, lecturer in the fields of Law and European Union issues. Nowadays he is the Managing Director of the Spanish association of firms devoted to banking outsourcing, a seasoned expert in e-Government and Corporate Social Responsibility for public authorities and corporations as well.

Piyush Kaushal
  • Born Kashmiri, and a native delhite, I am an introvert, a naysayer, a free soul, a mere mortal, fascinated by the sound of thoughts tumbling onto words. I am a writer, a budding poet, and also a considerate of the Storytelling art. Ardent follower of Lord Shiva, and a crazy fan of Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (the other God). In my world a perfect romance blends when poetry meets its prose. My DNA is letter encoded, and I breathe and bleed words. Writing is my passion, and I write just for the sake of it.

Piyush Kaviraj
  • Piyush is a research scholar working on cancer biology. He has always been an avid reader and writer and he got addicted to poetry during his school days. He loves to use the name 'Kaviraj' when he is in his land of rhymes and rhythm and uses his blog and other websites to convey his feelings and musings.

Piyush Rahate 'Pyar'
  • "दिल से शायर, पेशे से सॉफ्टवेर इंजीनियर और संयोग से फोटोग्राफर" कुछ इस तरह खुद को परिभाषित करता हूँ। नाम पीयूष है और तख़ल्लुस रखता हूँ: 'प्यार'। कोशिश रही है कि रचनाओं में पीयूष का 'प्यार' और प्यार का 'पीयूष': दोनों झलकें। बहुत उम्दा तो नहीं लिखता पर उम्मीद है पाठकगण, कि आपका मनोरंजन कर सकता हूँ। अभियक्ति कुछ ऐसी है कि खुद को शृंगार रस का कवि कहता हूँ। 

Poorva Trikha
  • Poorva Trikha is a linguaphile and currently working as an Associate Professor of English at MCM DAV College, Chandigarh. Expressive by nature, she began writing poetry when she was 12 years old. Her poems and articles have been published in India's National Newspapers and Magazines.

Prabhat Kumar Deo
  • Prabhat Kumar Deo is a hardware engineer, who is a writer by passion. At the age of 23, he published his debut romantic fiction "EETI VS ANSH". He started writing in his college and since then he has never looked back. He has a wide range of writing interest, but love, life and philosophy are his favorite.

Pradeep Bhatt
  • Exploring themes of nature, beauty, passion and love, Pradeep attributes his love for poetry to beautiful quaint mountain forests of his home town Shimla, where he can be found wandering, searching for muse. He finds solace in translating raw emotions into poetry and exploring the resonance as his poems finds their way amid the throngs. He is a versatile individual with a Mechanical Engineering degree from National Institiute of Technology, Kurukshetra and experience with Indian Automobile Industry. He has been an entrepreneur, self-defense combat instructor and is currently pursuing Master's degree in Business from University of Wisconsin Madison. 

Prathap Kamath
  • Prathap Kamath (aka S. K. Prathap) writes poetry in English and fiction in Malayalam. He has published poetry in several journals of repute in India. Some of his poems have been anthologized in The Poetry of War and Peace and Words on the Winds of Change, both published from Canada by  He has published two collections of short stories in Malayalam. He holds a doctorate from Mahatma Gandhi University, and  is Associate Professor of English at Sree Narayana College, Kollam affiliated to the University of Kerala.

Preethi Saravanakumar
  • Preethi Saravanakumar is from south India. She has done her BCA from Bharatiyaar University. Writing poetry remains her major passion while she reads books and writes Children's stories/poems. She is an active member and a preferred author in She has written about a hundred poems. Some of her poems have been published in a few magazines. She is a member at SCBWI for about two years.

Prem Kumar
  • Prem Kumar was born in Punjab, India. He holds post-graduate degrees from India, where he worked as a district forest officer. He migrated to Canada more than 30 years ago. He also holds post-graduate degrees from Canadian universities and has worked as a scientist with the government and as a college lecturer.

  • Prithvi and Hitaishi live in Dallas, Texas, USA. Prithvi, a music lover by heart, is a Scientist by profession at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Texas. Hitaishi is a passionate painter and artist. Both are in love forever and call each other as spouse. Prithvi imagines and writes; Hitaishi paints it perfect and makes it alive. Proof of this wonderful harmony is "Vatsalya", their lovely son. Both of them have their roots in beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh, India. Motivation to write poem is an inherent connection with art and music, and being away from India nurtures it further. This is their first book, intended to connect with people in a universal language of poetry and art.

Priyadarshini Panchapakesan
  • Priyadarshini Panchapakesan born on 25 October 1995 has done her schooling in Kodaikanal Intetnational School and is doing her higher education in the field of English Literature in the Madras Christian College. Her interests lie in writing fictional free verse poems and short stories.

Priyanka Bhowmick
  • Priyanka Bhowmick is a poet, wife, blogger, amateur photographer and online freelance writer. Born in Tezpur, a small town in Assam. She spent several years, from schooling to married life, in Tangla, Tezpur, Khairi (H.P.) and Guwahati. Being in love with solitude, she embraced poetry as her most intimate companion. Her works are published in several newspapers and online journals.

Probal Roy Chowdhury

Prof. Shachindra Prasad Upadhyaya
  • Prof. Shachindra Prasad Upadhyaya was born in Mahidpur Village of Isagarh region (Gwalior State) on August-09, 1942 as youngest son of Pt. Hiralal Upadhyaya. Dr. (Prof.) Upadhyaya worked as a professor of history and an educationist for more than forty years. 

Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi
  • A Physicist by profession and a poet and a bard of Sai by passion, he always uses words to evoke emotions and to describe situations in unique and meaningful ways. He captures even the tiny nuances of life and brings them to the attention of the reader. He proved that Physics and Literature are not an uncommon combination and he coins this aspect as Literasics . 

Professor Dr. Madhumita Ghosh
  • Professor Dr. Madhumita Ghosh is also a poet and editor of Poetry anthologies. She has been teaching English Poetry for the last 25 years and writing for about 10 years. Her poems have been widely published in print, e-books, journals and magazines all over the world, in places like Canada, UK, Ghana, Bangladesh and India. 

Pulkit Ghai
  • Pulkit Ghai is a 20-year-old, student pursuing his graduation studies in Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune. He is passionate about writing poetry and believes that it provides every individual an opportunity to use words as their prime medium of expression. 

Puneet Aggarwal
  • Dr Puneet Aggarwal is student of medicine and a Junior Lecturer in NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad. He is passionate about photography, and is also an avid blogger on food, poetry and photography. He utilizes his after work hours photo shooting or writing. His hard work gained fruition when his work was exhibited at a leading art gallery of Ahmedabad.

R.N.Narasimha Murthy
  • R.N.Narasimha Murthy is a practising Senior Advocate based in Bangalore.  He was born on 25th June, 1935 in the town of Hassan in the State of Karnataka, India. After his basic schooling in his hometown, he joined the Madras Christian College, Tambaram and obtained his Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature.  His passion for poetry and literature both in English and his mother tongue Kannada led him to write poems. 

Rachna Khemchandani
  • My birth name is Rachna Khemchandani. My spiritual name is Shashwati. I have done my schooling from Loreto Convent in Lucknow, India. I did my graduation in arts from Lucknow University. I did my Masters in Business Administration from Jaipuria Institue of Management in Lucknow. I have worked as a training manager and soft skills trainer in the past. I left my job in 2005 when I decided to completely focus on my spiritual path. I was born in the year 1977 and from the very beginning I had spiritual inclination & devotion. I became more serious towards my spiritual path when I was 18 years old and after that there was no looking back. I kept on moving ahead with more and more intensity and focus till I realized my true self and inner freedom. I am currently living in Bangalore, India and playing a role of a spiritual guide and teacher helping, guiding and teaching a few selected students who are on this spiritual path. As a spiritual guide i help people to grow spiritually through my guidance and meditation techniques so that they can find their inner peace and happiness. Apart from this my major focus is also to help them achieve inner freedom and higher states of consciousness. My guidance is based on my personal experience and learning. I only preach what i practice.

Radhey Shiam
  • Born on Jan. 14,1922, inherited love for literature, Gandhian way of life, universal brotherhood and human religion, influenced by Danish saint Mr. Alfred Emanuel Sorensen popularly knows as 'Sunyata' and American artist-cum-philosopher Mr. E. Brewster both friends to Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. His spiritual parents instilled in him a love for literature, strong work ethics and an inherent interest in his country's struggle for freedom.Contribute articles, poems, haiku and tanka in English, Hindi and Urdu languages to Indian and foreign magazines.

  • Radhika holds a Post-graduate Degree in English along with a doctoral degree based on Feminism from St. John s College, Agra. She has been into writing both English and Hindi poems for quite long time but thought of publishing them lately. Her area of interests includes reading and writing Hindi and English poetry, short stories and Novels. The sketches included in this book are her very own as they complement her expression as well as the poems.

Rahson Sumter
  • The Disposition of Utopia Wright is the story of Rahson's unknown father. It's a journal from Utopia's point of view. What Rahson has done is taken pieces of what has been and woven it with what could have been, in order to let the world know the story of his unknown father, Utopia Wright.

Rahul Mudliar
  • I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, working for an MNC. I was twenty when I started writing blogs, poems and short write-ups. I had always loved writing since then. This book is my first participation in poetry publication. I love writing about life, work, friendship and love.

Rais Neza Boneza
  • Rais Neza Boneza born the 29.07.1979 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Currently, he lives in Exile in Norway. Artist, writer, poet and peace activist; Rais Boneza's book is a magnificent tribute to human dignity and solidarity. The author is able to keep a sense of hopefulness while conveying the inner turmoil experienced by a human in exile fleeing the horrors of war.

Rajat Das Gupta
  • Rajat Das Gupta is basically a Chartered Accountant (1957) and possibly the first from his profession to have computer training in England (IBM) way back in 1969-1971. A hard core professional, he dedicated himself to the dual task of audit/ accounts along with computer systems for decades both in the industries he had served in India and England, and also as an independent professional since 1986.

Rajeev Moothedath
  • Rajeev Moothedath a.k.a.M.N.Rajeev, presently AGM (HR-Contract management) at Hyundai Motor India Ltd, was till recently before transfer, HOD of Learning and Development where he served for a period of five years. He is an HR professional with over 3 decades of experience both in the public (SAIL, BEML, TTL) and private (JSW Steel, Hyundai) sectors and is drawn to new thinking and new possibilities.

Rajender Krishan
  • Born in 1951, Rajender Krishan (aka Raj Chowdhry), had his primary and middle school education in Bal Bharati and Air Force School, then passed his matriculation from Punjab University and completed his graduation from Delhi University, India. He has extensive experience of working in poultry farming, advertising, sales and marketing, antique reproduction and real estate consultancy. In 1989, he migrated to New York, USA with his wife Meera Chowdhry and two children – Anmol and Chandrika. He is the founder and editor of

Rajesh Singh
  • Rajesh Singh (b. 1968) is presently living at Vasai West, Maharashtra, India. The poet has full command on words. His writing style is unique and powerful. The poems written by author express his wide range of intense feeling. He writes poignantly and startlingly with artistic sincerity. Reading these poems by one of the most remarkable contemporary poets is an overwhelming experience. "Being a person of jovial mood, I am known for my sense of humor. Along with this having positive frame of mind. I am sonorously loaded with courage and confidence. I also have a fascinating of accepting & accomplishing the challenges. I am a self-motivated person and I learn from my experiences."

Rajeshwari Srinivasan
  • I was named Rajeshwari by my parents, after Goddess Durga. Though not a match at all for her stature, I get angry a little faster. I have controlled a lot better after learning harsh lessons thereafter. Born in a large family of six sisters, I value my values and Morals to heart.

Rakhi Jayashankar
  • Rakhi was born in a small town in Kerala. Born and brought up as a quintessential small town girl, she had always been ambitious and goal-oriented. After her masters in Biotechnology and Business Administration, she joined as an HR recruiter in a consulting firm. Her eight-year-old love life blossomed into marriage in 2010 and she joined her husband's family business. Blessed with two children, she is a full time mother and an author. Her passion for literature made her the author of the poetry collection Un-assuaged- The blossoms of my imaginations.

Ramavatar Agrawal
  • Ramavatar Agrawal was born on December 3, 1937 in his ancestral village Machari (Alwar, India). He came to Alwar for higher studies and worked as a teacher for a few years. He retired as Tehsildar in December 1995. He is deeply interested in writing fiction and poetry. He has published one novel. Inspired by his ardent devotion to God, This book is his Hindi Poetic Translation of the classic sacred scripture Shrimad Bhagvad Gita.

Ramesh Anand
  • Ramesh Anand is an author of his first haiku book, Newborn Smiles and a Senior R&D Engineer based in Johor, Malaysia. He lives happily with his better half, Divya, and their best little half, Tanmayi. His life experiences, as Haiku moments, and his long verses, have been published and forthcoming in World’s premier print journals, Anthologies, Japanese Newspapers, Magazines, E-zines and E-Journals.

Ramleela Khare
  • amleela Khare was born in Bangalore in 1987 on 14th of November. He has learnt more outside the school in nature's surroundings and traveling to places. Currently Ramleela is conducting research for his PhD. He advocates conservation of environment and energy management.

Ranu Khare
  • Ranu Khare was born in Jabalpur, MP in 1953 on 6th of November on Dipawali day. She has been bestowed Life Time Achievement Award by United Writers Association, Chennai; honored with Lok Sahitya Alankaran by Gunjan Kala Sadan, MP.

Rave Rajah
  • Ravi Raja is a program executive at All India Radio, residing at Kerala.

Ravi Teja Yelamanchili
  • Ravi Teja Yelamanchili is currently a first year student attending the University of Pittsburgh, who plans on studying neuroscience.

Reema Das
  • With a huge experience balance sheet gained from her close association with Assam based NGOs: Ed-en and HCSA (the former of which she is one of co-founders) and, on the literary flank, with the 'International Theodore Dreiser Society, Philadelphia, USA, and  Rainbow and Rhododendron Publications' and working in the Editorial Committee of Literary Confluence and Assistant Secretary of Dattani Archive and Research Association for Study of Indian English Literature, she wrote a wonderful bouquet of poems on life love nature and environment. She hails from Tinsukia, Assam but was raised in the North East sleepy village of Sunpura, in Arunachal Pradesh. She lives in Nudwa Tea Estate, Dibrugarh with her husband and recently for a few years in Kolkata. did her BA from Women's College, followed by a B.Ed and MA under Dibrugarh University and also did PGJMC. Her poems were published in The Sentinel, and The Assam Tribune long ago since she started writing in the 1990s. She still continues to contribute as freelancer in The Sentinel and other newspapers and online Journals.

Renu Vyas
  • Renu is 48, married and a mother of two, currently living in Pune. She was born in Jodhpur (Rajasthan). She is a certified ESL teacher (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and an avid reader. As far back as she can remember, she has been in love with the written word. Writing for her is therapeutic. It is her way of letting her emotions, heart and soul run free.

Reshma Asrani
  • Brought up in an unconventional family, Reshma Asrani has grown up with a medley of views. Ironically, she got married at the age of 18 after 5 years of her romantic rendezvous. No sooner did she complete her graduation in BCOM from HLCC, she started as a career advisor in one of the national coaching institutes, Endeavor Careers Pvt Ltd. After 2 years of appreciated service, she opted for a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Ahmedabad University and an Executive Programme in Cambridge University. 

Richa S Mukherjee
  • This book is a labour of love, laughter, sorrow, ecstasy, despair and all that life has to offer. The author takes you through a beautiful journey that is life, seen through her multicoloured views of the world and the people in it.

Richa Upadhyaya
  • Dr. Richa Upadhyaya is an ardent and passionate reader and writer. The daughter of Mrs. Bhawana and Prof. Shachindra Prasad Upadhyaya (a professor and an educationist), Richa completed her entire education in Shajapur (Madhya Pradesh).

Richard Conrad Henry

    Born in Turin, Italy in 1964. Out of necessity rather than free will. Escapes the Italian madness when he moves to the Netherlands in 1981. Four years later he makes an important discovery after having written his very first short story ('A strange brew '-168 pages long), which is…lack of discipline.
Richard Howardson
  •  I'm 20 years old. I don't actually remember when I started writing but it's been a long time, maybe since I was 12. I'm a dropout from an Animation College. I was born in Jammu and brought up in Maharashtra. I have been through a lot and love is the only thing which helps me to actually live. I wanted to share my experience and feelings with the world and poetry is the only best way I could figure out.

Rick Davis
  • “Rick” DAVIS (USA) began writing fiction in 2005 and has previously published two books online entitled “Sky’s the Limit” Book I and the sequel, Book II © 2006 and 2008 respectively.  "The tunnel at the end of time" marks his debut as an author of a book in print.

Rob Harle
  • Rob Harle is a writer, artist and academic reviewer writing work includes poetry, short fiction539547_100109706812492_994963746_n (1) stories, academic essays and reviews of scholarly books and papers. His work is published in journals, anthologies, online reviews, books and he has two volumes of his own poetry published Scratches & Deeper Wounds (1996) and Mechanisms of Desire (2012). Recent poetry has been published in Rupkatha Journal (Kolkata), Nimbin Good Times (Nimbin), Beyond The Rainbow (Nimbin), Poetic Connections Anthology (2013), Indo-Australian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry (2013) and Rhyme With Reason Anthology (2013).His art practice currently involves digital-computer art both for the web and print. 

Robert M. Wilson
  • The name Robert Wilson is shared by many, a fact easily verified by a visit to Scotland. Listing dates and places contributes little. The same-named author of this book is, in addition, many persons within a passing form, a composite of countless influences, some of which have been translated into unwieldy words. Soil, root, branch and blossom are facets of one hologram. Hopefully, the reader will find flowers worth picking..

Robert P. Craig
  • Robert P. Craig a Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) has published eight books of poetry, other books published in 2010 entitled A Sense of Wonder and Ethics. Robert is an adjunct Prof. of Ethics in the Department of Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus, Chicago, Illinois.

Robert Simon
  • Robert Simon works as an Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese in the Department of Foreign Languages at Kennesaw State University, in the state of Georgia, USA. His took his BA at Boston University, and his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin.  He researches surrealist movements, postmodernism and the notion of the “paradigm shift” in Iberian poetry of the last few decades.  

Robert Witmer
  • Robert Witmer lives in Tokyo, Japan, with his wife Aiko. They have two children, Layla and Alex. Robert teaches at the Faculty of LiberalArts, Sophia University, where he has worked for the past 35 years.

Roger Dean Kiser
  • Published author and internet writer Roger Dean Kiser's stories take you into the heart of a child abandoned by his family and abused by the system responsible for his care. Through his stories he relives the sadness and cruelty of growing up an orphan in the early 1950s.

Roger Samuel Motupalli
  • Roger Motupalli is a writer, filmmaker and photographer.

Roger W. Harrington
  • Born in England. Former: "Rock and Roll" star; gold miner; advisor to the Thai government on ESL teaching; Frontier College teacher; Honours Society of S.G.W.U. President and ombudsman in the 'Computer Riot' of the late sixties; Junior fellow of Massey College; Russian interpreter for CAR; High school teacher in English for thirty years; Deputy Mayor and Reeve of the Town of Forest; first vice-president of the Forest Legion. Four languages spoken.

Rohina Ratti
  • Rohina Ratti, hailing from Solan, Himachal Pradesh working as a freelance blog writer for the upliftment of the social causes. Completed my graduation with English Honors and Post Graduate in English. Worked as a lecturer of English in a private institution. Owing to the love towards the nature and humanity turned up to be a poet and started writing poetry and other write ups. Weaved a tapestry of poems with a mélange of various spheres of life with a tint of genuinely conceived ideas and emotions. A collection of all sorts of emotions covered giving it a hue of ambiguity at times.  

Romi Jain
  • Romi Jain is a poet, novelist and marketing professional. She is currently a Marketing Coordinator in a California-based software company. She did her MBA from San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California. She also holds M.A. and B.A. (Hons.) degrees. Romi has published her debut novel The Storm Within (Indiana, USA, 2008); published poems in International Zeitschrift, Journal of Poetry Society, Poetry Book: A Posy of Poesy; published articles in international encyclopedia(Jefferson, NC,USA: ),McFarland; Asian Profile(Canada); India Quarterly(New Delhi); Indian Journal of Asian Affairs, (Jaipur); and participated in national and international conferences. She had also been a Consulting Editor, Indian Journal of Asian Affairs-an internationally- known journal.

Ron Bliss
  • I was born and raised in a small town in rural Northwest Ohio and except for my time in the U. S. Navy, I have lived within 20 miles of my birthplace. Growing up and having your heart and mind, value programmed during the simpler times of the 1940s and 50s is considered a blessing to me. Times were more difficult and we were depression poor but I was fortunate to experience these times. I think my poetry reflects the values of the past, which have inspired me greatly. I spent my entire career working for the Campbell Soup Company retiring early at the age of 57. I am married to a wonderful woman, my wife and soul mate, Donna. We have walked together since 1958.

Roopa Menon
  • Roopa Menon was born in Mumbai, India on 11th May, 1985. Her interview has appeared in Teen Voices about 'Life In India', Her poems have been published in Taj Mahal Review (June 2003), Potluck Magazine, Voyages (2003). Her published books of poems are Merry Minds and Lively Moments.

Rosa Maria DelVecchio
  • Dr. Rosa Maria DelVecchio is a literary writer residing in Brooklyn, Ohio, and an Associate of the University at CSU.  She was asked to join our editorial team in 2011, shortly after our publication of her novella Road Rage.  Born in 1960 to immigrants from Abruzzo, Rosa was raised and educated in Ohio, where she made her living by serving 10 years in private sector and over 30 in public service.  During graduate school, she taught freshman English at her almae matres, CSU (MA 1984) and CWRU (PhD 1993), where she was active in poetry circles of the campus communities.  She won first prize in a 1989 poetry contest by Wide Open Press (CA), and her poetry and fiction have been published in several journals since 1987.  Among our best sellers is her 2009 poetry chapbook, Voices from the Castle Dungeon. 

Ruby Moses Ezekiel
  • Ruby Moses Ezekiel was born in Mumbai, India on 19th July, 1987. She has won the first prize in poetry (2001) from Bal Bhavan, Mumbai. Her poems have been published in Taj Mahal Review (June 2003). Her interview about ‘Life in India’ has been published by Teen Voices. Many of her poems have appeared in the poetry antology From our hearts (Author's Association of India). Ruby says, “Poetry is my way of ex-pression. Merry Minds and Lively Moments are two published books, which feature poems written by my friend Roopa Menon and myself.”

Ruchi Agarwal
  • Ruchi Agarwal (b. 21st June, 1980): originally from Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh; author of Hindi short stories; presently working as Digital Manager, e-commerce at She has completed her schooling from Hamirpur and post graduation in Physics from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. She is engaged in writing short stories since college days and her writings were appreciated by her friends and teachers.

Rupal Choudhary
  • I was brought up, in part in a small village in West Bengal and in part, in the pink city of Rajasthan. Born in my own house rather than any hospital while my father was chanting the Durga mantras at dawn, the culture of West Bengal had already seeped into me when we migrated to Jaipur, my conscious unaware of this. After completing my schooling from Jaipur, I pursued engineering in Biotechnology from Noida, after which I came down to Bangalore to work in the field of medical communication. 

Rupali Saran Mirza
  • Rupali Saran Mirza

Russ Curtis
  • Russ Curtis lives and writes in Fletcher, NC, and teaches at Western Carolina University.  His stories and poems have appeared in Waterhouse Review, Timber Creek Review, Mississippi Crow, Taj Mahal Review and Metabolism, among others.

Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
  • Ruth Sabath Rosenthal is a New York City (U.S.) resident and author of numerous needlework "how-to" books; she's also an avid poet whose first chapbook, titled "Facing Home," is due out this summer, published by Finishing Line Press. One of Ruth's poems "on yet another birthday" was nominated for a Pushcart prize in October 2006. 

Sagar Krishna
  • Sagar Krishna was born in 1993 in Pune, Maharashtra. He is a native of Kerala. His mother being in the army, he did his schooling from all over India, and currently is pursuing B.Sc Economics from Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune. His interests span world literature, music and cinema. Sagar is also an amateur film critic. Future Reflections is his first compiled publication.

Saket Suman
  • Saket Suman is perhaps among the youngest poets of India. with a strong passion for writing and respect for human sentiments, his works outrank many for they carry a strong poetic force that directly appeals to the hearts of the readers. Born in the state of Bihar, he has spent most of his days in Kurseong, Darjeeling while pursuing his studies in Jnaneshwar memorial academy. the days spent in his school along with some of his best friends and teachers are the most memorable ones in his entire lifetime so far.

Saksham Singhal
  • Saksham Singhal is a VI standard student of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. Saksham is an avid reader with diverse interests including Science Fiction, Mysteries & Adventure and Scientific Literature. He has keen interests in Science and Mathematics and has achieved special recognition in state as well as national level competitions.  Writing short stories and poems started as his way of expressing his learnings and emotions, and he has written many short stories and poems. 

Sakshi Lakhotia
  • Sakshi Lakhotia is an Indian poet, blogger and content writer. Born in 1998, Sakshi is currently studying Communication and Mass Media in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She received her secondary education in Dehradun and Gurgaon, where she graduated with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. She believes that her time in boarding school helped her fondness towards poetry writing grow. Sakshi loves to walk, solve Sudoku puzzles and watch American TV series in her pastime. Sakshi's writing is not only a reflection of her personal experiences but also her imagination. Her motive is to educate and entertain through her writing.

Salin Gopinathan
  • The poems included in My Acquaintance with an economist and other poems by Salin Gopinathan reveal absolutely regular cadence of style.  The choice of the images in these poems is lively and picturesque.  It is worthy of note that the fully concise  expression of the poet is visible in these poems.

Salvatore Buttaci
  • Salvatore Buttaci is an obsessive-compulsive writer who plies his craft many hours a day. His poems, stories, articles, and letters have appeared widely in publications that include New York Times, U. S. A. Today, The Writer, Cats Magazine, and Christian Science Monitor. He was the recipient of the $500 Cyber-wit Poetry Award in 2007.

Samarendra Patra
  • Samarendra Patra, aged 18 is a first year student of B.Tech-Mechanical Engineering in the prestigious SRM UNIVERSITY, Chennai. He was brought up in a small township of NALCO named Damanjodi means “Paharon ka Sangam-the unification of the hills”.

Sameer Lowlekar
  • Sameer is an engineering graduate and currently working in software industry. He is a nature loving and spiritually inclined person. He loves to use writing as a way of expressing his experiences and observations of journey called life.

Samir Zaidi
  • Samir Zaidi is a story teller, a disciple of true love and a believer. But, his work mainly contains heartaches and sad endings, which may possibly stem from personal experiences or just the myths he s attracted to.

Samujjwal Dey
  • Born in 1994, in a middle class Bengali family in Shillong, Meghalaya, Samujjwal Dey is a student of Law in Shillong Law College. He did his schooling from Laban Bengalee Boys' H.S School in Shillong and was placed in high first division in both the board examination. He graduated from St. Edmunds College, Shillong with a first class Honours in Zoology in the year 2014. Samujjwal has developed great interest in art, music and literature. He loves people and nature. He tries to find answers to several questions that come to his mind about nature, life and society. In his first attempt to write a book, he has compiled his ideas in the form of 60 poems on life, love, death, nature and human relations.

Sana Rafiq
  • Sana Rafiq has been published in Mary Pat Fisher's book Women in Religion. She is currently the newsletter editor at, as well as manages her e-zine The Neglected Ratio. She was also published by Jenifer Wills in a digital publication of LiteraryMary entitled Don't Call Me Plath: twelve outstanding women of the small press. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership (Curriculum and Instruction) from the University of Phoenix.

Sanchit Jain
  • I am Sanchit Jain, 18 years old teenager, just completed 12th from Delhi International School, Indore. I am originally from Amritsar, but at present I live in Indore. I don't have any big academic degree. I reflect more and more on every topic and every thing around me. This gives me technique to express it in poems. Through my poems, I want every one to feel positive in everything.

Sanober Khan
  • Sanober Khan is a Mumbai-based poet and freelance writer. Her work has been published in various journals, including the Taj Mahal Review and the First Literary Review-East. In 2012, her first book "A touch, a tear, a tempest' was shortlisted for the Muse India National Literary Awards. She enjoys reading poetry from around the globe as much as she enjoys writing them.

Santanu Halder
  • A teacher by profession and a poet at will - Santanu Halder was born and brought up in a small town named Bongaon, near Kolkata, West Bengal. He has done M.A in English Literature and teaching university students for 6 years. A scholar, a translator,an interviewer and a bilingual poet writing in both Bengali and English, Santanu Halder has already authored three books, these are - (1) American Literature for WBSU Students, (2) Old English Literature in a Nutshell and (3) a book on translation. 

Santhi Krishnan
  • Santhi Krishnan has been in the field of creative writing and content editing for more than a decade. Her versatility as a writer can be gauged through the wide-ranging projects she has been associated with hitherto in the changing and challenging matrix of writers. The present compilation is a spectrum of her poems which are rich in relations and resplendent with the blooms as well as blots of life. She has an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Kerala and upgraded her computer proficiency with short term courses .She has a pretty long stint of entrepreneurship to her credit, being a partner in her husband s business ventures which broadened her horizons and enhanced her soft skills.

Santosh Kalwar
  • Santosh Kalwar (born September 7, 1982) is a poet, writer, and young researcher. He is a self-published Nepalese writer who writes in English about truth, love, and relationships. He has published thirteen books, as well as authored a number of newspaper columns and articles.

Santosh Kumar
  • Dr. Santosh Kumar (b. 1946) is a poet, short-story writer and an editor from India; DPhil in English; Chief Editor of an international literary journal Taj Mahal Review; several awards; member of World Poets Society (W.P.S.); member of World Haiku Association, Japan; published poetry in Indian Verse by Young Poets (1980), World Poetry (1995 & 1996), The Fabric of A Vision (2001), The Still Horizon (2002), The Golden Wings (2002), Voyages (2003), Symphonies (2003), New Pegasus (2004), Explorers (2004), Dwan (USA), Promise (Purple Rose Publications,USA), TMR 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007). He has also edited sixteen World Poetry Anthologies, and four books of World's Great Short Stories. He is also the author of a collection of poems entitled Helicon (Cyberwit, 2006, India, ISBN 81-901366-8-2). He is able to achieve masterly poetic effects full of a singular beauty and rhythmical artistry in his new collection New Utopia. Wikipedia

Santosh Kumar Karimilli
  • Mr. SantoshkumarKarimilli (b. 29th August 1988) is a Founder & Director of “Tao Educare” (A Vocational Training Institution of Spoken English). He has an M.A in English from Andhra University. He has also two P.G Diplomas in English language & Linguistics and Functional English from Andhra University. He did B.Ed in Special English from A.U. He also obtained two certificate courses in “Gandhian studies and Social exclusion and Inclusive policy” from Andhra University.

  • Saravan Maheswer made his writing debut when he was a College Student.  “Smashana Boomi” a Short Play in Malayalam won a prize for its presentation from the College he recalls. He wrote a film script when he was 17 years old. Titled “Empty Horizons A Head” ( Munnil Soonyamam Chakravalam) this script was published as a book in 1987. The well known Hindi Music Director Padmabhooshan Naushad, the well known Malayalam Actor Late. Padmasree. Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair and Film Director G.S. Paniker had written prefaces for the book.

Saru Singhal
  • A Company Secretary by profession, Saru writes poems, articles and stories on varied topics. Her creativity in both English and Hindi has received commendable response in a short period of time. Her work has been showcased on many National and International forums. To learn more about her and be current with her writings, you can visit

  • Sathyanarayana was born on 12fth June, 1958 at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. He did his bachelor’s degree in Sciences and Masters in law. For a brief period he practiced as an advocate in Nellore and then joined the Government of India. He is now working as Deputy Superintendent of Salt at Nellore. Sathyanarayana has been writing poetry since 1987.

Sayumi Kamakura
  • Sayumi Kamakura was born in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, 1953. She began composing haiku while a student at Saitama University and studied haiku under the guidance of Toshiro Nomura and Sho Hayashi. In 1988, she won the Oki Sango Prize. The lyrical style of her haiku attracted attention, and in 1998 she established the haiku magazine "Ginyu" with Ban'ya Natsuishi, and has been its Editor since that time. She has attended international haiku or poetry festivals held in Japan, Slovenia, Portugal and Bulgaria. In 2001, she won the Modern Haiku Association Prize. Her published haiku collections include: Jun (Moisture, 1984), Mizu no Jujika (Water Cross, 1987), Tenmado kara (From the Skylight, 1992), Kamakura Sayumi Kushu (Haiku of Sayumi Kamakura, 1998). Hashireba haru(Run to Spring, 2001), She co-authored Gendai Haiku Panorama (1994), Gendai Haiku Handbook (1995), Gendai Haiku Shusei Zen 1 Kan (Contemporary Haiku Anthology in One Volume, 1996), etc. She also published, in both Japanese and English, A Singing Blue: 50 Selected Haiku (2000). Her haiku has been translated into English, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese and Korean. She is a member and Treasurer of the World Haiku Association.

Sebastian Johakin
  • “(…) Sebastian Marcus Labeo Boahz Johakin est l'un des hétéronymes de Fernando Messias. Sébastien est né le 24 juin 1923, dans la ville de Berne. Fils d’Antonio Johakin Magalhães Sebastian et d’Ivonne Boahz Mendes Labeo. Diplômé en droit de l'Université de Vienne. Doctorat en relations internationales de l'Université de Paris et post-doctorat en droit de l'Université de Columbia. Il a été professeur à l'Université de Paris et de Columbia. 

Seema Sharma
  • Seema is an artist who loves painting, bird watching, travelling and cooking. A mother of three, her work touches both the traditional and modern aspects of art. All the artwork for the book has been contributed by Seema. You can visit her website at

  • Shahina, born and brought up in the beautiful valley of Kashmir, Srinagar, did her schooling from Presentation Covent School, Srinagar and then left for Russia for higher studies. She did her Bachelors, Masters and then Ph.d in Russian Language and Literature from Patrice Lumumba Friendship University, Moscow, Russia. While doing Ph.d , she started working in a Swiss Trading company in Moscow as the Manager of the company. She did computer designing courses also from Moscow and is presently working as a Freelance Graphic and Jewelry Designer, Illustrator and Writer.  She has written a series of story books for children with the same characters named as 1, 2, 3 but in different situations and circumstances. While reading her story books, children gain knowledge as well.

Shailja Kumari Srivastava
Shamita Harsh
  • Shamita is a 19 year old author at heart and freelance writer by profession, a college student of Mass Communication. She lives with her parents in Dehradun, the tinsel town she grew up in, right alongside her babies, her best friends who were born and brought upin the amazing town: the Creepy Cuties. A born writer at heart, she owes it to her dad for the lineage of writing, for the inkling toward the creative! 


Shamsud Ahmed
  • Shamsud Ahmed is an accomplished poet and has authored many books, including ‘I Am Dirty; I Need Washing,’ which has been critically acclaimed and has got an overwhelming response from the readers. He has been writing Poems and Short stories for local Journals and newspapers for a long time. These days he is busy scripting Prime Time TV show   ‘Zindagi.Com’ which is going to be aired soon.

Shanu Goyal
  • I'm an Indian and was born on 28th Sep, 1974 in Moradabad, a small town of Uttar Pradesh. As a child I had high expectations from myself. Though my ambition was to become a doctor but I ended up doing my post graduation in Business Administration. I worked with several organizations but never felt satisfied working under someone. After my marriage I joined my husband in his export Business.

Shariq Us Sabah
  • Shariq Us Sabah is a freelance writer from New Delhi, India. He has two books to his credit.

Shefali Shah Choksi
  • I teach Literature and Composition at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. I have an M.A. (English) and M.Phil (Women’s Studies) from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara (Gujarat, India) and have lived in Florida since 1988, when I first immigrated to Miami from Mumbai.

Shekhar Tiwari
  • Born in a small village, Kairia under  Bhagalpur district of Bihar, Shekhar Tiwari is  a veteran poet, political thinker and entrepreneur of high repute. Highly inspired by  renowned poet, Suryakant Tripathy "Nirala", he, in his poetry, advocates freedom from internal bondage, social taboos, duality of social customs. His poems are resonant with inner voice for love and philosophy of life with eternal quest for liberation of soul from the bondage of the mundanes. He is a pragmatic poet whose poetic thoughts take shape while in transit between India and Washington D.C. America.

Shirley Bolstok
  • Shirley Bolstok was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. “My parents are Holocaust Survivors. Writing has always been an integral part of my life. I like writing about the shifting of our existence, whether it is ethereal, emotional or physical. I have had many publications of my work in newspapers, anthologies and online magazines and now have the opportunity to consolidate it in a volume of poetry.

Shivani Doshi
  • Even the effect says…nostalgia I came with this poetry compilation which consists of different poems which captures life of different people, through words, it is basically about the phases that a person goes through, heartbreaks, friendships, new dreams and much more. It basically transcends a person to a different world. Every poem will touch that cord of heart which some day had those feelings. Some will fall in love, some may feel the loss and some may feel alive. 

Shoorveer Singh Gusain
  • Mr. Shoorveer S Gusain Date of Birth- 20th November1977, Birth Place-Village-Kyarki, Post-Odadhar, Patti-NailChami, Dist-Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India. CHILDHOOD AND EDUCATION: Born and brought up in very simple family with high values and belief in almighty, in a small village of high hills.

Shouvik Hore
  • Shouvik Narayan Hore was born in �Burdwan in 1994 and currently resides in Kolkata, West �Bengal. He studied at St. Lawrence high School and is currently a student of English Literature at Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, Kolkata. Both his parents are teachers of reputed institutions in Kolkata and he also intends to be a professor and author in the near future.

  • Shravan Kumar Gururajan is a poetry hobbyist and a passionate content writer who has worked with several journals and magazines at work places. Being a professional in the field of Information Technology, the author has had flair for writing since the young age. 

Shreya Chatterjee
  • A writer by profession and a poet at will- Shreya Chatterjee was born in Kolkata in 1985 and was brought up in Bihar and Kolkata alike. She is educated at G.D. Birla Centre for education, Presidency College, Kolkata and University of Calcutta.

Shweta Khanna
  • Born and brought up in the 'City of Nawabs'- Lucknow, I had a poetic bent of mind from an early age. With time, I developed a passion for writing, with poetry being my forte. A Masters degree in life sciences and Bachelors in education did not deter me from being an avid lover of Literature. To be a hands-on mother to my little ones and to further pursue a career in writing made me quit my job as a teacher in an International School.

Siddhant Goel
  • Siddhant Goel is a Class XII student from Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. An extremely intellectual and gifted writer, Siddhant is passionate for subjects like Literature and Economics. No wonder, he spends a majority of his time reading novels or analysing fiscal policies! A compassionate individual, he values relationships and considers his family, friends and those around him as his greatest priorities in life. 

Siddhartha Garg
  • Siddhartha is a small town guy working in one of the leading industrial areas of the nation today. A journey that started with a handful of poems in the childhood never had the intentions to aim to be a writer someday. He started taking writing as his passion only when the shadow of love crafted the real Sid inside him. Starting off with a romantic novel, Sid promises to focus more on the non fiction books in future to raise the issues around the nation that people fear to talk about. He thinks some has to step forward and throw some light on them and he accepts his pen to be the biggest weapon in his armory. Join him in his fight! Love story!!! "You read those words and you think,its another run of the mill saga with a couple of broken hearts or a concocted love triangle,well ,when love is involved there are bound to be broken hearts but everyone has a different tale to tell and this is my tale,the one i lived,the one which taught me what love really is and the one which i want the world to know about,because love is complicated but its still beautiful."

Sofia Hällgren
  • My name is Sofia Hellgren and I´m 37 years old and have been Writing since I was a kid. I Believe in the supernatural and am good at telling fortunes. I am a poet by heart and it´s the one thing that helped me to survive. I love dogs and nature, since I Think it heals if we´re in harmony with it. I´m psychic and can see ghosts and Believe in them, I hope you will enjoy these poems, since they´re all I got.

Sohail Akhtar
  • Sohail is a poet at heart and has already authored two books, which can be found on Amazon. His work mostly revolves around love. Currently he is working on his third book. He is a loving father of five beautiful children and aspires to be a bollywood script writer.

Somesh R. Doddi
  • Mr. Somesh R. Doddi was born in India, living in usa and a graduate of Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, USA. He is a candidate for the nobel prize in medicine (two works; human gene therapy...

Soulful Heart
  • Soulful Heart alias Waheeda Khan also known as Zaiba Khan at her in- laws place, lives in a beautiful coastal city called Karwar which was named by Tagore as South Kashmir. She is married and has two children. Soulful heart was born in Karwar but grew up in completely different places. Her father worked in Paper mill, so she first joined her nursery in Assam till her 4th standard.

Sourya Reddy
  • Living in New Delhi, Sourya Reddy is an emerging poet with acute political awareness. In this collection, he insists that the readers experience lives that are alien to their own



    Sreeja, a freelance writer and journalist, has been writing on subjects ranging from socio-political issues to search-engine friendly Google texts, for the last 20 years. A journalist by profession and a poet by passion, she writes poems in two languages. A native of Kerala, she lives with her husband and daughter, amid all the routine educational and commercial galas.

Sridatta Gupta
  • Hailing from the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata and currently residing in Mumbai, Sridatta Gupta is a writer by passion. She writes to express those thoughts that she is unable to speak out loud and yearns to reach out to the world at large, who has become emotionally numb. The Broken Cloud is her debut work, gives an insight of her perspective towards life and the various experiences it offers.

Srishti Singh
  • Born to Rajput parents and brought up by the wonderful city of Chandigarh. An engineer by qualifications and a poet for life who believes the world would be a better place if all mankind was categorized based on an individual's interest in art, music, theater and literature rather than pedestals of caste, color, sex, status and nationality. A frequent traveler and lover of still standing and fallen monuments, she bases her old soul poetry on these ruins.

Stephen Gill
  • 1999 is an unforgettable year for me. One reason is Shrine that was released by World University Press. Even in 2008, after nine years, Shrine resurrects the traumatic feelings, touching the spots of deep pain from the days of the partition of India.

Steven Carter
  • Steven Carter is a retired emeritus professor of English. He is the only two-time winner of UNESCO's Nuove Lettere International Poetry and Literature Prize. In 2010 he was awarded the Eric Hoffer Foundation's Montaigne Medal. Snow Moon, his chapbook of haiku/haibun, was recently released by Alba Publishng.

Stuti Dhyani
  • The author is an engineer by education, a patent analyst/attorney by profession, a lawyer in the making, but a writer at heart.  Based in Delhi, she hails from the misty mountains of Uttarakhand. She is a fun loving person and an independent soul who lives in the moment, but can get very introspective at times. She intends to undertake almost all the adventure sports in her life and travel less travelled places round the world. 

Subimal Palit
  • The author at has come across large number of women. Among them notably his mother. His experience sums up "By and large most women suffers from oppression in men dominated society. Worst suffers are in Islamic countries." His conviction is now confirm from about 70 Pen Pals choose from all over the world.

Sudhanshu Bakshi
  • Sudhanshu Bakshi: comes from a humble background, born at Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India and was one of the eight siblings. Later, he did his post-graduate from IIT, Kharagpur and has been a Petrophysicist and a Petroleum Exploration & Development professional.

Sulabha Naik
  • Academician, writer, poet, examiner, freelance journalist and an eminent scholar, Mrs. Sulabha Naik excels in each of these roles. Mrs. Sulabha Naik started her scholastic career as Principal, Bal Niketan, 9BRD, Air Force Primary School, Air Force Station, Lohegaon, Pune. She is a M. Phil ( English ) from University of Pune and has taught in various reputed colleges in Mumbai and Pune, establishing a great rapport with her students over the years. She also taught Soft Skills in the Corporate Sector in Pune. She published her literary book titled A Feminist Perspective on the Fiction of Virginia Woolf in 1998. She was awarded a full scholarship in September, 1994 by the English Speaking Union, UK to attend an International Seminar on Art, Literature and Music in 19th Century England and France at The Centre International d Etudes, Pedagogiques, Sevres, Paris, France.

Sumana Iyer
  • A teacher by profession since the last twenty years, Sumana Iyer spends her free time pondering about life and various experiences and the lessons that it brings. Her flair for writing and her passion to express through words soon allowed her to channelize her energies and put across her innermost feelings through poetry. 

  • Sumirasko, a wonder poet of all times, novelist and philospher in the young age of twenties. Born on Ist June 1973 in Sindri, Dhanbad. Sumirasko composed thousands of mystic poems, dealing many facts of eternal Life, enchanting students, public, professors, scholars of Universities alike. Birthday of Sumirasko is celebrated in Patna with enthusiasm after his departure on 3-3-95. Rajendra Sahitya Parishad is organising the event continuously every year. Global readers have attraction towards Sumirasko lyrics, writings etc.

Sumit Daga
  • Sumit Daga, A writer of the Hindi poems, currently working in Product management team in Torrent pharmaceuticals Limited at Ahmadabad, basically from Jhalawar district of rajasthan. He done his schooling from Jhalawar did Bachelor of Pharmacy from Vikram University, Ujjain. He is writing Hindi poetry since he was in 11th standard; his college cum hostel life provided a favorable environment to strengthen his ability to write poems. He usually write on the topics of burning issues of the country, home, loneliness, success, love & the practical things which a person experiences in different stages of life.

Sumit Goreja
  • A former soft skill trainer, copywriter and correspondent, everything Sumit Goreja is today is because of his heuristic learning. He holds a degree in literature and is a voracious reader; expressing his thoughts through words has always been his passion. From his experiences and achievements, he firmly believes that fancy degrees play no role in an accomplishment of one s goal as far as there is a strong desire, passion and will to achieve it.

Surbhi Grover
  • Surbhi Grover, an aviation enthusiast, is currently pursuing her graduation from Hindu College. She loves to travel and write. Born and raised in Delhi, she has been writing poetry since she was 9.

Surbhi Thukral
  • Surbhi Thukral is a corporate marketer turned aspiring writer. During her professional experience as a Marketer, she had stints with corporations in India and the UK. After gaining success in business writing, she is now determined to make a mark in the field of creative writing, which she describes as her true passion. She has become a compulsive writer who dedicates many hours a day to fulfill her passion for creative writing. She holds Masters in Business & Management from the University of Strathclyde, UK. Surbhi’s work has been published in Harvests of New Millennium, Taj Mahal Review and EWR: Short Stories.

Surendra Prasad Srivastava
  • Surendra Pd. Srivastava, born at Azamgarh, did his college & law from Allahabad, started practising at Azamgarh, later on shifted to Gorakhpur Commissioner's court. Participated in various social and political activities since his youth, had an opportunity to meet several national socialist leaders of his time.

Surina Jain
  • Born in the year 1990 in Ajmer, Rajasthan, Surina completed her schooling from six different schools in different cities owing to her dad's transferable job. A graduate from Jadavpur University, kolkata, she has been writing for 9 years now. This is her first book of poems to be published and hopes to publish many more with the support of her reading audience, her parents and her publishers.

Sushil Thapa
  • Sushil Thapa is a renowned artist of Nepal. Interested in painting from a young age, he is self taught and art is his passion. He does paintings in oil and acrylic, though pen and ink is his forte. His main subjects are the people of his country from different ethnic backgrounds. He was attached to the Centre for Victims of Torture (CVICT), Kathmandu for thirteen years and through his art works supported various Human Rights campaigns.

Sushrut A. Badhe
  • Born to doctor parents in 1990 and after graduating in Mechanical Engineering from P.E.C , Puducherry in 2011, the author was very much impressed with the work of Sri.M.R.Damle, PhD Naturo Ayurvediya Therapy and Founder President Midam Charitable Trust.

Suzie Palmer
  • Suzie Palmer began writing her life story and poetry in 1999 at 28 years of age. She was encouraged to write after a mystical encounter with a unique Indian sage. ‘You are a writer; you must write’ he told her ‘you must write about your life – true truth – a story describing this is how I won this battle. People like reading about other people’s lives, and they’ll like reading about yours. You’ll also write poetry, teaching people how to be happy even if they can’t run and jump’.

Swarupa Chavan
  • Born and brought up in Mumbai, Swarupa works as a Deputy General Manager with one of the leading Agro Chemical Manufacturing companies. Apart from being a rank holder in Packaging Technology, Swarupa has done her MBA and has achieved several accolades in her professional field.

Swati Singh Sambyal
  • Words can change perceptions; they have the power to cause a world war, just like they can melt the most ruthless heart. Words fascinate me. A poet at heart and a romantic by soul, I see things the way the world doesn't.I am constantly evolving and as a writer I believe in the simple. Music and words define me. The words I use spring from my everyday observations, my curiosities and the unusualness that surround objects and people around me.

Sweta Srivastava Vikram
  • Sweta Srivastava Vikram ( is a Pushcart nominated-poet, novelist, author, essayist, columnist, and blogger. She is the author of three chapbooks of poetry, Because All Is Not Lost (Modern History Press); Kaleidoscope: An Asian Journey of Colors (Modern History Press); and Clearing the fog (upcoming from Modern History Press). She is also the co-author of two poetry collections, Whispering Woes of Ganges & Zambezi (Cyberwit) and Not All Birds Sing (Cyberwit). Niyogi Books will publish her first fiction novel, Perfectly Untraditional, in 2011. Her first nonfiction book of prose and poems, tentatively titled, Mouth full, will be published in the UK in 2012. Her musings have also appeared in several anthologies, literary journals, and online publications across six countries in three continents. A graduate of Columbia University, she lives and writes in New York City and reads her work across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Sweta also teaches creative writing workshops. Follow her: On Twitter (@ssvik) or Facebook (

  • T.Wignesan: Born in Kuala Krai, Malaysia. Up to his twenty-first year in Singapore, India, and Malaysia; then in London, Heidelberg, West Berlin, Madrid, and Paris.

    Education: After only four years of schooling at Batu Road School and the Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur (1946- 1949: dropped out in 1950); school and higher school certificates (Cambridge University: 1951 (SC: 9 subjects - Grade One) & 1953 (HSC: 1 A-level & 3 O-levels), and London University GCE: 4 A-levels and 1 O-level - 1955); Bar studies at the Inns of Court School of Law, London (1953-56)...

Taha Kehar
  • Taha Kehar is a fiction writer, poet, freelance journalist and blogger on social affairs who has previously worked as Assistant Editor at a media magazine. He is the author of Writing words with fire and has been published in several anthologies and magazines, including Taj Mahal Review, A World Rediscovered and Equator Line.

Tahera Moiz Mannan
  • Amidst multiple roles as wife, mother, daughter-in-law, home maker and teacher the one which Tahera reserves for herself is that of a muse. She was born to a businessman father and home maker mother in a sub-urban settlement of the city of Nagpur in central India.

Tamaso Lonsdale
  • Tamaso Lonsdale has been writing most of her life.  She was first published at the age of nine in the Sunbeams children's section of the Sydney Sun.  She is the author of 18 published books, several short stories and poems in anthologies and has been awarded prizes in several competitions.

Tanay Iyer
  • Born on November 9th, 1993, in Mumbai,Tanay Iyer spends his free time composing poetry and expressing his thoughts and emotions through writing. Currently pursuing his final year of graduation in Mass Media, he believes writing is the strongest and one of the clearest forms of expression and communication. His natural ability to play with words and communicate emotions has only grown since he started penning down his thoughts in his school days.

Tanni Bose
  • Mrs. Tanni Bose, an English teacher at Tendruk Higher Secondary School, Royal Government of Bhutan. hails from Kolkata, West Bengal. She was born and brought up in the steel city, Rourkela since her father was a SAIL employee. 2008 was a defining period in Ms Tanni s life when she published a few of her works in the school magazine and made the self-discovery that she was in romance with words. The romance bloomed first in 2012 when her anthology, Dawn and Dusk was published.

Tanuja Mullick
  • Tanuja Mullick is from the Deep South. She is married to a Bengali who is a Novelist in English and a Civil Servant in the Indian Administrative Service. They have a daughter.

Tasneem Sara
  • Tasneem Sara lives in Ahmedabad. Her area of expertise includes an array of content development. She excels in creative writing and creates master pieces in modern fiction. You can connect to Tasneem through her website

Thelma N. (Schlup) Shutters
  • Etched In Stone is a collection of poems by Thelma N. (Schlup) Shutters. She was born in Kansas City, Mo., 1945, to Jesse A. & Bessie A. Schlup. Her father died in 1947. Her mother remarried in 1953 to Edgar A. Poe, together they had three children. She grew up in southwest Missouri, USA where she still resides. She moved to a small town in the same area in Vernon County, Schell City, Mo., in 1995. March 1st., 2002 at the age of fifty-seven She wrote her first poem (Porcelain Angel) Since then her poems has been published in numerous poetry books, and in the local newspapers. She is a wife and a mother of five grown children, she now has fifteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Thomas Vaughan Jones
  • Thomas Vaughan Jones has been a salesman, a professional soldier and a fire officer. He decided to study and write poetry when he retired. When he was a boy, Thomas loved poetry. His favourites were Tennyson, Walter de la Mare, Robert Louis Stevenson, and men of that ilk. Men who could make a poem come alive in rhyme and rhythmic verse. There is very little of such poetry around anymore. Free verse appears to be the norm, and few find inspiration in attempting to read, mark, and inwardly digest streams of somebody else's self ex-pression.

Thotalam Chellaswami
  • The author of the above presentation is Thotalam Chellaswami (date of birth 31th July 1925), the holder of master s degree in mathematics (Madras University) and in Economics (Punjab University) and Statistician s Diploma (Indian Statistical Institute). He is a retired senior officer of Indian Economic Service (Assistant Economic Advisor to Govt. of India) and Senior Advisor of the United Nations (ILO). He founded in 1985 Srinivasa Gita Satsangh Trust (a charitable and Cultural Trust) in honour of his father, Late and revered Thotalam Srinivasachari with himself as Founder Trustee. The Trust has been duly registered in 1985.

Tialila Kikon
  • Tialila Kikon, teaches literature at Mount Tiyi Govt. College, Nagaland. She is currently a PhD candidate writing her thesis on Ecocriticism with reference to Toni Morrison's selected novels. Deeply in love with poetry, she is inspired by life, love and nature and believes that humanity is the only religion that can heal the world. A few of her poems were published in 'Feminist Voices Across Cultures: A Poetry Anthology' and some of her Tanka poems appeared in 'Winter Writes: Poems, Stories & Sagas', a kindle ebook published by the Whitesboro Group of Writers, New York. Her poems 'Indeed' and 'Children of Conflict' were selected out of 300 poems submitted by many poets from around the world and displayed at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, Vancouver, Canada on 12th March 2016 at the WIN-UNESCO World Poetry Month Celebration on the theme of Love and World Peace.

Timothy Gager
  • Timothy Gager is the author of Short Street and Twenty-Six Pack, both collections of short fiction and the e-book, The Damned Middle. Timothy is the founding co-editor of The Heat City Literary Review and has edited the book, Out of the Blue Writers Unite: A Book of Poetry and Prose from the Out of the Blue Art Gallery.

Tina J
  • Tina J currently works as an Assistant Professor at St. Stephen s College, Kottayam (Kerala, India). She is also pursuing her doctoral degree at the School of Letters, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. When not busy teaching or researching, she likes to spend her time pursuing her triple passions: photography, writing and travelling. This anthology is her first published work, providing insights into her personal view of the world.

Tom Leddy
  • Until he retired Tom Leddy had, since graduating, taught Mathematics from lower secondary school to university degree level, the latter at a Teacher Training College. During this period he spent 3 years holding a Short-Service Commission in the Royal Air Force and 3 more years as headmaster of a small secondary school. . Marrying soon after taking his first post, Tom and his wife, Pauline, have two children, a boy and a girl. With young children they enjoyed extended family gatherings in the UK and Ireland, the latter being the birthplace of Pauline s and Tom s grandparents.

Tribhawan Kaul
  • Born in J & K state of India on 01-01-1946 Tribhawan Kaul is a published writer-poet in hindi having published his first book Nanhe Muno Ke Rupak at the age of 13 years. He has already published his two anthologies Sab Rang (2010) and Mann Ki Tarang (2012). 

Trishna Damodar
  • Trishna Damodar is a romantic at heart. She enjoys travelling and exploring new places. She also has a love for dance and music. Her previous book of verses Mind & Heart Speak Words, was a compilation of 69 poems based on events and experiences she had during a span of time.

  • U.V. Ray was born in Birmingham, England in 1967. He attended the Blue Coat School, but after dropping out of the "indoctrination system" at the age of 15 without any qualifications, he embarked on a life of hedonistic excess; spending the next 17 years of his life drifting around back street bars and nightclubs, surrounding himself with a colourful array of oddball characters and misfits. His life became a catalogue of bar room brawls, smashed up cars and trashed hotel rooms, with a little bit of writing in between. Most of his work during this tumultuous period was scribbled on beer mats and cigarette packets and has almost certainly been lost for all time.

Udaya R. Tennakoon
  • As a poet and a socio political analyst, he touches the world in many perspectives and engages with writing, theater, and research. Tennakoon graduated from many Universities in the fields of History, Drama and Theater and Peace and Conflict Transformation. Udaya R. Tennakoon

Uma Asopa
  • Uma Asopa is a pediatrician by profession. A mother of two daughters she lives in Ahmedabad, India with her husband. Poetry to Uma is a means of relating to herself and her environment -- a conversation she uses to address the subtle and the unheard, a canvas to paint the extraordinary in the day to day. While a number of her poems have been published in online journals and magazines this is the first book of her collection. 

Usha Kishore
  • Usha Kishore is an award winning, Indian born British poet and translator from the Sanskrit. Kishore s poetry has been published in journals in the UK, US, India, Ireland, Europe and Australia and has been anthologised by Macmillan, Hodder Wayland, Oxford University Press (all UK) and Harper Collins India.

Uttiya Sarkar
  • Uttiya Sarkar has been writing poems from his childhood but was unable to publish them. He wrote most frequently during the Higher Secondary level. It was then his first poems appeared in Hindi in an anthology published by the District Literary Council, Jamtara. Finally he managed to publish his first collection UNSCENTED FLOWERS from Cyberwit Publications. Currently Mr.Uttiya Sarkar is the Head of Deaprtment, English, Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, Durgapur and the Chief Co-ordinator,AICTE-EDC,SKSgi,Durgapur. His extensive traveling and his personal experiences has given shape to his futile mind of poetry. Someone has commented on him saying that his ideas are more matured than his age.

Vaibhav B. Rokade
  • Vaibhav B. Rokade (b. 1991, Nagpur) is currently studying in M. Tech. The writing of Vaibhav is very natural and spontaneous. We find positive energy in his all poems.

Vandana Daji
  • My collection of 20 poems is a pandora of Emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is a visualization of things, situations, from my eyes, my perspective !! My Poems are beads strung together in harmony with each other, reflecting the strength and weakness of human beings. Remember readers that "Poetry is plucking at the heart strings and making music with them".

Vartika Singh Sikarwar
  • I'm a student of class 10 studying in M.P.E.C.I wrote this novel when I was in class 8th. I was inspired to write this by the most renowned authors of the wold, like William Shakespeare, J.K.Rowling and R.K.Narayan. I believe in God and the soul which resides inside me, and thanks her for all her support during my struggle period. I'm inspired by my soul and is determined that I should never let it go down.

Venkatesh G.
  • At the time of publication, G Venkatesh is a 42-year old researcher based in Trondheim, Norway, where he lives with his wife. He has two Master's Degrees - one in mechanical engineering (Mumbai, India) and one in Industrial Ecology (Singapore-Germany).

Verne Morse
  • The short story has become very popular in recent times as people are living in a world of speed, hastiness and fast moving objects. Along with this craving for quick results comes a lessening of the feeling for culture, for morality and for traditional values. My attempts at writing are prompted by the desire to hold up these values and to make reading more of a family inclusion.

  • Nature! Does she observe? Does she learn? Does she correct her faults? - an indeterminate process, imbued in her differing shades, yet discernible in her transparent actions. Her methods unknown, her movements unseen by generations, she continues to sail unassailable - the primordial advocate of peace, carrying forth a lifeline unscathed across eons! A struggle for power - unrealized by the contenders and non-existent in the material essence of perceiving eyes continues, with Nature as the spectator eclipsing the contestants and emerging victorious in every encounter!

Vijaya Gowrisankar
  • Vijaya has released two books of poems Inspire and Reflect, which are both best sellers. She was announced as one of the winners of Inspire by Gandhi competition, organized by Sampad, a UK organization. She was selected as the Winner of AZsacra International Poetry Award (Dec. 2015). Her submissions have been published in Forwardian, Triadae Magazine, iWrite India, Dystenium Online, Taj Mahal Review, and Silver Birch Press. She has appeared as guest speaker in colleges. A participant in the Poetry Marathon 2016 (24 poems in 24 hours, 1 poem per hour), she has reviewed and edited poetry and fiction books. She participated in NaNoWriMo 2016 and completed her first novel in November 2016.

Vinita Sharma
  • हिंदी साहित्य में एम .ए .

    डी .ए .वी .कालेज, देहरादून 
    साहित्य, संगीत ,पठन, लेखन में विशेष रुचि 
    विभिन्न पत्र पत्रिकाओं में कविताएं  प्रकाशित 
Vipin Behari Goyal
  • Vipin Behari Goyal is a Financial Advisor in Government of Rajasthan by profession. His love for books is unparalleled making him an avid reader as well as a prolific writer. His prior writings include a travel handbook on TirthRaj Pushkar and a collection of Hindi poems titled Tej Dhoop Ka Safar . He has also dabbled in documentary film making and is the maker of award-winning short film Mines are Mine .

Virginia Skrdlant, SHCJ
  • I am a Sister of the Holy Child Jesus for 54 years. I was born in a small town in Illinois where we owned and worked a small farm of twenty-five acres. I entered my religious community when I was eighteen and taught school for twenty-five years. Since then I have worked in various capacities, as a chaplain in a mental hospital, as director of religious education in several parishes and with mentally handicapped adults. Now I am retired but still active. This is my second book of poetry published.

Vishal Bhojwani
  • Vishal Bhojwani is a young writer from INDIA. He has introduced himself as viZacK via his debut book of poems SPARK. He writes poems, article, thought's, song lyrics in English as well as Hindi.
Vishwa Srivastava
  • Vishwa Srivastava, a postgraduate in English Literature is an educator by profession and passion. He teaches English language and literature in an elite school in Ahmedabad. He also works for the education of underprivileged children and welfare of slum dwelling communities of Ahmedabad under his own banner of Chaalo Neeshaad. He believes that the power of words can change the world. His poems are not just an expression of self, but also an application of his understanding and study of Poetry.

Vrushab Rao
  • The tall, lanky, yet flamboyant and expressive Vrushab is a future doctor studying in Bangalore. An enthusiast of creation, he has appeared as a guest author on multiple blogs and online magazines. He is the author of two poetry books, Sentences from Sapiens and 5 Graces, the latter being a bestseller. His interests include writing, basketball, movies and tv shows, and everything beautiful in life.

Will Nichols
  • Will Nichols is a native Texan from the panhandle who currently lives in the Coastal Bend of South Texas.  While writing is a favorite pass-time of his, the true joy in life comes from time spent with family, fishing, sailing, and with his work. 

William E. Cooper
  • William E. Cooper has been writing haiku and senryu since 2009, with work appearing in a variety of journals. He has also published books and articles in cognitive science, higher education, and international relations. He serves as distinguished university professor and president emeritus at the University of Richmond.

Wojciech Plocharski
  • Wojciech Plocharski. Author of books, literary songwriter, society of authors member, traveller. Author of Polish radio hit 'Klub wesolego szampana' [Chcialabym, chciala...]. Composes contemporary classical music. Reporter, foreign correspondent, news editor, editor-in-chief, new media campaign advisor etc.

Wolf Staf Bruggen
  • Wolf Staf Bruggen (1967) is aan zijn debuut toe wat het schrijven van een boek betreft. Hij is nu meer dan 10 jaar actief en leidinggevend lid van de Roma gemeenschap in Vlaanderen en België.

Yaseen Anwer
  • Yaseen Anwer is founder and managing editor of Poets Corner Group. He has done his schooling from New Delhi (Dr.Radhakrishnan International School and Jamia Senior Secondary School) and at present he is doing his engineering from Bangalore (Dayananda Sagar Institutions). He started reading and writing poetry at the early age of 14 getting inspired by poems of Rabindanath Tagore and Mirza Ghalib.

Yatendra Singh Chauhan
  • This poetry collection Sharp Eye by Yatendra Singh Chauhan is a very remarkable and distinguished production of verse. These poems show a strong depth, sincerity and sweetness. The poems composed with faultless ease present a variety of themes.

Yuko Tange
  • She was born in Kamakura City in Japan in 1936, graduated from National Saitama University.She has studied haiku under the direction of Ban’ya Natsuishi. Began to contribute haiku to International Haiku Magazine, “Ginyu” in 2002, became a regular contributor to “Ginyu” in 2004. A member of WHA( World Haiku Association). She is also an artist, painter, a member of Japan Artists’ Association and International Association of Art, promoting exchanges between Japanese and foreign artists. She worked as the Chairperson of the Exective Committee of some exhibitions in foreign countries (in Iceland1997&2004, in USA 2006, in Latvia 2008).Currently she resides in Saitama City in Japan.

Yvonne Sparkes
  • Born in Feb. 1940 at Barkingside, Essex, England. I left England after the war in April 1948 to take up residence in Long Island, New York, U.S.A. I completed my education and returned to England in September 1958. I married and had two sons Jon and David. David is married now to Gayle, and I have three beautiful grandchildren Daniel, Emma and Rebecca.

Zhang Fan
  • Born in 1973, graduated from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1998, Artwork once in the United States and the United Kingdom and other places on display, and included in the"FEATURED ARTISTS" "HARVESTS OF NEW MILLENNIUM" and other international art publications. Now living and working in Wuhan, China.