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Madhavi Godavarthy
  • Madhavi Godavarthy, Ph. D is an assistant professor at the Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences for Women, Al-Jouf University, KSA where she teaches English Literature, Language and Linguistics. She worked on a comparative study of saints in the plays of George Bernard Shaw and T. S. Eliot for her doctoral dissertation. She is interested in exploring the spiritual and environmental aspects in literature. Besides, she is a bilingual poet writing in Telugu and English. The book is a celebration of the intricate nuances of life and an attempt to kindle the inner lamp of hope.

Madhur Kerni
  • Madhur Kerni, 20, B. Tech student. Mostly driven by William Blake s poetry and a huge fan of Jim Morrison s psychedelic music and poems. Poetry is not the priority but traveling is, and the void between reaching from one place to other is filled by writing poems. The writings range from a child s heart to a devil s mind and everything in between.

Madison Lily Vogel
  • Madison Lily Vogel was born into this very complex world on December 22, 2004 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. From the moment she arrived life has been turned right side up. Her ability to understand and analyze every aspect of life is simply amazing. When you have a conversation with her its hard to envision that your talking to a three and a half year old. Her knowledge and wisdom started at an early age and her parents can not wait to see what great things will come from her as the years go by.

  • Malini started her career as a Radio Jockey with All India Radio and went on to become a journalist. She worked with Zee News and CNN ( and e-biz Asia Program) before moving to the corporate world where she launched several new brands in the Indian market.. Today after two decades of dabbling in various fields and doing a Masters in Business Management Malini has found her calling as an Artist. She is an Author, Painter and Photographer other than being an active Feminist.

Manavi Baaniya
  • Manavi Baaniya is an eighth grader of St. Joseph s Academy, Dehradun. Writing poems is a hobby and her passion from an early age. Poems published in school magazines and news papers. Got honoured from the Department of Science and Technology (UCOST), Dehradun, Uttarakhand for the poem entitled "Ignited minds". Got 1st prize at Swachh Bharat Abhiyan competition 2015 in poetry and slogon category at State level.

Manish Kumar Mudgal
  • Manish Mudgal; born on 13th May 1989 in a Brahmin family of a small village in Agra called Khera Bhagor, has been brought and caressed in discipline and defined limits. Being a son of an Army Officer & grandson of an eminent Brahmin was always a matter of honor because his acts would reflect his family's report.

Manish Ranjan
  • Manish Ranjan, is a Software Developer during the day, and a romance writer in the night. Hailing from a small city of Bokaro in Jharkhand, he did his schooling from the reputed institution of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia and graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Silchar. 

  • I belong to Lucknow city Uttar Pradesh currently settled in The Netherlands, a degree in management and passion towards writing and travelling. Avid fan of Robert Frost, Walt Whitman & Edgar Allan Poe.

Manju Jaidka
  • Manju Jaidka is a writer, critic and teacher, currently a Professor at the Department of English & Cultural Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh, and also the Chairperson of the Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi. A recipient of several international fellowships including a Fulbright Research Grant and two Rockefeller Fellowships, she has travelled extensively and lectured at prestigious institutions in India and abroad. Apart from her academic writing, Professor Jaidka has authored a play and two novels. Her recent novel, Scandal Point, has been very well-received by readers at home and abroad. 

Manoj Kumar Baitha
  • By profession, I am a manager working for a reputed Software M.N.C. I am a Master in Computer Application and PMP certified. As a hobby, I author the articles, books and perform discourses on sundry topics, especially on motivational, Inspirational, Religion and Spirituality.

Mansi Tejpal
  • Uh, me? I'd say a lot of things about myself, both good and bad, but 'poet' is my favorite. It sums up my need to explore and appreciate life, to philosophize. To intensify. To create. To emphasize the joy in laughter and the pain in tears. To add color to the world around me, or even better; to build my own. A world where each breath counts and no smile fades, and the only way to live is to love.

María Cristina Azcona
  • María Cristina Azcona is an Educational Psychologist, poetess, novelist and peace researcher. Her articles, reviews, poems and short stories are continuously published in many newspapers, magazines and anthologies around Argentina, UK, India, US, and other countries.Since 1980, she works as a psychotherapist specialized in Forensic Psycho diagnosis, listed by the American Biographical Institute (ABI) in their international directory “Experts & Expertise”. US -She was born in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, where she lives joined to her family.

Marc Carver
  • Marc Carver was born in 1966 in Erith, England. He has worked in a variety of jobs and lived in Germany for three and a half years while he was serving in the Army. When he came out of the army he spent a long time drifting from one job to another. He has been writing for about fifteen years but only seriously for about the last year. Before, he wrote mostly fiction and has written a couple of books as yet unpublished.

Margaret Ann Waddicor
  • British, born in Somerset, at school in Derbyshire, Art college in Leicester, six years in adult education, painting and pottery, left for Norway and have lived here ever since, publishing two books with my friend, one on Norway in English, and one on Andalusia in Norwegian, also many articles in magazines on travel and art, specially prehistoric art. Fabric Printing and National Diploma of Design, NDD. Ran a Pottery, painting, mostly water colours, paper sculpture, painting on silk, writing and recently poetry, photography and creative photography. Played the violin and piano. Fenced for my county. On writing, I found hidden treasure chests deep in my subconscious mind that I could plunder, and that sent me into ecstasies of excitement, and this elation poured out in the form of prose or poetry. For me it isn't a calling, it is like breathing, a part of my existence expressing itself.

Margaret C. Mullings
  • Margaret Mullings is a unique woman, with a passion for the presence of God. She is an encourager to the body of Christ, a prayer warrior, song writer and playwright. Margaret just recently discovered a deep passion for poetry and a new found love and appreciation for the performing arts. She is a Pastor's wife, and the mother of six grown children.

Marie Mappley
  • My name is Marie Mappley and I was born on 8TH December 1945 at Hayes, Middlesex, England, which comes under Greater London. I am divorced with one son Scott and one grandson Kai. I have worked for various firms, like Rank Xerox, Nestles and EMI as a computer operator. One of the nicest jobs I had was working for the EMI Company on the music side in the Code Centre.

Mariet van Knippenberg
  • Mariet van Knippenberg who was born on December 5th 1953 in a little town called Kessel in the south of the Netherlands. "Coming from a very musical family, I found out at early age that I love music and words put to it. At school, languages were among my favourites classes and I speak besides Dutch and Limburgs, the language spoken in my area also German and English and some French.

    Mijn naam is Mariet van Knippenberg en ik werd geboren op 5 december 1953 in Kessel, Limburg, een gezellig dorp aan de Maas. Ik groeide op in een gezin met 5 kinderen waar muziek heel belangrijk was. Ik kwam er op jonge leeftijd al achter dat muziek en het geschreven woord, hetzij in de vorm van boeken of teksten van liedjes een heel goed medium is om je gevoelens uit drukken. Alleen kon ik er zelf niet veel mee door een druk leven met werken en na mijn huwelijk de zorg en opvoeding van mijn twee zonen Rob, geboren in 1978 en Frank geboren in 1981.

Mario Susko
  • A native of Sarajevo, Mario Susko is a witness and survivor of the war in Bosnia. He left the city in 1993 and, in a sense, came back to the US, where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. from SUNY at Stony Brook in the 1970s. He taught at the University of Sarajevo and Nassau Com. College where he is currently an Associate Professor in the English Department.

Marko Hesky
  • Marko Hesky was born February 19, 1988, Zagreb. During 1995 to 2003, he attended the elementary school Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Zagreb, and Elementary School Marija Martinolica in Mali Losinj. During primary education, he shoots three amateur film works displayed on the first amateur film festival in Veli Lo inju. After completion of primary education, he was enrolled in the Hotel and Tourism School in Zagreb, where he graduated high school in 2007.

Marta Knobloch
  • She has written five collections of poetry, four of them award winning: The Song of What Was Lost, The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, 1988 (Artscape Literary Arts Award of Baltimore); Sky Pond, Washington, D.C.: S.C.O.P. Publications, 1993 (Co-winner of the Columbia Book Award); and The Room of Months / La stanza dei mesi, Bologna, Italy: Book Editore, 1995 (Lions Ferrara Castello's Premio Donna); Cloud Compass: New and Selected Poems, Honorable Mention for Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published e-Book Awards in the Poetry category, 2015. 

Mary Barnet
  • Mary Barnet, American poet, published 86 Sonnets for the 21st Century in 2015 & is being nominated for a second time for a Pushcart Prize. Her first book, The New American: Selected Poems (Gilford Press 2006) was nominated for a Nobel Prize. It has been reviewed by Adam Donaldson Powell who calls the poems "carefully tailored pearls." Janet Brennan, in her review of The New American, calls it "intelligent and stunning poetry." Grace Cavalieri says Mary is "a light to many Poets and to the World." 

Mary Hicks
  • I have known Mary Hicks my entire life. She is my maternal aunt. Mary has always been a very spiritual woman. Her door and heart is always open for others to come if they have a problem. She is a very devoted wife and mother. God has always been first in her life and she lives this everyday. I am proud of my aunt Mary and pray God continues to use her for His service. I am truly honored to be a small part in assisting with the publishing of this book. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have enjoyed reading it. 3:1 Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb. 3:2

Maryam 'Gazala'
  • Maryam 'Gazala', a poet and writer was born on 22nd March 1939 in a small town in Gujarat called Radhanpur and brought up in Mumbai and passed away on 27th Sep 2011 in Mumbai. She had done her Masters in Psychology and English and was also an M.Ed, D.P.Ed., and a Sahitya Ratna degree holder. 

Maryse Schouella
  • Maryse Schouella was born in the Middle-East in Alexandria/Egypt and had an English Education since she was a child of 5 years old. I lived in Alexandria for twenty years and then I emigrated to France in Paris where I started my professional career as a bilingual secretary. I tayed in Paris for about four years. Thence I got married and came to Brazil in 1961 where I have been living and will be celebrating 50 years that I live in Brazil in June 2011.

Math Osseforth
  • Math Osseforth was born in 1963 in Sittard. At the age of 7 he wrote his first story, a ghost story. He was educated at the Bisschoppelijk College St. Jozef and at the University of Utrecht where he got his Masters degree in Classical Languages in 1987.

Max Verhart
  • Max Verhart (1944, the Netherlands) writes and publishes haiku since about 1980. From 1999 till 2003 he was president of the Haiku Circle Netherlands. He visited international haiku meetings in Great Britain (1999), Slovenia (1999), the Netherlands (2003) and Germany (2005). During one year (2001-2002) he was European director of the World Haiku Association. Member of the editorial staff of the Red Moon Anthology (USA) since 2002. Since 2003 editor of the Dutch/Flemish quarterly Vuursteen (Flint), the oldest haiku journal in Europe. Associate editor for Modern Haiku (USA) since 2007.

Maya Nair

    Maya Nair is a writer of poetry. Armed with a post graduate degree in commerce and a diploma in business management she always had an urge to write poetry. She went on to take a Home study creative writing course from The writers Bureau U.K. Exploring the world and travelling is her passion as she is enthralled by Gods creation and the mystery of his ways, which can be seen in most of her poems. As a college student her poems has been published in The Indian Express., and college magazines. Married with 2 wonderful boys lives in Vadodara Gujarat, and being a single child Maya assists her father in their manufacturing business, with the help of her spouse.
Mayank Kashyap
  • I am Mayank Kashyap currently working with Centre of Good Governance Andhra Pradesh Government. I am a mechanical engineer and did my MBA from Institute of Rural Management Anand. I am from Ranchi. This is my first book of poetry although my poems have been published in different journals and websites. I like travelling, swimming and believe in enjoying my life. This book is mostly a collection of romantic poems although not limited to them .Through these poems I have tried to convey the emotions in various stages of life. Each poem is a story in itself and anyone who has ever been in love with anyone be it family, friends, country in a relationship or wants to love someone will identify with the words.

Mbizo Chirasha
  • Mbizo Chirasha is an internationally acclaimed performance poet, writer, and creative projects consultant. He is widely published in more than thirty-five journals, magazines, and anthologies around the world. He was the poet-in-residence: from 2001-2004 for the Iranian embassy/UN...

Meenakshi Pandey
  • Meenakshi, a fashion designer by profession has always been passionate about writing. Her poem 'The Heavenly Nature', made her one of the 33 finalists in an international poetry competition held in US. Her poem is included in the international album 'The Sound of Poetry'. Her poems express her thoughts. Her each poem has a message to give.

Meenu Mehrotra
  • Meenu Mehrotra is a lifelong learner and writer whose works have appeared in national publications. She was awarded special mention in the Gentleman Public Service Advertising Award in 1993 for her AIDS awareness campaign.

Mehernosh Kapadia
  • Mehernosh Kapadia was born on 20th October, 1957 in Mumbai ( Bombay) India. He is M Com, LLB(G), ACS by qualifications and has worked for the best corporate houses of India as Head of Legal and Company Secretary with the Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Bayer, Mahindra & Mahindra, Sajan Jindal Group, Great Eastern Shipping Group and ICICI Bank. His father was a government servant and his mother a teacher. He is blessed with two sons. Currently Mehernosh is CEO of Meher Consultants and writes poetry and novels for pleasure. He spent his childhood in Bharuch in the State of Gujarat, India. Novel wirtten by Mehernosh Kapadia are SOCIETY, CRIME A ONE WAY STREET and I WANT YO TO WATCH MY WIFE.

Michael D. Sollars
  • Michael D. Sollars is an associate professor of English and assistant dean of research in the College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. His many poems, short stories, and essays have been widely published and received many excellent reviews.

Mir Imran Hussain
  • Hi! I am Mir Imran Hussain (Mir), a Banker by profession living in Dubai, U.A.E. Born & raised in Bangalore. Having stayed in Mumbai & later in Dubai I have had the privilege of learning important aspects of life at a faster rate. Although a Banker by profession, yet I always had creative approach in doing my tasks since childhood & soon realised that media is my interest. My areas of interest in media include writing, acting and direction (Film making).

Mohammad Zahid
  • Born to Mr. Bashir Ahmad Makhdoomi and Mrs Badshah Gowher in 1977 Mohammad Zahid comes from a small but beautiful town, Anantnag in Kashmir. His father was a teacher and educationist, who had a keen interest in English Language and always urged his students to improve their communication skills and explore the beauty of the English Language and in various capacities throughout his life, had a significant contribution towards education. His mother studied Persian Language in the University of Kashmir.

Mohan Prasad Baranwal
Monalisa Joshi
  • A writer from the heart I call myself a Soul Writer because all my work is straight from the heart and comes touching my soul from inside. I write poems, short stories and publish them in Word Press, Triond, eblogger and Face book. I am blessed for having many followers who appreciate my work online and it is their continuous word of appreciation and encouragement that inspired me to dive into the world of publishing. I have been fortunate that many of my poems have been published in an E- book namely the Poetry and Prose Magazine. 

Monami Ghosh
  • Monami has graduated in English Literature from Presidency College in 2010 and post-graduated thereafter from Jadavpur University in 2012. Having worked as a journalist & a publishing professional, she is currently a part-time lecturer in Calcutta and is studying Human Rights simultaneously.She is a one-time avid blogger who wrote under the name Pongy Papaya.

Mousumi Roy
  • Born in Kolkata, Mousumi Roy, lived mostly in Kolkata. She is presently living in Muscat, Middle East. She is an ardent lover of poetry and literature. Her Poems already published in Brown Critic, South African Journal and other international Journals including in Middle East. Her Articles had been also published in Journals in India and in Gulf Region.

Muniraja Bhaktipada
  • Muniraja Bhaktipada: Born NYC 1950; Bar Mitzvah 1963; married 1982, 2 children; School # 9 Clifton NJ, Columbus Jr High, Maine Endwell Senior High, 2 years Columbia College 1968-70, was there at Woodstock, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Suny Binghamton, ISKCON 1970-75 (aka Muniraja), Software Engineer by profession