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Badal Chandra Ray
  • Badal Chandra Ray is very interested to write something by which our society will get some good things and can change to create a lovey environment to live with eternal happiness. From age of 13, He started collecting good articles from daily newspaper and magazines and from age 17, He started writing some small poems stories etc. but He gave more attention to make a career by which He can earn money to give financial support to his family. Till He continued writing in late nights.
Balram Cheruparambil
  • A voracious reader from childhood, for Balram writing happened naturally and late. Gradually it has gathered force and developed into a natural outpouring of emotions, concepts and images in the form of poetry. He tries to emphasize on the 3 R’s in his poetry namely Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason believing poetry to be first and foremost an aural art form. An engineering graduate plus a post graduate in management heading recruitment for one of the leading companies in the Middle East, this is his maiden venture into publishing his work. 

Ban'ya Natsuishi
  • Ban’ya Natsuishi, master of contemporary haiku and trailblazer at home on the overflowing haiku mountain of life, offers the world - Hybrid Paradise, a collection of his recent, liberating work. In 2009, I wrote a review in a book for him, The Poetical Achievements of Ban’ya Natsuishi, understanding the honour of casting my views on such outstanding haiku. Again, I am thrilled to be involved in the process of expounding works of this incredible author, who has been a great influence in forging ahead with my own style of muki-haiku (seasonless poem technique)!

Barbara E. Mercer
  • Barbara Mercer never asserts, doesn’t give ready answers (sign: !), but as ancient Pythia, insinuating and using deep interrogation (sign: ?). Her poetic work of departure – “little red book of poetry” – under different covers, always thinks: “Secrets”, “Mystic Wills”. Always: “Ready to reveal/Deeply held secrets”. And it is not simply “a Victorian throwback”, but the evidence of triumph, laughter and the pursuit of Eternally Young Blood:

Basanta Kumara Behera
  • Prof. Basanta Kumara Behera is an educationist and consultant for bio-technology industry development. He involves in transferring conical flasks level research to industries. He is, also an accomplished writer having the credit of publishing English poems in top international repute magazines like Harvest of New Millennium , Taj Mahal Review and in digital magazines like Fanstory.Com,

  • Beji was born in the Indian state of Rajasthan into an ordinary middle class family hailing from Kerala, another state from southern India. Her perceptions and sensitivities retain the effect of her upbringing and also reveal impressions of varying cultures, religions, languages and experiences while growing up. Always on the move, she never really settled in any place. 

Beth Vieira
  • Beth Vieira is a student of Zen, haiku, and Japanese. She received her PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Comparative Literature and Intellectual History. She was a professor at the University of California at Berkeley before resigning to pursue a career as a psychotherapist. She has published in Simply Haiku, Contemporary Haibun, and The Heron’s Nest. She has an essay on haiku in the journalfort da and a book length collection of poetry in the anthology Burning Gorgeous.  She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA, where she spends much of her time with her first love, the sea.

Bhabani Shankar Nayak
  • Dr Bhabani Shankar Nayak is a political economist by profession and poet by imaginary accident. He is the author of the Anubhuti (experience); collection of poems in Oriya. His anthology of poems; Nomad and the Road was published by the Writers Workshop, Kolkata. He writes on different areas of political economy of development and capitalism.

Bhadauria Manish Singh
  • Bhadauria Manish Singh is a teacher and Ph.D Research Scholar pursuing his doctorate on Indian English Poetry. For him poetry is an internal talk and communion of few feelings. It begins with feel, either pain or joy.

Bharat Menon
  • Bharat Menon was born in the small coastal town of Kozhikode (Calicut) in Kerala. He completed his Bachelor's degree from Loyola College, Chennai in 2010. He currently works as a Financial Analyst in a Wall Street firm. 

Bhavani Devi

    I was born and brought up at ONGOLE in PRAKASAM DISTRICT, ANDHRA PRADESH. I am doing Ph.D. from Nagarjuna University. Since my graduation it’s my habit to write articles and poems. My poem DIABOLIC DEATH was published by Forward Press-LONDON.


Bhoopendra Singh
  • Bhoopendra Singh was born on august 1993 in a farmers family. He did his schooling from Rojhauli; went to NIT Srinagar for pursuing his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. In his new book he has written about crush, love and broken hearts of engineering students.

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar
  • Sri Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar is retired from Indian Air Force. After completing his schooling from the Bengali High School in Nowgong (Assom), while studying in Nowgong College, he joined the Indian Air Force early in 1961. He was in the forward areas during the Chinese aggression near Sonitpur and later he was posted to various Air Force bases in India.

Bhuwan Thapaliya
  • Born in Nepal in the 1970’s, Bhuwan Thapaliya was raised and educated in Kathmandu. He studied economics and finance before turning to poetry in his mid twenties. His writing is imbued with the art and culture of Nepal that he grew up with but he is eminently qualified as an Oriental and as an Occidental poet, for his poetry truly represents a marriage between the traditions of East and West, and in a way that is immediately appealing and cohesive. Bhuwan is not just a poet; he is a man with a mission, seeking world peace. He is a prolific poet and is writing his own Everest, but his writing is not only about statistics. It is about spreading the message of global peace, universal solidarity and love. "Behold the spirit of poetry ... it never dies, nor does it ever grow old. A real poem is the heartbeat of humanity."

Bijender Singh
  • Bijender Singh is an Indian Poet, Short-story Writer, Lyricist, Essayist, Novelist and Independent Researcher. He has published many papers in National and International Journals. His areas of interest are Afro-American Literature, Literature of Marginality, Gender Studies and Indian Writings in English. His upcoming books are 'Confusing Poetry', 'Poetry of Infirmities' and ‘Life:  A Struggle'.     

Bindu Rekha Babu
  • An Instructional Designer in her previous avatar as a professional, Bindu Rekha Babu is an out of work Poet, Writer, Dreamer and a voracious reader (thankfully supported by her long-suffering husband). Bindu believes she has been influenced mainly by the women in her family and those she has met along the way, and her poems are simply a record of stories of people around her and their varied reactions to life. An alumnus of BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, she says, her outlook has been shaped by the unique multi-cultural character of the city. She swears she is a saposexual and in her spare time (of which she has a lot), she is also an armchair activist, a 'reluctant' yoga enthusiast and a happy cook.

Bishnupriya Hota
  • Dr.Bishnupriya Hota teaches English in the Postgraduate Department of English at G.M.College, Sambalpur, Odisha. She obtained her Ph.D degree from Sambalpur University .Apart from her research in the areas like Indian writing in English and New Literatures in English she is engaged in translating poetry and short stories from Odia into English and from English into Odia. Associated with many non-profit literary and cultural organizations she has been active as a feminist. A regular contributor to several journals she has published many papers on poetry and translation.

Bittu Kumar
  • Bittu Kumar studies in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tenga Valley, West Kameng (Arunachal Pradesh). 120 days around the universe is the first science fiction from the Author. Basically, ambition of the Author is to become a scientist and has a firm determination that he will achieve something impossible some day. Author believes in innovative ideas; this fiction is also based on the innovative scientific technologies that he wants to discover.

brian chan
  • brian chan was conceived in south america (georgetown, guyana) 

Brian Grohowski
  • Brian Grohowski, in his debut book, writes with the sincerity and honesty of love for his beloved son Jarad Grohowski. Brian’s book expresses understanding and love. Born, March 24, 1956, Brian grew up in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, an all star athlete of track & field and football. He attended Mansfield State College majoring in Arts Education. He makes his home in Wilkes-Barre, PA with his wife Maureen. For more information, please visit

Bushra Naqi
  • I hail from the city of Lahore, which has been described by many as the “city of poets, love, longing, sin and splendor.” Having been born four years after the birth of my country, I have witnessed this historic city undergo myriad changes as my country has juggled between pseudo-democracy and dictatorship. It is from this constant state of metamorphosis that I seek my inspiration. My critics describe me as an unconventional poet and a non-conformist who prefers to break down myths rather than adhere to traditions. Living in a traditionally conservative society, I have become a reactionary, challenging a stagnant and static way of life.