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R.N.Narasimha Murthy
  • R.N.Narasimha Murthy is a practising Senior Advocate based in Bangalore.  He was born on 25th June, 1935 in the town of Hassan in the State of Karnataka, India. After his basic schooling in his hometown, he joined the Madras Christian College, Tambaram and obtained his Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature.  His passion for poetry and literature both in English and his mother tongue Kannada led him to write poems. 

Rachna Khemchandani
  • My birth name is Rachna Khemchandani. My spiritual name is Shashwati. I have done my schooling from Loreto Convent in Lucknow, India. I did my graduation in arts from Lucknow University. I did my Masters in Business Administration from Jaipuria Institue of Management in Lucknow. I have worked as a training manager and soft skills trainer in the past. I left my job in 2005 when I decided to completely focus on my spiritual path. I was born in the year 1977 and from the very beginning I had spiritual inclination & devotion. I became more serious towards my spiritual path when I was 18 years old and after that there was no looking back. I kept on moving ahead with more and more intensity and focus till I realized my true self and inner freedom. I am currently living in Bangalore, India and playing a role of a spiritual guide and teacher helping, guiding and teaching a few selected students who are on this spiritual path. As a spiritual guide i help people to grow spiritually through my guidance and meditation techniques so that they can find their inner peace and happiness. Apart from this my major focus is also to help them achieve inner freedom and higher states of consciousness. My guidance is based on my personal experience and learning. I only preach what i practice.

Radhey Shiam
  • Born on Jan. 14,1922, inherited love for literature, Gandhian way of life, universal brotherhood and human religion, influenced by Danish saint Mr. Alfred Emanuel Sorensen popularly knows as 'Sunyata' and American artist-cum-philosopher Mr. E. Brewster both friends to Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. His spiritual parents instilled in him a love for literature, strong work ethics and an inherent interest in his country's struggle for freedom.Contribute articles, poems, haiku and tanka in English, Hindi and Urdu languages to Indian and foreign magazines.

  • Radhika holds a Post-graduate Degree in English along with a doctoral degree based on Feminism from St. John s College, Agra. She has been into writing both English and Hindi poems for quite long time but thought of publishing them lately. Her area of interests includes reading and writing Hindi and English poetry, short stories and Novels. The sketches included in this book are her very own as they complement her expression as well as the poems.

Rahson Sumter
  • The Disposition of Utopia Wright is the story of Rahson's unknown father. It's a journal from Utopia's point of view. What Rahson has done is taken pieces of what has been and woven it with what could have been, in order to let the world know the story of his unknown father, Utopia Wright.

Rahul Mudliar
  • I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession, working for an MNC. I was twenty when I started writing blogs, poems and short write-ups. I had always loved writing since then. This book is my first participation in poetry publication. I love writing about life, work, friendship and love.

Rais Neza Boneza
  • Rais Neza Boneza born the 29.07.1979 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Currently, he lives in Exile in Norway. Artist, writer, poet and peace activist; Rais Boneza's book is a magnificent tribute to human dignity and solidarity. The author is able to keep a sense of hopefulness while conveying the inner turmoil experienced by a human in exile fleeing the horrors of war.

Rajat Das Gupta
  • Rajat Das Gupta is basically a Chartered Accountant (1957) and possibly the first from his profession to have computer training in England (IBM) way back in 1969-1971. A hard core professional, he dedicated himself to the dual task of audit/ accounts along with computer systems for decades both in the industries he had served in India and England, and also as an independent professional since 1986.

Rajeev Moothedath
  • Rajeev Moothedath a.k.a.M.N.Rajeev, presently AGM (HR-Contract management) at Hyundai Motor India Ltd, was till recently before transfer, HOD of Learning and Development where he served for a period of five years. He is an HR professional with over 3 decades of experience both in the public (SAIL, BEML, TTL) and private (JSW Steel, Hyundai) sectors and is drawn to new thinking and new possibilities.

Rajender Krishan
  • Born in 1951, Rajender Krishan (aka Raj Chowdhry), had his primary and middle school education in Bal Bharati and Air Force School, then passed his matriculation from Punjab University and completed his graduation from Delhi University, India. He has extensive experience of working in poultry farming, advertising, sales and marketing, antique reproduction and real estate consultancy. In 1989, he migrated to New York, USA with his wife Meera Chowdhry and two children – Anmol and Chandrika. He is the founder and editor of

Rajesh Singh
  • Rajesh Singh (b. 1968) is presently living at Vasai West, Maharashtra, India. The poet has full command on words. His writing style is unique and powerful. The poems written by author express his wide range of intense feeling. He writes poignantly and startlingly with artistic sincerity. Reading these poems by one of the most remarkable contemporary poets is an overwhelming experience. "Being a person of jovial mood, I am known for my sense of humor. Along with this having positive frame of mind. I am sonorously loaded with courage and confidence. I also have a fascinating of accepting & accomplishing the challenges. I am a self-motivated person and I learn from my experiences."

Rajeshwari Srinivasan
  • I was named Rajeshwari by my parents, after Goddess Durga. Though not a match at all for her stature, I get angry a little faster. I have controlled a lot better after learning harsh lessons thereafter. Born in a large family of six sisters, I value my values and Morals to heart.

Rakhi Jayashankar
  • Rakhi was born in a small town in Kerala. Born and brought up as a quintessential small town girl, she had always been ambitious and goal-oriented. After her masters in Biotechnology and Business Administration, she joined as an HR recruiter in a consulting firm. Her eight-year-old love life blossomed into marriage in 2010 and she joined her husband's family business. Blessed with two children, she is a full time mother and an author. Her passion for literature made her the author of the poetry collection Un-assuaged- The blossoms of my imaginations.

Ramavatar Agrawal
  • Ramavatar Agrawal was born on December 3, 1937 in his ancestral village Machari (Alwar, India). He came to Alwar for higher studies and worked as a teacher for a few years. He retired as Tehsildar in December 1995. He is deeply interested in writing fiction and poetry. He has published one novel. Inspired by his ardent devotion to God, This book is his Hindi Poetic Translation of the classic sacred scripture Shrimad Bhagvad Gita.

Ramesh Anand
  • Ramesh Anand is an author of his first haiku book, Newborn Smiles and a Senior R&D Engineer based in Johor, Malaysia. He lives happily with his better half, Divya, and their best little half, Tanmayi. His life experiences, as Haiku moments, and his long verses, have been published and forthcoming in World’s premier print journals, Anthologies, Japanese Newspapers, Magazines, E-zines and E-Journals.

Ramleela Khare
  • amleela Khare was born in Bangalore in 1987 on 14th of November. He has learnt more outside the school in nature's surroundings and traveling to places. Currently Ramleela is conducting research for his PhD. He advocates conservation of environment and energy management.

Ranu Khare
  • Ranu Khare was born in Jabalpur, MP in 1953 on 6th of November on Dipawali day. She has been bestowed Life Time Achievement Award by United Writers Association, Chennai; honored with Lok Sahitya Alankaran by Gunjan Kala Sadan, MP.

Rave Rajah
  • Ravi Raja is a program executive at All India Radio, residing at Kerala.

Ravi Teja Yelamanchili
  • Ravi Teja Yelamanchili is currently a first year student attending the University of Pittsburgh, who plans on studying neuroscience.

Reema Das
  • With a huge experience balance sheet gained from her close association with Assam based NGOs: Ed-en and HCSA (the former of which she is one of co-founders) and, on the literary flank, with the 'International Theodore Dreiser Society, Philadelphia, USA, and  Rainbow and Rhododendron Publications' and working in the Editorial Committee of Literary Confluence and Assistant Secretary of Dattani Archive and Research Association for Study of Indian English Literature, she wrote a wonderful bouquet of poems on life love nature and environment. She hails from Tinsukia, Assam but was raised in the North East sleepy village of Sunpura, in Arunachal Pradesh. She lives in Nudwa Tea Estate, Dibrugarh with her husband and recently for a few years in Kolkata. did her BA from Women's College, followed by a B.Ed and MA under Dibrugarh University and also did PGJMC. Her poems were published in The Sentinel, and The Assam Tribune long ago since she started writing in the 1990s. She still continues to contribute as freelancer in The Sentinel and other newspapers and online Journals.

Renu Vyas
  • Renu is 48, married and a mother of two, currently living in Pune. She was born in Jodhpur (Rajasthan). She is a certified ESL teacher (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and an avid reader. As far back as she can remember, she has been in love with the written word. Writing for her is therapeutic. It is her way of letting her emotions, heart and soul run free.

Reshma Asrani
  • Brought up in an unconventional family, Reshma Asrani has grown up with a medley of views. Ironically, she got married at the age of 18 after 5 years of her romantic rendezvous. No sooner did she complete her graduation in BCOM from HLCC, she started as a career advisor in one of the national coaching institutes, Endeavor Careers Pvt Ltd. After 2 years of appreciated service, she opted for a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Ahmedabad University and an Executive Programme in Cambridge University. 

Richa S Mukherjee
  • This book is a labour of love, laughter, sorrow, ecstasy, despair and all that life has to offer. The author takes you through a beautiful journey that is life, seen through her multicoloured views of the world and the people in it.

Richa Upadhyaya
  • Dr. Richa Upadhyaya is an ardent and passionate reader and writer. The daughter of Mrs. Bhawana and Prof. Shachindra Prasad Upadhyaya (a professor and an educationist), Richa completed her entire education in Shajapur (Madhya Pradesh).

Richard Conrad Henry

    Born in Turin, Italy in 1964. Out of necessity rather than free will. Escapes the Italian madness when he moves to the Netherlands in 1981. Four years later he makes an important discovery after having written his very first short story ('A strange brew '-168 pages long), which is…lack of discipline.
Richard Howardson
  •  I'm 20 years old. I don't actually remember when I started writing but it's been a long time, maybe since I was 12. I'm a dropout from an Animation College. I was born in Jammu and brought up in Maharashtra. I have been through a lot and love is the only thing which helps me to actually live. I wanted to share my experience and feelings with the world and poetry is the only best way I could figure out.

Rick Davis
  • “Rick” DAVIS (USA) began writing fiction in 2005 and has previously published two books online entitled “Sky’s the Limit” Book I and the sequel, Book II © 2006 and 2008 respectively.  "The tunnel at the end of time" marks his debut as an author of a book in print.

Rob Harle
  • Rob Harle is a writer, artist and academic reviewer writing work includes poetry, short fiction539547_100109706812492_994963746_n (1) stories, academic essays and reviews of scholarly books and papers. His work is published in journals, anthologies, online reviews, books and he has two volumes of his own poetry published Scratches & Deeper Wounds (1996) and Mechanisms of Desire (2012). Recent poetry has been published in Rupkatha Journal (Kolkata), Nimbin Good Times (Nimbin), Beyond The Rainbow (Nimbin), Poetic Connections Anthology (2013), Indo-Australian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry (2013) and Rhyme With Reason Anthology (2013).His art practice currently involves digital-computer art both for the web and print. 

Robert M. Wilson
  • The name Robert Wilson is shared by many, a fact easily verified by a visit to Scotland. Listing dates and places contributes little. The same-named author of this book is, in addition, many persons within a passing form, a composite of countless influences, some of which have been translated into unwieldy words. Soil, root, branch and blossom are facets of one hologram. Hopefully, the reader will find flowers worth picking..

Robert P. Craig
  • Robert P. Craig a Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) has published eight books of poetry, other books published in 2010 entitled A Sense of Wonder and Ethics. Robert is an adjunct Prof. of Ethics in the Department of Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus, Chicago, Illinois.

Robert Simon
  • Robert Simon works as an Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese in the Department of Foreign Languages at Kennesaw State University, in the state of Georgia, USA. His took his BA at Boston University, and his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin.  He researches surrealist movements, postmodernism and the notion of the “paradigm shift” in Iberian poetry of the last few decades.  

Robert Witmer
  • Robert Witmer lives in Tokyo, Japan, with his wife Aiko. They have two children, Layla and Alex. Robert teaches at the Faculty of LiberalArts, Sophia University, where he has worked for the past 35 years.

Roger Dean Kiser
  • Published author and internet writer Roger Dean Kiser's stories take you into the heart of a child abandoned by his family and abused by the system responsible for his care. Through his stories he relives the sadness and cruelty of growing up an orphan in the early 1950s.

Roger W. Harrington
  • Born in England. Former: "Rock and Roll" star; gold miner; advisor to the Thai government on ESL teaching; Frontier College teacher; Honours Society of S.G.W.U. President and ombudsman in the 'Computer Riot' of the late sixties; Junior fellow of Massey College; Russian interpreter for CAR; High school teacher in English for thirty years; Deputy Mayor and Reeve of the Town of Forest; first vice-president of the Forest Legion. Four languages spoken.

Rohina Ratti
  • Rohina Ratti, hailing from Solan, Himachal Pradesh working as a freelance blog writer for the upliftment of the social causes. Completed my graduation with English Honors and Post Graduate in English. Worked as a lecturer of English in a private institution. Owing to the love towards the nature and humanity turned up to be a poet and started writing poetry and other write ups. Weaved a tapestry of poems with a mélange of various spheres of life with a tint of genuinely conceived ideas and emotions. A collection of all sorts of emotions covered giving it a hue of ambiguity at times.  

Romi Jain
  • Romi Jain is a poet, novelist and marketing professional. She is currently a Marketing Coordinator in a California-based software company. She did her MBA from San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California. She also holds M.A. and B.A. (Hons.) degrees. Romi has published her debut novel The Storm Within (Indiana, USA, 2008); published poems in International Zeitschrift, Journal of Poetry Society, Poetry Book: A Posy of Poesy; published articles in international encyclopedia(Jefferson, NC,USA: ),McFarland; Asian Profile(Canada); India Quarterly(New Delhi); Indian Journal of Asian Affairs, (Jaipur); and participated in national and international conferences. She had also been a Consulting Editor, Indian Journal of Asian Affairs-an internationally- known journal.

Ron Bliss
  • I was born and raised in a small town in rural Northwest Ohio and except for my time in the U. S. Navy, I have lived within 20 miles of my birthplace. Growing up and having your heart and mind, value programmed during the simpler times of the 1940s and 50s is considered a blessing to me. Times were more difficult and we were depression poor but I was fortunate to experience these times. I think my poetry reflects the values of the past, which have inspired me greatly. I spent my entire career working for the Campbell Soup Company retiring early at the age of 57. I am married to a wonderful woman, my wife and soul mate, Donna. We have walked together since 1958.

Roopa Menon
  • Roopa Menon was born in Mumbai, India on 11th May, 1985. Her interview has appeared in Teen Voices about 'Life In India', Her poems have been published in Taj Mahal Review (June 2003), Potluck Magazine, Voyages (2003). Her published books of poems are Merry Minds and Lively Moments.

Rosa Maria DelVecchio
  • Dr. Rosa Maria DelVecchio is a literary writer residing in Brooklyn, Ohio, and an Associate of the University at CSU.  She was asked to join our editorial team in 2011, shortly after our publication of her novella Road Rage.  Born in 1960 to immigrants from Abruzzo, Rosa was raised and educated in Ohio, where she made her living by serving 10 years in private sector and over 30 in public service.  During graduate school, she taught freshman English at her almae matres, CSU (MA 1984) and CWRU (PhD 1993), where she was active in poetry circles of the campus communities.  She won first prize in a 1989 poetry contest by Wide Open Press (CA), and her poetry and fiction have been published in several journals since 1987.  Among our best sellers is her 2009 poetry chapbook, Voices from the Castle Dungeon. 

Ruby Moses Ezekiel
  • Ruby Moses Ezekiel was born in Mumbai, India on 19th July, 1987. She has won the first prize in poetry (2001) from Bal Bhavan, Mumbai. Her poems have been published in Taj Mahal Review (June 2003). Her interview about ‘Life in India’ has been published by Teen Voices. Many of her poems have appeared in the poetry antology From our hearts (Author's Association of India). Ruby says, “Poetry is my way of ex-pression. Merry Minds and Lively Moments are two published books, which feature poems written by my friend Roopa Menon and myself.”

Ruchi Agarwal
  • Ruchi Agarwal (b. 21st June, 1980): originally from Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh; author of Hindi short stories; presently working as Digital Manager, e-commerce at She has completed her schooling from Hamirpur and post graduation in Physics from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. She is engaged in writing short stories since college days and her writings were appreciated by her friends and teachers.

Rupal Choudhary
  • I was brought up, in part in a small village in West Bengal and in part, in the pink city of Rajasthan. Born in my own house rather than any hospital while my father was chanting the Durga mantras at dawn, the culture of West Bengal had already seeped into me when we migrated to Jaipur, my conscious unaware of this. After completing my schooling from Jaipur, I pursued engineering in Biotechnology from Noida, after which I came down to Bangalore to work in the field of medical communication. 

Rupali Saran Mirza
  • Rupali Saran Mirza

Russ Curtis
  • Russ Curtis lives and writes in Fletcher, NC, and teaches at Western Carolina University.  His stories and poems have appeared in Waterhouse Review, Timber Creek Review, Mississippi Crow, Taj Mahal Review and Metabolism, among others.

Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
  • Ruth Sabath Rosenthal is a New York City (U.S.) resident and author of numerous needlework "how-to" books; she's also an avid poet whose first chapbook, titled "Facing Home," is due out this summer, published by Finishing Line Press. One of Ruth's poems "on yet another birthday" was nominated for a Pushcart prize in October 2006.