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Fernando Messias
  • Fernando Messias was born in 1970 in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a lawyer, independent arbitrator and mediator, consultant and researcher in tourism, hotel management & real estate, investment law, intellectual property law & business law. As a lawyer, he has exercised professional activity since 1998. As an arbitrator, he has intervened in proceedings, in both domestic and international arbitrations. As a Legal Adviser, he has intervened mainly in property law, tourism & real estate, intellectual property & business law. As a researcher in tourism, he has focused his attention on five-star hospitality, leadership, and organizational well-being. Messias is the author of numerous books and articles on various topics of Knowledge. He has several post graduate specialty degrees and is a facilitator in creative resolution of organizational problems.

Fez McLeod
  • Fez McLeod is a writer/producer/filmmaker from Canada. He has created 2 children's book series called Sassy the Amazing Fire Fighting Rescue Dog and Brave Jack the Flying Squirrel. For adult novels he has written with the help of writer - David Harris - two crime novels entitled Payback and Skavoovee. In his free time he also enjoys writing feature length screenplays. This graphic novel - Samurai Warrior is his first attempt at producing and publishing an illustrated graphic novel.

Floriana Hall
  • Floriana (Berdyck) Hall, poet and author of nine inspirational books, five nonfiction and four poetry, was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. 10/02/27. After many moves, her family settled in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on 12/7/41. Floriana graduated June 1945 from Cuyahoga Falls High (Distinguished Alumna), eleventh in a class of 167. Her English and literature teachers taught her all she needed to know about writing. She attended Akron University business school.

Fotis Begetis
  • Fotis Begetis was born at Iraklion, Crete in 1974. He now lives in Athens, Greece. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts from where he graduated in 2002. He has been working as an educator for the past 12 years in secondary public education. His own artistic pursuits focus on all things digital and he takes a huge interest into areas like mathematics, graphics , video games, L-systems, Artificial Life and A.I. For most of his interaction with the outside world he uses Facebook and you can easily find him there. He will be pleased if you say hi.

francis-krish osho
  • francis-krish osho is a poet artist musician and physician who lives in the moment absolutely. this is his sixth book of "sketchetry" and the first one he chose to publish. sketchetry is a new kind of art where the creator mixes poetry and abstract sketching. his previous books waiting for publications are structure of virtues for advanced souls 2005 present testament for focused golfers 2oo9 30 days 30 pounds 2006 eternal bliss 2010 and lie by the side of the sea 2014

Frieda Groffy
  • Frieda Groffy studied Drama & Theater Arts at the Conservatory of Antwerp-Belgium. That explains the everlasting love to walk onto a stage and ‘perform’. So far she published six books of poetry in Dutch, her mother tongue. She is a restless traveler who can come home into a different culture and feel like a stranger in her own backyard. She published poetry global wise on literary sites as a.o Creative Women- TimBookTu- Quiet Mountain Essays- and was translated in French-Spanish-Arab-Kurdish- Rumanian and Serbian.