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That Erotic Silence

Author: Dr. Anuj
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789385945533
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Pub. Date: 2016
Price: $15

That Erotic Silence, is an emotional voyage of a three years old child to the time he attains adolescence. It s a journey, full of intrigue and the child s close encounters with the sexual and sensual activities happening around him. His experiences and self-revelations, in a pursuit to decipher the truth behind the actual meaning of love and love making.


Editorial Reviews

This book represents a creative and courageous approach to writing by the author.

For me, the boldness has both to do with the subject matter, i.e. the nascence and development of sexuality from childhood onward and the accompanying Freudian explanations, as well as the unusual style of writing: 259 pages of mostly third person narrative and devoid of dialogue! The possible pitfalls to avoid in such an endeavor are many, including snubbing the literary police who religiously warn against "telling rather than showing" the reader, risks of alienating reader participation by distancing him or her from the characters' speech, interactions and multi-dimensional personalities, and the possible tediousness of almost unbroken narrative prose over so many pages.

Here there were no great concerns, it would seem. The author managed to maintain my attention and interest throughout the book, largely due to the fact that the author has a good command of English vocabulary, a passion for the story, a good storytelling ability, a sense of detail, and the successful usage of descriptive imagery and social and culture dynamics - all of which blossom with leaps and bounds, as the book progresses. 

Despite the lack of direct dialogue and traditional in-depth character development, the author manages to create an almost cinematic quality in the storytelling. The author obviously enjoyed writing this tale, and that engagement has brought life to a rather difficult exercise.

While sexual development in the young protagonist Z is the primary problem examined, the underlying main theme is rather about learning to understand love - perhaps mostly from the perspective and experience of women. It is an endearing story, which is well-communicated.

Dr. Rosa Maria DelVecchio provides a very good foreword to the book, but with spoilers. Do read it, but consider reading the story first.

This book would make an interesting study for creative writing students today."

- Adam Donaldson Powell, 2016, Norway

Author BIO
Dr. Anuj

Dr. Anuj is a renowned hand surgeon and micro surgeon.  He is Director of the Microsurgery Centre of Agra.  A high profile professional, he has been a visiting hand surgeon to various hospitals including the USA, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand. He has a passion for music and poetry.  Being an emotional person and a lover of nature and beauty, Dr. Anuj has penned his thoughts through poetry in our 2015 publication of his collection of Hindi poetry entitled Bhavranjini and also through fiction in our 2016 publication of his novel entitled That Erotic Silence.  

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That Erotic Silence

That Erotic Silence
Dr. Anuj
ISBN: 9789385945533