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All About You

Author: Nikita Dudani, Dr. Puneet Aggarwal
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182536654
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Pub. Date: 2016
Price: $11


All About You, compiles momentary stories. It revolves around the most complex yet essential part of life relationships. Be it in any form, relationships define and complete us. The word relationship sounds so simple still, the value and meaning has completely changed in today s world. With this book, both the authors aim to bring out the best and/or the worst moment of relationships and try to introspect it on a deeper level. The stories are light, as they are not written to educate you but to show a mirror to our complexities. Both the authors show the importance of our smallest decision and what effects it can have on everyone. One can imagine their partner in the perfect picture frame or it could be a torn image from the old picture album. It can be a happy married relationship or it may be an unnamed undefined relationship.

Author BIO
Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani did her M.A in English Literature. She works as an independent freelancer content and copywriter. Some of her articles have been published in leading dailies such as Ahmedabad Mirror, DNA, Femina Gujarat Special, Ahmedabad Blog, and Times Food Guide 2015. She has been writing stories and poems since her childhood. For her, weaving stories is all that she knows. She believes that her life is a story, whose bits and pieces she is putting together every day. With this, she is an avid blogger who blogs about everything under the sun. She is also a Tarot Reader, Reiki Therapist, Foodie, and a luxurious traveler.

Puneet Aggarwal

Dr Puneet Aggarwal is student of medicine and a Junior Lecturer in NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad. He is passionate about photography, and is also an avid blogger on food, poetry and photography. He utilizes his after work hours photo shooting or writing. His hard work gained fruition when his work was exhibited at a leading art gallery of Ahmedabad.

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