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Voices & Vices

Author: Vishwa Srivastava & Puneet Aggarwal
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182533622
Pub. Date: 2013
Price: $14

Poetry is a revelation of the infinite power that words hold. Words give meaning to this universe, to our existence, to the knowledge of divine, to one s belief, to contemplative reason, to justice, beauty and above all, to the pleasure of love. Love determinedly beholds its desire to overcome all obstacles. Indeed, it is the only force that can affect transformational change. It holds the strength of standing up and acknowledging one s own Voice. Love is also vanity. It is the desire to corrupt, to overcome one s obstacles at any cost, to harm or hurt. Love, as we know, is also a Vice. And so, we present to you our poems, an attempt to remove the blinds, and reveal the duplicity that love holds as meanings in our life. Our words being Love s: Voices and Vices. Maiden attempt driven by the heart and not the mind leaves scope for improvement. Our due apologies for any mistake which we have done.

Author BIO
Vishwa Srivastava

Vishwa Srivastava, a postgraduate in English Literature is an educator by profession and passion. He teaches English language and literature in an elite school in Ahmedabad. He also works for the education of underprivileged children and welfare of slum dwelling communities of Ahmedabad under his own banner of Chaalo Neeshaad. He believes that the power of words can change the world. His poems are not just an expression of self, but also an application of his understanding and study of Poetry.

Puneet Aggarwal

Dr Puneet Aggarwal is student of medicine and a Junior Lecturer in NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad. He is passionate about photography, and is also an avid blogger on food, poetry and photography. He utilizes his after work hours photo shooting or writing. His hard work gained fruition when his work was exhibited at a leading art gallery of Ahmedabad.

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