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Why cry when you can fly

Author: Siddhant Goel and Alka Goel
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182534582
Pub. Date: 2013
Price: $12


The idea for this book was born on one of my birthdays, when my son wrote a beautiful poem for me as a surprise gift. I was deeply touched and was at a total loss of words. Intrigued by the depth of his words, I insisted on reading all the masterpieces that he had been penning down, conveying his deepest, innermost thoughts and emotions.

Author BIO
Siddhant Goel

Siddhant Goel is a Class XII student from Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. An extremely intellectual and gifted writer, Siddhant is passionate for subjects like Literature and Economics. No wonder, he spends a majority of his time reading novels or analysing fiscal policies! A compassionate individual, he values relationships and considers his family, friends and those around him as his greatest priorities in life. 

Alka Goel

Alka Goel, co-author, is a Senior Engineering Manager with a leading multinational company that provides Electronic Design Automation software solutions. Coupled with a Masters in Computers, she has 21 years of rich industry experience. Alka strongly believes that everything and everyone has a purpose in life, hence it would not be inappropriate to call her a die-hard optimist who believes in life and its bounty.

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Why cry when you can fly

Why cry when you can fly
Siddhant Goel and Alka Goel
ISBN: 9788182534582