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5 feet 5 inch Run Machine - Sachin Tendulkar

Author: Amit.B.Kalantri
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-81-8253-345-5
Pub. Date: 2012
Price: $15

Everyone who watched and understood cricket from 1989 would have never imagine that their generation, their time is going receive the gifts of the superlative batting performances from greatest ever cricket player Sachin Tendulkar. But very soon people witnessed high precision straight drives, square cuts, leg flick and leg glance, cover drives, pull, paddle sweep from Sachin Tendulkar which brought runs, centuries, records and victories for team India. There is something about his batting, something grand which no one could resist watching and got completely attracted to it like it is the highest beauty in the world. People forget everything else and never compromise while watching Sachin’s batting. His batting gets people’s constant attention and admiration. In a nutshell Sachin’s batting is supreme inspiration for people.  Sachin is favourite and highly respected celebrity for people in India because he handled his success with utmost generosity, gratitude and politeness. His integrity, attitude, character and behaviour on the field and outside the field is unquestionable. His sweet voice, curly hair, smiling face remained engraved in people’s memories. Sachin is not there only in people's cheer but he is also there in their hearts and prayers.

“5 Feet 5 Inch Run Machine” this book has the 400 quotes/insights written on Sachin Tendulkar by Me. The title of the book is self explanatory. These quotes explain his batting excellence, his noble character and people's love and feelings for him. As soon as you read the quote you will find that you have experienced the explanation in the quote in your life while watching Sachin's batting. The quotes are written with relevant metaphors and sensitivity because Sachin’s batting is both best and beautiful. Few quotes in the book are written in accordance with my personal experiences while I watched his batting. There are few quotes said by the renowned cricketers of the world for Sachin. But this book does not include those quotes. The quotes are original and new written by author who is great fan of Sachin Tendulkar.

The quotes in the book are written in way to inspire the people to improve and excel in their own profession by following Sachin Tendulakar’s life. The book is a tribute to the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar whose batting brought happiness for people and won their hearts.

-By Amit Kalantri

Author BIO
Amit Kalantri

Amit Kalantri has authored two books including this one. His other work is “I Love You Too” a book with romantic insights. Amit Kalantri is a 2009 batch Electronics and Telecomm engineer from VIIT, Pune. He is currently working with an IT firm in Pune.

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5 feet 5 inch Run Machine - Sachin Tendulkar

5 feet 5 inch Run Machine - Sachin Tendulkar
ISBN: 978-81-8253-345-5


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