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Horizon: The Haiku Anthology

Author: Edited by Dr. Santosh Kumar
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789388125062
Pub. Date: 2018
Price: $15

The haiku anthology HORIZON includes some of the most inspired, artless and spontaneous haiku by the contemporary poets from different countries across the world. The freshness and light of these haiku will please and charm all lovers of poetry. Whatever we may say about the mandatory application of 5-7-5 structure, the fact cannot be denied that the beauty of a good haiku depends on its concrete clarity, lucidity and spontaneity. While writing haiku, it is quite prudent to follow the advice of Ezra Pound: "Go in fear of abstractions." It is quite apparent after reading these haiku included in HORIZON that the poets have reached new heights in their development as haiku artists. It is good to remember that it is not likely for the modern haiku poets across the globe to be confined to the grand total of 17 syllables, but the use of juxtaposition of images 'continues to be honored in both traditional and modern haiku'. This enables the poets to breathe life into haiku. The dissimilar images are interwoven by the poet to create a harmonious whole. The most striking quality of the haiku published in this latest book HORIZON is that the poets contain a universe of thought and feeling within themselves. This enables these poets to unfold their true feelings and exhibit them vividly to other eyes. I shall only add to it that every great haiku is written in words full of the supreme gift of simplicity and spontaneity. The haiku included in HORIZON are devoid of any artificial or labored vocabulary, and imbued with clarity of thought, poetic intensity and wealth of imagination, which reveals a deep inspiration. I trust that these haiku will appeal to all readers heart and imagination.



    Anatoly Kudryavitsky

    André Surridge          

    Anna Cates    

    Anne Curran  

    Artūras Šilanskas       

    Baidha Fercoq

    Ban'ya Natsuishi        

    Ben Moeller-Gaa        

    Bíró József     

    Bryan Rickert 

    Daniela Bullas

    Darrell Lindsey          

    Diana Kwiatkowski Rubin    

    Gabriel Bates 

    James Roderick Burns           

    Jean LeBlanc  

    John Mcdonald          

    Kate Alsbury  

    Le Van Truyen (Vietnam)     

    Leland James

    Lucy Whitehead        

    Małgorzata Formanowska     

    Marta Knobloch         

    Mary Harwell Sayler  


    Michael Dylan Welch

    Michael J. Ferris        

    Michelle Ortega         

    Midhat Hrnčić - MIDHO      

    Minko Tanev  

    Moshé Liba    

    Nada Jacmenica         

    Natalia L Rudychev   

    Nells Wasilewski       

    Nicholas M. Sola       


    Olivier Schopfer        

    P.J. Reed        

    Roberta Beary

    Robert Witmer           

    Santosh Kumar          

    Shirley Bolstok          

    Stoianka Boianova     

    Suzie Palmer  

    Sylvia Forges-Ryan   

    Tanuj Khosla  

    Dr Tim Gardiner        

    Toshio Kimura           

    Valiukas Mindaugas  


    Volker Friebel

    Willie R. Bongcaron  

    Yoshihiko Furuta 

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Horizon: The Haiku Anthology

Horizon: The Haiku Anthology
Edited by Dr. Santosh Kumar
ISBN: 9789388125062