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Flotsam of the Mind

Author: Malini
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789385945564
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Pub. Date: Dec. 06, 2016
Price: $15

Flotsam of the Mind, is a compilation of pieces of Malini's soul... Her knowledge of form matches her ability to tell a story. From love to philosophy to social issues, she has a point of view on everything and shares it candidly almost unabashedly with her readers. Her work experiments with forms and technique constantly pushing the artistic boundaries to fresher more exciting limits... A beautifully pieced together randomness of an artist's mind.



All poems included in this poetry collection reveal an impressive vitality or mental power of the poet. The value of these poems for all readers is perennial. We find here an immense variety of poems. Most important from the literary point of view, the style of the poet has a richness of effect that creates an enduring fascination. (Karunesh Agarwal) --Cyberwit Blog

Flotsam of the Mind is a good attempt for a first book of poetry. The author demonstrates a good understanding of poetry styles, and has many thoughts to communicate. With maturity, experience and practice her writing will improve even more so. 

-Adam Donaldson Powell, 2016, Norway.

Author BIO

Malini started her career as a Radio Jockey with All India Radio and went on to become a journalist. She worked with Zee News and CNN ( and e-biz Asia Program) before moving to the corporate world where she launched several new brands in the Indian market.. Today after two decades of dabbling in various fields and doing a Masters in Business Management Malini has found her calling as an Artist. She is an Author, Painter and Photographer other than being an active Feminist.

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Flotsam of the Mind

Flotsam of the Mind
ISBN: 9789385945564