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Author: Edited by Amitabh Mitra
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780620718301
Publisher: The Poets Printery
Pub. Date: 2016
Price: $30

Trainstorm is a collection of poems from poets all over the world. The book was created with the concept that there is no actual real train but there is a train running continuously and surreptitiously within. This is the train of encountering our first love and thereafter many loves. This is a train, a poet feels but can express in images and not in words. This is the train of the Trainman in Matrix who tells Neo, here in the train station, he is the God. Trainstorm is this revolution, I have tried to create, a reason is perhaps an extinct word. There is a storm approaching much like the Chambal storms at Gwalior. We continue to live in such Trainstorms.

Author BIO
Amitabh Mitra

Amitabh Mitra is one of the most widely published poets globally. A medical doctor, poet and a visual artist living in South Africa, he has edited, Trainstorm. Cover and Back Art are his acrylic work on canvas. The book is a coffee table hard cover edition which has abstract photographs by Amitabh of trains in motion. 

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Edited by Amitabh Mitra
ISBN: 9780620718301



Abha Iyengar,

Albert Russo,

Amitabh Mitra,

Ananya S.Guha,

Ashish Kaul,

Athol E. Williams,

Barry Tebb,

Bhaswati Ghosh,

Brian G. D’Arcy,

Daisy Abey,

Danish Husain,

Devika Rajan,

Desan Iyer,

Geosi Gyasi,

Geeta Chhabra,

Glory Sasikala,

Graham Vivian Lancaster,

Huzaifa Pandit,

Jaynie (Zainab) Abdurahman,

Janet Lees,

John Stocks,

Kerala Varma,

Leela Mayor,

Lynda G. Bullerwell,

Michele Fermanis-Winward,

Naomi Nkealah,

Nibedita Sen,

Nilesh Mondal,

Norbert Gora,

Nayyara Rahman,

Petra Furaha ten Velde,

Poulome Mitra Shaw,

Pratish Mistry,

Raphael d’Abdon,

Ra Sh,

Radhika Budhwar,

Radhika Mukherjee,

R.K. Biswas,

Reema Das,

Ruth Loewenthal,

Semeen Ali,

Soumyen Maitra,

Sunil Sharma,

Thandokuhle Siphukwazi Mngqibisa,

Tsitsi S.A. Sachikonye,

Uma Trilok,

Usha Kishore,

Usha Chandrasekharan,

Victoria Valentine,

Zena John