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That's the Way Blood Trickles: The secret of the headless rider of the unicorn

Author: Aman Agarwal
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789385945120
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Pub. Date: 2016
Price: $15

Vampires and dragons are not the only supernatural creatures that dwell in the fantasy world the author creates. There we also encounter an endless array of disturbing characters such as the headless man, the mummy king and his army of mummies, schools of vampire-fish and even a hedgehog that at times offers comic relief and at other times moves us to tears. Agarwal incorporates just the right touch of classical Greek mythology into his story while still preserving his own originality. He uses the unicorn and the magic healing powers traditionally associated with the alicorn to his advantage in developing several levels of symbolism necessary to his story. The end result of this diverse array

Author BIO
Aman Agarwal

I'm currently working at Accenture, Mumbai. I love to sing and play basketball. This poetry book is divided into three shades: Dawn, Dusk and Midnight. Although the last poem in each shade may seem less of a poem but read it: it fits into the shade just fine. Hope you enjoy reading them as much I've had writing them. Take each poem one at a time and think over it. By the end of this journey you'll become a better and true version of you.

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