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69: The Other Wise Poetry

Author: Amol
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182535381
Pub. Date: 2014
Price: $12

69: The Otherwise Poetry is a collection of 69 poems that perceptively romanticises a relationship between two lovers. The poems narrate the yearning of betrayed soul, who now craves to reunite with his passionate inamorata. The tale echoes his ache for a fervid intimacy that they once shared. This longing, however, is not conveyed in a direct quixotic manner to make it sound like a clichéd tender yarn of love, but instead given in a shade of a fiery romance that tangentially steers through the unimaginable boundaries of fantasy. Sadly though, it is just a dreamy imagination filled with a violent agony of abandonment that pours out in form of inhuman thoughts for his dearie. At times the mood sways through the feelings of hatred, regret, and cruelty. Perhaps there is nothing orderly in his life, yet in that disorderly state, this possessed admirer sails across in imagination to make things look aesthetical amidst the chaotic torments. The imaginings are an exact upside-down, an opposite, of the realities. The collection, aptly titled 69: The Otherwise Poetry , will be of interest to readers who are always on the hunt to read something different and interesting.

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69: The Other Wise Poetry

69: The Other Wise Poetry
ISBN: 9788182535381