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Bob's Gettysburg Saga & Poetry

Author: D Everett Newell & Doug Hodges
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182535350
Pub. Date: 2014
Price: $15

The poems included in the poetry collection 'Bob's Gettysburg Saga & Poetry' by D Everett Newell and Doug Hodges reveal an exuberant poetic fervor. They are not "random explosions" due to disintegration in society; on the other hand, they are enlivened by a sharp intelligence, attractive symbols, evocative rhythms and sumptuous imagery. As a master of simple and direct style discarding the ornate and the rhetorical, D Everett Newell has few rivals and no superiors. These poems written with consummate ease show Hodges' soft state of feelings and imagination. These poems have a certain inevitable and final felicity that is the true mark of genius. In intensity of feeling and intellectual power, Newell and Hodges are some of the greatest poets the modern world has known. The book also includes quite remarkable and admirable “Bob’s Saga at Gettysburg Part I, II and III” by D Everett Newell and Doug Hodges.

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Bob's Gettysburg Saga & Poetry

Bob's Gettysburg Saga & Poetry
D Everett Newell & Doug Hodges
ISBN: 9788182535350