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I Luv My Lyf

Author: Chital Mehta
Binding: Paperback (pp: 136)
ISBN: 978-81-8253-140-6
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Pub. Date: 2009
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The shrill voice of the alarm woke up Nisha in the wee hours of Monday morning. She turned in her bed tossing and twisting not wanting to spoil her sleep. After turning off the alarm for the fourth time, she squeezed her eyes to adjust her eyesight and look up to her alarm clock. It was seven o’clock. It happened to her occasionally. She found it irritating to open her eyes to see clearly, after she shut her eyes for long hours. She did not have the perfect eyesight but her contact lenses aided her to see the things, which she wanted to see.

It was her first day of college. The day every collegian looks forward to. Nisha was no exception. She had intended to start the day by rising up early and deciding which costume would she fit into. All her plans were washed away when her sleep took over. She always had trouble in getting up early.

Sometimes, it made her think, "Why in the world did days have to start in mornings. Wouldn’t it be better if it were in noons"? Much to her day dreaming, she realized she was getting late.

Nisha was not a girl of speed but she was fast enough to get dressed before her bus arrived. She hurriedly rushed into the bathroom in her favorite pink three fourth pajamas. She would not sleep in anything else if it were not for her pajamas. She brushed hard to make her off-white yellowish teeth look polished teeth but in vain. No amount of toothpaste was going to change that awful color of her teeth.

Having a quick bath, she wore on her new churidhar. Not that she did not wear jeans, but she wanted to get a look at the way people dressed in her college, which was why she choose a simple looking yellow outfit with black stripes. She neatly tied her light brown –blackish colored hair into a ponytail, which swayed side ways when she walked past the doors searching for her bag......................



Author BIO
Chital Mehta

Chital Mehta is currently residing in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. "I Luv My Lyf" is her debut novel. She believes that life is gift which has to be treasured and cherished each day and every minute. She is working as an associate software engineer.

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I Luv My Lyf

I Luv My Lyf
Chital Mehta
ISBN: 978-81-8253-140-6