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Inked Feathers

Author: Chandi V.S. Bulusu
Binding: Paperback (pp: 91)
ISBN: 81-82 53-053-9
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Pub. Date: 2006
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The pieces of writing mentioned in the book are an example of how poetry can be taken as an alternative to the idle times and the way it has been rightly proved by bringing out the depth of my heartfelt experiences. For me writing poetry was a definite boon and as pages turned on and on it has now become a habit to write at least two mere verses a day.

These 'strings' of profundity were written in the zero hours of the night when reality rolled through the pages in verses. The only inspiration for beginning to write was me and afterwards reality, until some encouraging moments clashed. When a poem or two were published, dazed and amazed by this sudden new nuance of my creative power, inspirations poured and overflowed.

Poems in Inked Feathers sign truth;

Quotes replicate the unchangeable truth;

Poetry in Prose reveals the changing truth; all these mark truth about truth.

Poems scale a wide variety of topics some featured on my other hobbies like Painting and Music. Painting gives me such immense indescribable pleasure; it's almost like transmigration; when the brush caresses the paper or the canvas with delicate strokes, it touches me with the ultimate happiness. The poems "Language of Colors" and "The Immortal" implicate the sunny shades of the different degrees and fine distinctions of the measures of this Fine Art.

I feel music is the essence of the soul and I continue to embrace it enthusiastically whenever and wherever possible but my soul regrets till date for leaving it undone. The poem "Music" and "Instrumental"; publishes my perennial love for Music, unfurling and reciting what the basic 'notes' and 'instruments' of Indian classical music connote to me.

There are some heart rendering poems; "The Princess of Darkness", "Reflections of a Refugee" and "Meaning of a Woman", written just to arouse the dead instincts of the inferior souls. Poems like "Looks of a Bride", "Friend", "Diwali", etc are written on lighter notes and moods. It is not possible to narrate the looks of all the poems in the introduction but is separately briefed in the 'Prologue'.

I give my impressions and impersonation in the 'Quotes' about the connubial and conventional 'happening events' in a person's life like "Marriage", "Friendship", etc.

I display my mental appearances and notions in 'Poetry in Prose', of how a non filial relation is respected the most in the entire realm of relations; by a short description of the "Teacher - Student; Relationship"; taking the stalwart of Indian Philosophy Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, as a wonderful example of this. Concatenating to this, there are messages for doomed and certain lovers and also 'Haiku', a Japanese form of short poetry limited to lines three, in the last but not the least, the 'HAIKU' section.

Writing poetry and books is a never ending saga, I waited for a beginning. The more I write, the more I bring out the hidden experiences and understanding of the signs and manifestations of existence, its perfect placement of events and proceedings towards better progress of life.

Author BIO
Chandi V. S. Bulusu

Chandi V.S. Bulusu is a young and emerging poet. She is an ardent lover of Fine Arts and takes interest in Music, Painting and Writing. She has an Honors Degree in Mathematics and Masters Degree in Finance. A multi-faceted person, she also has Chitra Bhushan qualification in Fine Art. She is essentially interested in creative writing and writes poetry and short stories. She loves reading Spiritual books.

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Inked Feathers

Inked Feathers
Chandi V.S. Bulusu
ISBN: 81-82 53-053-9