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Ek Darpan

Author: Deepak Kumar
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789381696514
Publisher: Rochak Publishing
Pub. Date: 2014
Price: $12

All poems included in the poetry collection are characterized by keen observation and conversational style. These poems are devoid of any artificial and spurious emotion. The employment of concrete imagery in these poems is quite admirable. Instead of rhetorical style, the poet prefers the exact word. After reading these poems, it is evident that the poet s style is quite lucid.

I am presenting ‘Ek Darpan’ Hindi poems book. This book contains something 61 poems on about different matters. It has poems express that God, Devotion, Love, Songs, Nature, Earth, Patriotism, Friends, Teachers, Relationship and others. In fact, the poems show the sorrows of struggling middle class and poor class person and sometimes these poems are trying to sponge the tears of a helpless person. The Author’s poems have something for every age group as fun for the kids and inspiration for the teenage and healing touch for the defeated person and some teachings for every person. The poet has also tried to awake the love for the motherland by poem like ‘Mera Hindustan’. In reality the poet has himself seen so tough time and ups and downs of life that his poems have naturally got those all experiences of pains of middle class person. But something worth seeing is that even after all these things his poems never suggest you to give up as shown in ‘Wo Raah’ and ‘Ek Haqikat’. As he suggest you to follow the line commonly seen behind the truck ‘Sangarsh Hee Jivan Hai’. But still you have to be thankful to the poems as they heal out your wounds and try to give you a path.

Author BIO
Deepak Kumar

The author looks at life through his eyes and experience, developed the art of writing poems in his stages of life and thinks that it was a gift given to his by the Almighty. This book of poems is through his feelings, and thinks that all human beings go through life in a similar manner.

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Ek Darpan

Ek Darpan
Deepak Kumar
ISBN: 9789381696514