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The Wheel Will Turn

Author: Manohar Mouli Biswas
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788192818771
Pub. Date: 2014
Price: $14

Manohar Mouli Biswas conceived his poetic impetus on Dalit themes when he was posted as an employee in Nagpur during 1968-69. He came in terms with leading Marathi dalit writers and activists. His literary foundation was made under the strong influence of the followers of Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. He read Ambedkar and became his active supporter for cause of the betterment of the voiceless and the oppressed, particularly under the caste system. In 1987 (8-10th Oct.) Manohar Mouli Biswas attended the All India Dalit Writers Conference in Hyderabad and came in close contact with Dr Yashwant Manohar, Daya Pawar, Arun Kamble, Waman Nimbalkar, and many other stalwarts of Dalit Literature/Movement. He himself read a paper in the conference entitled, The Contemporary Literature and Dalit Writers which later on was included in the seminar proceedings edited by Bojja Tharakam in 1994. The Bangla Dalit Sahitya Sanstha was established in 1992 with the tragic suicide of Chuni Kotal for caste discrimination. The tribal girl was studying Anthropology for her M.A. degree at Vidyasagar University. Mr. Biswas became an Executive Member of the Sanstha since its inception.

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The Wheel Will Turn

The Wheel Will Turn
Manohar Mouli Biswas
ISBN: 9788192818771