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The Creepy Cuties

Author: 9788192801070
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788192801070
Pub. Date: 2014
Price: $17

SAMAIRA, NALINI, ANUSHKA, PIYALI and ABIGAIL have an epic friendship in the cozy town of Dehradun. But as 11th grade sets in the girls face choices that will take them on different routes. Anushka s evil twin brother Anant and his buddies are bent on making life hell for them. A new adventure calls them to pack their knapsacks and go camping! Can the girls make it back in one piece once they accidentally trespass the biggest loot party of the year? Will the girls survive these challenges? But what is friendship if it can t stick against all odds, right?

Author BIO
Shamita Harsh

Shamita is a 19 year old author at heart and freelance writer by profession, a college student of Mass Communication. She lives with her parents in Dehradun, the tinsel town she grew up in, right alongside her babies, her best friends who were born and brought upin the amazing town: the Creepy Cuties. A born writer at heart, she owes it to her dad for the lineage of writing, for the inkling toward the creative! 


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The Creepy Cuties

The Creepy Cuties
ISBN: 9788192801070