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Author: Dr. Rajeshwar Uniya
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-8182534223
Pub. Date: 2013
Price: $15

The poetry book originally written in Hindi by Dr. Rajeshwar Uniyal titled Shail-Sagar has now been translated in English by Shri C.P. Juyal. Shail Sagar is commonly known as Hills & Oceans or Mountain and ocean etc. The poet described Shail-Sagar as a dream having hills all around the Ocean. Poet Dr. Rajeshwar Uniyal was born in Uttrakhand which is a, hilly state of India. The poet spends his childhood in hilly area and youth in Mumbai, which is situated near the bank of Arabian Ocean. So he could successfully describe the beauty and importance (with authentic references wherever found necessary) in his imaginary poetry Sail Sagar. The poet has beautifully described the life of people in completely two different habitats. He has subtle understanding of the subject and is profound thinker, with intense and compelling clarity poet takes us to places which are so unique and special having their own heritage, culture, myth and philosophy of life...

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Dr. Rajeshwar Uniya
ISBN: 978-8182534223