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Mirrors of My Soul

Author: Maryam Gazala
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182534445
Pub. Date: 2013
Price: $15

The late Maryam Gazala, deserves far more recognition than a small but dedicated circle of devotees she commanded, in these times when publishers shun poetry, claiming it has no market. This is a sad commentary for a nation that may have led the world in poetry for thousands of years, and a land that has produced a rainbow of languages, including Urdu - a true amalgamation of Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Hindi (or khadi boli of olden times). That brings to the fore another more fascinating aspect of the scholarly poet - because she was a true polyglot, whose writing in Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi and English could withstand the most critical gaze and pass muster with facile ease. In fact for a polyglot reader it would be impossible to make comparisons, for her original flavour in writing never slackened nor faded - each piece was a masterpiece.

Author BIO
Maryam 'Gazala'

Maryam 'Gazala', a poet and writer was born on 22nd March 1939 in a small town in Gujarat called Radhanpur and brought up in Mumbai and passed away on 27th Sep 2011 in Mumbai. She had done her Masters in Psychology and English and was also an M.Ed, D.P.Ed., and a Sahitya Ratna degree holder. 

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Mirrors of My Soul

Mirrors of My Soul
Maryam Gazala
ISBN: 9788182534445