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A Journey to Remember

Author: Swarupa Chavan
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182534117
Pub. Date: 2013
Price: $15


A phone call from Reva summoning her for her help makes Ananya drop everything and rush to her aid. Ananya embarks on a journey of startling discovery, to Oakwood in Shimla where Reva resides.Her core beliefs and philosophies are challenged when she meets Kunal who is a matrimonial alliance for Reva invited at Oakwood by the General - Reva s father. Kunal has agreed to visit Oakwood only due to family pressures and does not have any inclination to get married in the near future. Ananya is unable to fathom the attraction she feels for Kunal and is scared of the outcome. Things get complicated as Ananya s attempt to bring Reva and Nikhil together results in misunderstandings between Kunal. They turn dangerous when Sam the Chauffer-cum-Cook at Oakwood tries to sabotage their innocent plan out of his sincere loyalty towards the General. Ananya is faced with a grave question leaving her to wonder what her journey to Shimla would lead to.



Swarupa Chavan’s novel A JOURNEY TO REMEMBER aptly reveals that the novelist has a strength and a sureness of creative touch. This supremely original novel gives a full expression to her genius.



Author BIO
Swarupa Chavan

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Swarupa works as a Deputy General Manager with one of the leading Agro Chemical Manufacturing companies. Apart from being a rank holder in Packaging Technology, Swarupa has done her MBA and has achieved several accolades in her professional field.

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A Journey to Remember

A Journey to Remember
Swarupa Chavan
ISBN: 9788182534117