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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182533745
Pub. Date: 2013
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Managing Editor Dolly Singh

Children are born inherently creative. They act on it, without being conscious- willing to dance, draw or write at a moment’s notice. All children begin with enormous creative capacity, but how does their willingness to act on it diminish as they grow older? Instead of growing into their creativity, they grow out of it. This is where we step in. To help them fledge; give wings to their expressions, and help them soar. Not wanting to interrupt their flow of thoughts or school their expressions, we just let them be without prodding or prompting.


NewLeaf poetry group is an initiative to promote poetry reading and writing among school children. The effort aims at shaping up young poets and give poetry, a future in India. It seeks to offer  children an opportunity to showcase their talent and polish their skills. This anthology-fledglings, is one such attempt by NewLeaf poetry group.


"A collection which reminds of the childhood poet once vibrant within me.

 A well framed collection pronounced from visions of innocence."

Sonnet Mondal

Editor in Chief,

The Enchanting Verses Literary Review.


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ISBN: 9788182533745




Abhay Kamal Das

Aditi Sharma

Akanksha Bhattacharjee

Adiba Faiyaz

Akanksha Narang

Amisha Chaturvedi

Anish Sarkar

Apurva Agarwal

Ayesha Pasha

Ikwansha Singh

Jahnvi Jairaj

Ketan Singh Yadav

My Grandfather


Pawan Javvaji

Ronak R Srivastava

Rysha Singh

Sai Ujwal Gorji

Sanya Singh

Sanya Tyagi

The Mysterious Wall

Sharanya Mosalakanti

A Rainy Recall

Simran Chandra

The Tempest

Future and Friend

Sonakshi Praakash

Trishit Banerjee

Trishita Paul

Yousuf Khan

Zainab Ummer Farook