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sounds of desire

Author: Meenu Mehrotra
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182533431
Pub. Date: 2012
Price: $15

The nuances of words, the subtle usage of the surreal, the simplicity of flow, the profound thoughts in a seamless flow, all are the signature mark of Meenu Mehrotra`s poetry. A concoction of thoughts, senses of melody, each poem is a nugget of emotions, made me feel as symphony put to words. All emotions embedded in our subconscious, is laid bare, by usage, mesmerizing thoughts to words-surreal, poignant and the underlying spiritual quotient of loving, longing of a soul seeking celestial bliss. It touches in a way, deep within. It strikes a chord of melancholy, the search of self, all which makes the chalice of poems, through which a seeker can quench his thirst. The rainbow of emotions, that all have felt, in loving and losing, is put in words by the quilt of the awakened. A poetic book, to be read, and reread, for each time, one sees various hidden connotation, in the language of poetic beauty. Reminds me of the Lake poets, for the writing and usage of simple verses, loaded with emotions of the heart. I was drenched in the flavours of a soul song.

Sharique Jamal

Author BIO
Meenu Mehrotra

Meenu Mehrotra is a lifelong learner and writer whose works have appeared in national publications. She was awarded special mention in the Gentleman Public Service Advertising Award in 1993 for her AIDS awareness campaign.

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sounds of desire

sounds of desire
Meenu Mehrotra
ISBN: 9788182533431