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Harbouring Silences

Author: Ardra Manasi
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-8182533035
Pub. Date: 2012
Price: $14

There was a time when every youth of my city dreamt to be a poet. They were surged by an igneous passion to react to their personal world and the world around them through words, words after words that shaped into a leaner, elongated structure, evidently different from an article or a story. I was thrilled to find that lost passion, that luminous force… a kind of outcry which is also subtle and aesthetic in Ardra Manasi. So, those youths with dream struck eyes and fiery love for something that is far from a sickly fat bank balances still exist. Ardra Manasi’s poems appeals mostly as a burst of youthfulness. They have the power of strong convictions. With an expression that is frank and outrageous, vibrant and at times strikingly cynical these poems move around a varied canvas from mythology to borders to ‘Othello’ and the Snake charmers. I enjoyed this journey from one realm to the other and observed that in all the backdrops Ardra Manasi’s expressions are innate outcomes of genuinely churned emotions. I have always believed that poetry and all other art forms are built on this honesty. I would like to specially mention about Ardra Manasi’s imagery. Her poems have the strength of powerful visual imagery, colours for instance, are integral for the psyche of her poetry. A strong, rather very strong sense of womanhood and a concern which is often a rebellious uproar against inhumanity evoke from her craft. I deeply value the poet’s spirit and passion, more as it is at the same time, essentially poetic. I sincerely believe Ardra Manasi has a long way to go as an important Indian English poet of next generation. I wish her my heartiest bests and welcome her in this mad and painful yet beautiful world of poets.

                                                Buddhadeb Dasgupta
                                        Filmmaker & Writer




Author BIO

Ardra Manasi is a final year Masters student of Development Studies at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. She has published her first collection of poems in Malayalam titled ‘Jalatharpanam’ in 2007. She has actively contributed articles and poems to newspapers and magazines including The Hindu, Reading Hour, Mathrubhumi, Bodhi Commons etc.

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Harbouring Silences

Harbouring Silences
Ardra Manasi
ISBN: 978-8182533035