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Eeti Vs Ansh

Author: Prabhat Kumar Deo
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-8192036366
Publisher: Rochak Publishing
Pub. Date: 2012
Price: $15

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Love is not an emotion, just as life and death are not emotions.  However, all three—love, life and death—invoke emotions, the widest range of human emotions, which are explored to their fullest by Mr. Prabhat Kumar Deo in his debut novel, EETI VS ANSH.  This is the story of two young college students who fall in love and soon discover that it is easier to excel in higher education than to plan a simple date for coffee.

Mr. Deo is a thoughtful writer, ever drawing the reader into the plot by having the narrator, Ansh, address us in the second person.  This is a rare and effective literary strategy that makes us feel we too are students right there on campus with Ansh and, of course, the object of his deepest desire, the lovely and mysterious Eeti.

At once delightful and heart-wrenching is Ansh’s chivalrous pursuit of his seemingly unattainable young lady.  We laugh as his geometrical study of the circle during class spins him into a romantic daydream about the round shape of his beloved’s earrings, her headband, and other such girlish details that fascinate Ansh.  And we feel his pain when Eeti abruptly announces her departure.

Is this young lady out of our hero’s reach because he has put her so high up on the pedestal of love that Ansh can only hope to love her from afar?  Is the problem that he is a love addict?  No, I’m afraid it is not so simple.  As the plot thickens, we discover there are far deeper forces driving the lives of both Ansh and Eeti toward their ultimately divine discovery of unconditional love.

EETI VS ANSH is a must-read—exciting, passionate, suspenseful.

- Rosa Maria DelVecchio

Rosa Maria DelVecchio of the U.S. has been a part of the culturally diverse network of creative authors at Cyberwit for ten years and invites readers to enjoy Prabhat Kumar Deo's debut novel, Eeti Vs. Ansh, as much as she did.

Author BIO
Prabhat Kumar Deo

Prabhat Kumar Deo is a hardware engineer, who is a writer by passion. At the age of 23, he published his debut romantic fiction "EETI VS ANSH". He started writing in his college and since then he has never looked back. He has a wide range of writing interest, but love, life and philosophy are his favorite.

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Eeti Vs Ansh

Eeti Vs Ansh
Prabhat Kumar Deo
ISBN: 978-8192036366