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Harvests of New Millennium

Edited by: Dr. Santosh Kumar
Binding: Paperback & Hardback
ISSN: 81-8253-050-4 (pp: 176)
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Publisher:, India
Pub. Date: 2005
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your brain's
axe only chops hugest inherent
Trees of Ego, from

 whose living and biggest

bodies lopped
of every

you hew form truly
                      - e. e. cummings (1894-1962)

The mission of Cyberwit is to encourage and promote the visual arts and poetry. I hope our planet 'where ignorant armies clash by night' will become a safer and better place to breathe in through the medium of photos, paintings, drawings, and poetry. The great significance of painting was very well realised by Lewis Carroll in his Alice's Adventures in Wondrland, Ezra Pound in his Chinese Ideograms, and Augusto de Campos who pioneered Concrete Poetry. Cyberwit's Harvests of New Millennium is divided into three sections: (1) Photos, Paintings and Drawings, (2) Poetry and (3) Biography of Contributing Artists. The book features poems and artworks by the artists from all over the world.            

I have tried my best to include only such artists, who are able to transcend the dream world of 'fancy and funs, the daffodil and lily." The world today needs art, which is modern, cosmical, and has the postmodern quest for "metanarratives" (Lyotard). The "Rebel Poets of the 1950s" in USA attacked "the hackneyed and moribund" culture. For example, the Beat poets like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Gregory Corso were quite unconventional in their experiments with poetic technique. Ginsberg's "Howl" (1955) became the best-seller after its obscenity trial in 1957. 

The poems and artwork selected for Harvests of New Millennium will surely compel our admiration. Several poets in Harvests of New Millennium have concentrated on the burning problems of  our megapolitan world. It is true that the postmodern era is highly confused about the direction to be adopted by a poet. The quest for "infallible church of poetic tradition" seems to be a futile attempt. To attain lofty, sublime and severe style the contemporary poet "should ascend out of  common interest, the thoughts of the newspapers, of the market place, of men of science, but only so far as we can carry the normal, passionate, reasoning self, the personality as a whole" (W. B. Yeats).     

The fact is that a poet should have a message to convey. A poem must not be empty; it must have content. "Dante, Milton, Goethe, would never, for a moment, have admitted that they were but the idle singers of empty days; every one of them felt he had a message, and must be free to utter it or die. Imagine, in these poets, the same amount of purely poetic power, vast as that is, without the thought and how immense the loss!" (Kellett, Fashion in Literature). But the philosophy or thought of a poet should not be a hindrance in our poetic enjoyment. The whole mission of a poet is to make his thought and philosophy come to life in other minds than his. "The radiant persuasions of sense and sound in a poet's phrases marshalled by the structure of his thought into the inclusive harmony, will effect an experience in the reader's mind which may be, so far as it is possible, the imitation of the poet's experience" (Abercrombie, The Theory of Poetry). 

Sample Artworks 

© Adelle Desiree Jean                 © Airton Adami ( Pitti )                 ©  Angela Neff 

© Donald Edward Kidd                © Francie Aguilera                       © Jeroen van Valkenburg 

© Nancy Arnold                                                         © Shelagh McKenna 

© Mildred Savage

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Harvests of New Millennium

Harvests of New Millennium
Dr. Santosh Kumar
ISBN: 81-8253-050-4 (pp: 176)



Adam Donaldson Powell
Adelle Desiree Jean
Alan M. Danzis 
Amy Marie Hess
Andy Harding 
Angela Neff 
Airton Adami ( Pitti )
Åse Lilleskare Faugstad 
Ayesha Alam
Azra Daniel Francis
Barbara Elizabeth Mercer
Barbara Smilgin
Barbie Frudakis
Charles Griffith
Charles Ray 
Christian Avery Bryant 
Christopher English
Corrie Ancone 
Crystal Diane Arbogast
Cynthia Physentzou 
Dana Kent Gallup
Danny Cottam
Daryl Hawkins
David T. Culver 
Deborah Clearwaters
Del Senkbeil
Dennis Newell 
Diane Oatley 
Dimitris P. Kraniotis 
Donald Edward Kidd 
Duane Locke
Dwayne Pagnotto 
Eden Bryant
Edward Hanson
El-Hadi Kadouf
Ellaraine Lockie 
Floriana Hall 
Francie Aguilera 
Frieda Groffy
Gregory A. De Feo 
Heather S. McMullen
Hirsch L. Silverman
James Ray Scott
Janet K. Brennan 
Jeroen van Valkenburg 
Jerry Bradley 
Julian Garcia
Karen A Sperry 
Karunesh Agrawal 
Kelley Jean White
Konstantina Daskalaki 
Laura Stamps 
Linda L. Bielowski 
Lisa Zaran 
Louie Levy
Lynda M Ortiz 
Lynn Veach Sadler 
Maria Cristina Azcona 
Mark Odom
Matthew J. George
Michael Estabrook 
Mildred Savage
Minerva Bloom 
Monica E. Smith
Nancy Arnold 
Nicole Jahan
Oliver Cook 
Pat Goltz
Patricia Jo Roche 
Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Patrice Lauren 
Ray Wilkins
Rhonda Marie Hayman
Richard MacAleese 
Robert C. Carucci
Robin M. Buehler 
Rod Shortsleeve 
Rose Marie Streeter
Ruth Anne Boothe
Sandy Jean-Baptiste Joseph
Santosh Kumar 
Shelagh McKenna 
Shirley Bolstok 
Sohan Qadri 
Stephanie Jarema
Susan Strom 
T. D. Ruley 
Tatiana Pahlen 
Teri Schwartz 
Terry Nippard
Therese (FREEBURD)
Tonya Martell 
Vera Costa 
Victoria Ellison
W. S. Mayo 
Yvonne Appleyard
Yvonne Sparkes 
Zabrina Carpio-Egan