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Author: Tahera Moiz Mannan
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-8182532649
Pub. Date: 2012
Price: $14

Tahera Mannan is a lovely gifted poet from India who has become a great peer on Poetry Soup... Her talents range in variety as she has been writing since she was eight . This talent is unique and superlatively creative as her ability to write poetry has a broad spectrum.   Some of her poetic body of work includes: “Redemption”  a Rhyme of intricate imagery and zealous flavour as words gently flow. “Epiphany in the Night” - a breathtaking beauty of emotions intertwining memories of her Grandmother. “Magnificence of the Tiger” - a metaphorically filled piece with emphasis on the tiger and his evening escapades. “Soul’s Ecstasy”  - a brilliant parallel of hot chocolate in a crystal cup that escalates to enjoyment for the soul. “Gypsy Blood”  an intriguing poem of rare quality and grandeur. “Why” and “The Feast” - include a variety of topics and themes to delight the reader ..speaks volumes to ponder. “My Country India” - a monumental and phenomenal venture into her county and it’s landscapes of beauty as well as it’s culture and dynamics of unification and pride.

Tahera has won many contests in her adventures into the world of poetry... any theme presented, challenges her creative spirit to compose on the contest premise.   She has won top placements in most of her work.

I am very happy to call Tahera a good friend whom I have met on this site and hold her in the highest esteem as a peer poetess and amazing asset in life. 

 - Linda-Marie Bariana

Author BIO
Tahera Moiz Mannan

Amidst multiple roles as wife, mother, daughter-in-law, home maker and teacher the one which Tahera reserves for herself is that of a muse. She was born to a businessman father and home maker mother in a sub-urban settlement of the city of Nagpur in central India.

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Tahera Moiz Mannan
ISBN: 978-8182532649