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The Still Horizon

Author: Dr. Santosh Kumar
Binding: Paperback (pp: 227)
ISBN: 81-901366-0-7
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Publisher:, Allahabad, India
Pub. Date: 2001
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The Still Horizon is an admirable, attractive and scholarly anthology of poems from different nations USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Argentina, Spain, France, Portugal, Japan, India etc. The poems included in this anthology are very subtle, full of freshness, simplicity and pictorial power. The poems reveal a sustained impressibility towards the very mystery of life. Devoid of any artistic monotony, here is the triumph of the lyre. The poems from different countries reveal “a world among worlds.” The large number of poems from USA makes it evident that America’s post-modern poetry is all set to storm the world.

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The Still Horizon

The Still Horizon
Dr. Santosh Kumar
ISBN: 81-901366-0-7