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The Unspoken Thoughts

Author: Akanksha Chaudhary
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-81-8253-263-2
Pub. Date: 2011
Price: $20

Foreword by Suzie Palmer 

The foreword to Unspoken Thoughts, by Akanksha Chaudhary was divinely inspired even before reading the wondrous poems within these pages.  Before perusing the first poem, my 9-year-old nephew came to my desk saying, ‘Aunty Suzie, you’re going to be very happy’, placing in my hands one silver rupee.

I didn’t know how a blessed rupee had found its way into my Mum’s jar of coins, but knew it was a blessing due to my affinity with India.  Celebrating the symbolism connecting me further to the great holy land of India, I commenced reading Akanksha’s poetry and became stunned on coming across the second poem, ‘A blessing per Rupee’.  With beautiful stanzas such as: 

Where blessing becomes a life

There are never the souls that strife’ 

Akanksha’s acuity about life is transmitted so aptly throughout Unspoken Thoughts.  With supreme resonance, she offers the reader ways to perceive existence that broadens one’s perspective, widening our hearts and minds.  The air of life in the third section: The white-blue embroidered boding beliefs describes the air as the touch of equality and of true love, as the embrace of moments, and possibly of forever…   

The poet portrays the air as carrying the emotions of a lover, which also destroys ‘the false material of this world, providing a new space for rain of trust and hope’... This air like us, she writes, yearns for caring love, and accepts all life beyond the divisions of classical human segregations, moving on in love and life determinedly.  Akanksha wisely warns that the air may not stay forever for us to realise the unselfish nature of its love, and advises, ‘A true friend in life be like this moving air’ inciting us to dismiss all lower emotions and modes of thinking, to shine instead with our true selves and all of our emotions and renewed relations, accepting all.   

‘Preserving the air of our character through eternal times with the air of our caring friendship...let’s move on...hands in hands for our self, for humanity’ 

Akanksha lovingly encourages us to embrace the oneness of humanity… for love, for life… for an eternity, rejoicing every moment, renouncing sadness forever, moving on forever and ever with an air of happiness’.  Happiness is the most essential essence of life, Akanksha declares in yet another work of art within Unspoken Thoughts. 

Each poem is complimented by an alluring photograph that illuminates the reader’s heart whilst nourishing the mind with the poet’s divine words of wisdom.  The book’s title, Unspoken Thoughts, reveals that the precious poems unveiled for those of us blessed to read, offer profound portions of the depths of Akanksha’s soul as she conveys her brilliant insights about the world.   

Six compelling chapter titles beckon one to delve deeply into the essence imbued within the poems.  Akanksha explores the wide spectrum of the human experience, penning her verses ardently, each poem springing from her immense heart.  She draws our attentions to communities of strangers that bond as a result of circumstance; to the truth of smiling merchants; and of rebellious orphans.  She questions the cause and price of carrying the Gods; queries patriotism; contemplates modernisation; a woman’s destiny; as well as celebrates sweet friendship; love; and so much more…  

Resonating strongly within me due to my experience of a physical challenge, is Akanksha’s perceptive poem This life’s like this that relates to mentally-challenged children, in which she writes: 

‘Small and smaller my problems

Seemed when compared with the thought of their disabilities’ 

Unspoken Thoughts has widened my heart and opened my eyes to the beauty of India and its contrast, both qualities true of all countries, but none as splendid and manifold as the Indian Motherland.  Reading these pages has blessed me with an attentive peek into life on this sacred ground, and writing this foreword is a task that seems befitting...  Some time ago, an Indian Shastri told me that I had my physical challenge in order to re-remember what I was here to do… I had a mission, he said, ‘Nature wants you to do the Great Work’… Writing the foreword to Unspoken Thoughts by Akanksha Chaudhary is evidence that I am divinely on track, because, the work within this superb poetry book is indeed great! 

Adulation to Akanksha for her marvellous contribution to the field of literature and all of life… I conclude with the following all-encompassing verse comprised within Unspoken Thoughts that compassionately reaches out to embrace all people of the world… 

‘Arms are stretched and all religions embraced’


Author BIO
Akanksha Chaudhary

Akanksha Chaudhary was born in Rohtak (Haryana) and is a well known writer and poetess. A graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and an MBA in Human resources from FORE, she continued nevertheless to follow her passion of writing.

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The Unspoken Thoughts

The Unspoken Thoughts
Akanksha Chaudhary
ISBN: 978-81-8253-263-2