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Author: Dr. Santosh Kumar
Binding: Paperback (pp: 272)
ISBN: 81-8253-005-9
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Pub. Date: 2004
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Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) aptly remarked in An Apology For Poetry (1580): "Nature never set forth the earth in so rich tapestry as diverse poets have done, neither with pleasant rivers, fruitful trees, sweet smelling flowers, nor whatsoever else may make the too much loved earth more lovely. Her world brazen, the poets only delver a golden."  The Ferment of Images features some of the most distinguished poems by international authors. Here we find a world of sublime emotions, psychological depth, complex emotional processes, an extraordinary awareness of beauty, a highly subtle moral self-examination, and a spiritual stress. In some of the poems of this volume, we notice something in common with expressionism and surrealism, Freudism, existentialism, etc. The innovations and experiments in style of these poets are remarkable, and reveal "the dramatization of consciousness, the dramatic realization of mind" (Raymond Williams). There remains much truth in T.S. Eliot's statement made in 1928: "We must find a new form of verse which shall be as satisfactory a vehicle for us as blank verse was for the Elizabethans."

I trust that a great number of innovations and new verse forms employed by the poets selected for The Ferment of Images will inspire other authors to mould fresh techniques in the framework of postmodern sensibility. The poets writing during the present times should "weave modern everyday situations into the framework of an ancient myth and then winnow and deepen these situations down to the point where, through the transparency of the naturalistic surface shines the immanent, perennial reality of affective truths which are valid for all men at all times" (J. Chiari).

The poets included in The Ferment of Images are justly distinguished by an apt felicity of style, descriptive power, and images exploring reality. The Ferment of Images features some of the greatest masters of images and metaphor, brought together in perfect concert and harmony. This is one of Cyberwit's most perfect anthologies, and the volume is sure to create the most powerful impact on the reader's mind. This masterpiece anthology is a wonder of ingenuity and art, since it has been printed after a very careful selection of the poems. All the seductions and magic of poetry are visible in The Ferment of Images. The poets show great heights of intense poetry and imaginative force.

The Ferment of Images features poets capable of  creating the infinitely complicated patterns of the postmodern ethos. The great discovery of these authors is an apt use of concrete image, and they succeed in revealing its ample range by experiment. The poets of The Ferment of Images prefer the bitter realities to a monotonous dream-world of exaggerated emotionalism. The artists included in The Ferment of Images "delight in the whole man-blood, imagination, intellect, running together", and they have also found a new joy both in conversational language and symbols. These poets understand as well as Blake "that ruins of time build mansions in eternity." Here we find an extraordinary adequacy of poetic communication, which provides a pattern and coherence to the insights of the poets selected for The Ferment of Images. The Ferment of Images stirs us, and gives birth to aesthetic pleasure, enchanting our minds and hearts both.

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Dr. Santosh Kumar
ISBN: 81-8253-005-9